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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Washington State from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ISSAQUAH, 10: Nicolino’s. (No matter where I go, or how much Tiramisu I eat, I have never experienced a more sinfully delicious version!) — Sara Wright
  2. LA CONNER, 3: Nell Thorn Restaurant and Pub, 205 E. Washington St., La Conner 98257 (This is the worst restaurant in La Conner and we do not recommend it. The staff is rude and surly, the food is overpriced, the ambience – particularly in the pub – is reminiscent of a rabbit warren. They cater to the tourist trade and make no apologies that they don’t care if you come back or not.) – Dean Greenough
  3. 10: Neil Thorn Restaurant and Pub, 205 Washington St., La Conner 98257. (Not only is this our favorite restaurant (and for most of La Conner’s locals!) but as the owners of a bed and breakfast the comments from our guests on their dining experience (“fantastic”). We have had couples eat there three times in TWO days, you can’t get a better review. Very sorry you have printed a “sour grapes” review by someone who was very rude himself! We go here at least two to three times a month and are known as outstanding cooks ourselves (Kevin has been on KCTS COOKS. Skagit Bay Hideaway highly recommends Nell Thorn!) – Earlene
  4. PORT ANGELES, 8: Bella Italia on 1st St. between Laurel and Lincoln. (It was good, but the sponge part was a little too wet.) — Lay Wah Ooi
  5. PORT TOWNSEND, 10: Lanza’s Italian Ristorante, 1020 Lawrence St., Port Townsend 98368. (My husband, brother and I ate at Lanza’s during a family B&B weekend. We all agreed this was the best Tiramisu in the world. And, my brother lives in Manhattan and he ought to know. I’ve traveled in Italy and I ought to know. My husband knows desserts and, regrettably, we shared one and had a fight over the last drop.) — Joan Middleton
  6. 10: Lanza’s Italian Ristorante, 1020 Lawrence St., Port Townsend 98368. (It was great! Pizza was OK but the Tiramisu was one of the best! The restaurant is up the hill. Worth the short drive or walk.) –Steven Steiger
  7. SEATTLE, 10: Bizarro, 46th and Stoneway. (Best Tiramisu in Seattle!) — P.R. Loudon
  8. SEATTLE, 10: Buca di Beppo , 701 9th Ave. North, Seattle 98109. (Wonderful Tiramisu, with enough substance to warm you from head to toe.) – Gwyn
  9. SEATTLE, 10: Ciao Bella, 5133 25th Ave. NE, Seattle 98105. (Ciao Bella is a very comfortable family-owned restaurant. Their veal is excellent. Their Tiramisu includes mascarpone, marsala, espresso, fresh cream and cocoa powder. The ladyfingers are homemade and exquisite, retaining a definable texture even through they are well-soaked in the Marsala. I left Seattle about 5 years ago, but have eaten at Ciao Bella within the last several months. I haven’t found a better Tiramisu in Chicago, and certainly nothing to compare in Des Moines, Iowa.) — William E. Fassett
  10. SEATTLE, 10: Il Bistro, 93-A Pike St., Seattle 98101. — Dale Abrams
  11. SEATTLE, 10: The Pink Door, 1919 Post Alley. — Kathy Ramsey
  12. SEATTLE, 9: The Acorn Eatery, Holman Road, Seattle 98107. (Surprisingly excellent, and the presentation was great too. Melted just right. Brandy wasn’t overpowering, and lovely dark chocolate Belgian shavings …yummy!) – Sharona Spangler
  13. SEATTLE, 9: Beppo Little Italy, 701 Ninth Ave. (One of the best Tiramisu ever. They use real espresso and lots of dark rum. All served in a large bowl in portions large enough to serve 4. I took my mother-in-law there and now it is her favorite Tiramisu ever.) — “Chefcar”
  14. SEATTLE, 7: Dillitante’s Chocolate, Broadway Avenue, Seattle 98112. (Good, but this restaurant should stick to their delightful total chocolate experience. Leave this one to the pros. It was good, but I am DANG picky.) – Sharona Spangler
  15. SEATTLE, 7: Palomino, 1420 Fifth Ave., 3rd Fl., Seattle 98101. (Different from your typical Tiramisu. They use a chocolate sponge cake instead of ladyfingers, and they pour the cheese over the top and garnish with bits of biscotti. It’s definitely worth a try.) — E.P.
  16. SEATTLE, 2: Tukwilly’s Grill, at Embassy Suites near Sea-Tac Airport.(Not good at all, don’t order it!) — Lay Wah Ooi
  17. SPOKANE, 10: Luna, 5620 S. Perry St., Spokane 99223. (My husband and I went to this restaurant after hearing about it while staying at a resort hotel in Idaho. Our food and service were fantastic but it was the tiramisu that made us want to take our clothes off and run wildly through the streets. The coffee aroma was sharp and the chocolate a perfect mellowing. The lingering aspect of each bite lasted several minutes.) – R. Rittenour
  18. SPOKANE, 9: Italian Kitchen, 113 N. Bernard, Spokane 99201. (Consistently  outstanding. Deserves a “10” … but I held back due to my limited experience in tasting others [total of 12]). – Gregory W. Potts
  19. WOODINVILLE, 9: The Golden Goat Italian Cafe, 14471 Wood-Red Rd., Woodinville 98072. (Splendid Tiramisu. The texture is perfection. Champagne biscuits brimming with espresso, real Italian mascarpone flavored with rum and triple sec, whipped cream and shaved Callebaut chocolate. The flavors are simply perfect.) — Anne Boswell

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