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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Washington DC from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. 10: Be Duci, 2014 “P” St. (I had never heard of Tiramisu. A dinner companion talked me into trying it, and it was to die for! Since then, I have tried Tiramisu in other places, but nothing has remotely compared.) –Kris Erickson
  2. 10: Galileo, 1110 21st St. N.W. between “L” and “M” Sts. — Richard Chatel
  3. 10: Galileo, 1110 21st St. N.W. between “L” and “M” Sts. (It was the first-ever Tiramisu I had, and I dove right into it.) — David Brian Kanarek
  4. 10: Maggiano’s, 5333 Wisconsin Ave. (I’ve been making Tiramisu for a while but I still can’t compete with Maggiano’s Tiramisu. It’s PERFECT! Two people can share it; it’s delicious and is served with white chocolate and chocolate shavings and a chocolate stick in the middle. Bellissimo!) – Michelle
  5. 10: Paparazzi’s, Georgetown. (Absolute *HEAVEN*!  PLEASE leave room for dessert in order to experience such sweet ectasy! Not only did this square-shaped delight melt in my mouth, it was served with a diced strawberry on top which gave it berry-ful kick! Its layers are proportioned very well, too. However, I must warn that one should order a glass of water when eating Tiramisu from this restaurant. It’s light, yet rich enough to make one choke on the top layer of cocoa!) — C.P.
  6. 10: Spezie, 1736 L St, NW, DC 20036, phone (202) 467-0777  (Not only was it absolutely beautiful but it tasted amazing! The chocolate covered espresso beans and thin cookie strips balance the texture phenomenally! YUM YUM) – Heather
  7. 10: Trattoria Alberto, 506 8th St. S.E., Washington DC 20003 — Patrick Cogan
  8. 10: Trattoria Alberto, 506 8th St., S.E., Washington DC 20003. (This is the best Tiramisu I’ve had in the Washington area. It melts in your mouth and tastes like heaven.) – Diane Scott
  9. 9: Cheesecake Factory. (Since trying this at the Cheesecake Factory, I have never eaten their cheesecake again.) — Sandra Blade
  10. 6: Cheesecake Factory. (Totally absent of any liquor of espresso, tasted more like a piece of chocolate cake. Very dry with far too much cream. Based on two different observations in mid- to late-1998.) — Jason
  11. 9: Notte Luna, 809 15th St., N.W. — Regina Markey
  12. 9: Primi Piati. (Primi’s Tiramisu is easily better than several that are rated 9 and 10 on this page. Has a tendency to be a little heavy on the creamy side, and often lacking a little bit in the liqueurs. Stil lthe best place in DC, second in the area only to Vacarro’s.) — Jason
  13. 9: Radius Pizza, 3155 Mt. Pleasant St. N.W., Washington, DC 20010. (I wasn’t expecting any special dessert at this fairly new pizza place. The waitress recommended the Tiramisu and when I took my first bite, I was glad that she did! The combo of very rich mascarpone cream with strong coffee was really yummy. I liked that it’s probably spooned-scooped up from a big pan, and not fancy-schmancy yet tasty.) – Kaori Ozawa
  14. 9: Vace, Conneticut Ave., DC 20008 — Rebecca Eisele
  15. 9: Willard Hotel, downtown. — Brooke Nelson
  16. 8: Luigino’s. (A worthy entry into the fray!) — Abe
  17. 6: Cheesecake Factory North, Ronald Reagan National Airport. (Actually, not too bad at all taste-wise. It’s served in a plastic cup, which is not surprising, considering this is at an airport. The taste is quite pleasant, although the mascarpone and the ladyfingers are all mixed and jumbled. It certainly isn’t gourmet, but I liked it.) — Miyamoto
  18. 6: Papa Razzi’s, Georgetown. (Too much powdered cocoa on top, which masked the other flavors instead of accentuating them. Would have otherwise been a 7 instead of a 6.) — Jim Alder
  19. 6: Vaccaro’s, Metro Market food court at Union Station. (Not too bad but rather light on flavor has a pretty bland taste with a hint of rightness. Truly not bad, and with a little more flavor would have been in the 7-8 range.) – Miyamoto
  20. 5: Cafe Odeon, Connecticut Ave., (Way too dry, although the mascarpone had a decent balance. No liquors or espresso, so the overall balance was way off.) — Jason
  21. 5: Cafe On M, The Westin Hotel, corner of 24th & M St. in Georgetown. (It was a cake, with a mild Tiramisu taste, definitely NOT classic. The mascarpone was heavy, almost frosting-like.) — Miyamoto

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