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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Wisconsin from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. CAMBRIDGE, 7: Tru Tavern, 159 W. Main St., Cambridge 53512. (Outstanding dessert for the area which is otherwise a desert. The restaurant is a welcome rescue to this rural area.) – Isaac
  2. DELAFIELD, 10: Vinny’s Ristorante, 515 W. Wells St., Delafield 53018. (Having tried Tiramisu many times, I didn’t expect this one to be better than average. From the moment I put the first spoonful in my mouth, life has not been the same. I was dining with two friends, and we decided to ‘”share” one order of Tiramisu. We also ordered a side of Kahlua to drizzle on top. From that point on, I don’t remember the details, but my friends tell me that I was moaning, kept taking spoonfuls, and it seems that I had fallen into complete oblivion. All I can say is that Vinny’s Ristorante has the BEST Tiramisu I have ever had. Do yourself a favor and try it!) — Cheri Janka
  3. DELAFIELD, 10: Vinny’s Ristorante, 515 W. Wells St., Delafield 53018. (I have been all over Italy and have never had Tiramisu this good. Our waiter’s name was Shawn, and he practically begged us to try it. We were pretty full of Italian food at that ;point. I loved it! I even took two pieces home for me. Three cheers for Vinny’s! Check this place out!) — B. Dover
  4. GREEN BAY, 10: Victoria’s, 333 Main St., Green Bay 54301. (This Tiramisu is wonderful. I’ve tried Tiramisu at lots of other places around the area and nothing compares to Victoria’s. Yummy!) – Kori Engelbrecht
  5. HALES CORNER, 10: Ann’s Italian Restaurant, 5969 S. 108th Pl., Hales Corners, WI 53130. (For years, I have enjoyed the wonderful pizza and lasagna. Then I tried their Tiramisu. This place received the award from the newspaper food critic for Best Pizza in Milwaukee. It should have included their Tiramisu.) — Vicki Albrecht
  6. HALES CORNER, 10: Mia Famiglia, 10049 W. Forest Home Ave., Hales Corner 53130 (This was by far the best Tiramisu in the world. The chef trained in Sicily and brought this back with him. You don’t get any closer to perfection with this one. But that’s just one dessert – all the desserts are amazing. And the rest of the food in the place is to die for, from steaks to pizza to pasta, you get it all here.) – Done Gones
  7. JANESVILLE, 9: Olive Garden. – Joey Torkelson
  8. KENOSHA, 10: Mangia, 5717 Sheridan Rd., phone (414) 652-4285. (They serve some of the best Tiramisu around. I highly recommend this spot. But be warned, plan on spending quite a bit for the meal [$30 to $40 per person].) — Toson
  9. MILWAUKEE, 10: Il Mito Italian Restaurant, 605 W. Virginia St., Milwaukee 53204, phone (414) 276-1414. (The best in Milwaukee.) – Alex
  10. MILWAUKEE, 10: Olive Garden, Brown Deer Rd, (This was my first Tiramisu experience and I loved it. I had wanted to try it before but for some reason I hadn’t. I found a recipe on the Better Homes & Garden website and tried it and it wasn’t even close. I am going to try one from here and see if I can get that perfection.) — Darcy Baier
  11. MILWAUKEE, 8: Italian Community Center, 631 E. Chicago, Milwaukee 53202. (I tried Tiramiau [for the first time] at the Italaian Community Center. Since I am very picky about what I eat, I was skeptical when it was served to me. Once I took the first bite, I thought I was in heaven! The Tiramisu is the main reason I go to the Italian Community Center, but their main dishes are also wonderful. I have been looking for a recipe that might be similar to the Italian Commuinity Center’s. I believe their fillingt is a custard type [like the original versions] but all I can find on the Internet are the cheese and whipped cream versions. If you have any custard versions of the Tiramisu, please post on your website. Thank you for your time. [Note: There are many zabaglione-style {custard} Tiramisu recipes on this website, browse through and find them!]) — Debra Esposito
  12. OSHKOSH, 8: Fratello’s, 1501 Arboretum Drive, Oshkosh 54901. (Each time I have eaten the Tiramisu at Fratello’s, I have found it to be a slice of Heaven. I highly recommend all to try Fratello’s Tiramisu!) — Toson
  13. PLOVER, 8: Spiedini’s Italiano Ristorante , 1010 Post Rd., Plover 54467. (Tiramisu is made from scratch by the owner. A generous, perfect square, the mascarpone is light and flavorful; the ladyfingers are richly infused but not soggy. It’s so good that I can’t bring myself to try any of the other desserts – which are also homemade and reputed to be delicious – because I’d have to skip the Tiramisu, and that is simply not an option. It is the best Tiramisu I’ve eaten, but I’m giving it an 8 because I’m a relative newcomer to the Tiramisu scene, and I wouldn’t want to presume that it’s perfect, but I know that it is certainly above average.) – Robin
  14. SHEBOYGAN, 10: Trattoria Stefano, 522 S. 8th St, Sheboygan 53081, phone (920) 452-8455. (The best Tiramisu I’ve ever tasted. Always trying to find one that matches, but never quite get there. The chef-owner’s mom makes it.) – Jeanna
  15. SHEBOYGAN, 9: Il Ritrovo, 515 S. 8th St., Sheboygan 53081. (Possibly only out shined by the meal. A required stop in Sheboygan or on the way to points north.) – Isaac
  16. WALES, 8: Mama Mia’s, 200 W. Summit Ave., Wales 53183 (This is a relatively new venture for an old line “Pizza Place” name here in Wisconsin. Make NO mistake, only the good stuff came along. The Tiramisu is, I am told, made in Chicago for this restaurant and it IS VERY GOOD. The presentation, in a martini glass, is somewhat unique. The freshness and flavor are WONDERFUL, as are the cute waitresses … :-) ) – Ralph R Redlin
  17. WAUKESHA, 8: A Taste of Italy, Highway JJ and J intersection, Waukesha 53186. (This is a newly refurbished restaurant and is legit Northern Itanlian. They don’t serve butter with the homemade bread, just a wonderful blend of on-site-made oil. The Tiramisu is excellent and will only improve as more people have it and coach the chef. This place is a bit “pricey” for Waukesha, but the food is legit Italian with male waiters who work VERY hard. Enjoy, and let me know if you agree or if I’m all wet.) — Ralph R. Redlin
  18. WAUWATOSA, 10: Ristorante Batolotta, 7616 W. State St., Wauwatosa 53213. (Heaven! A world-traveling relative of mine, having eaten in the finest restaurants in the world, declared Bartolotta’s Tiramisu the best she has ever had. I haven’t traveled far, but Bartolotta’s Tiramisu really sends me!) — Jane Anello
  19. 8: Ristorante Batolotta. (I have sampled several different attempts in “Beer Town,” and none compare to this small, formal [expensive] restaurant’s interpretation and presentation with added powdered semi-sweet chocolate. DELICIOUS.) — Ralph R. Redlin
  20. WAUWATOSA, 10: Ristorante Batolotta, 7616 W. State St., Wauwatosa 53213. (I just thought you may be interested in correcting the spelling of “Ristorante Barollata.” It should read “Bartolotta.” And yes, it’s the best! [Note: The correction has been made. Thank you!]) — Unidentified Contributor

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