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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Virginia from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ALEXANDRIA, 7: La Madelein. (Heavenly. So Rich. Almost too rich. I almost couldn’t move for a few minutes after eating it. They come in individual small round containers, but it’s so heavy it must be shared [a little goes a long way]. My brother complained of too much liquor flavor. All in all, I was very satisfied, but with a guilty conscience.) — Kimberly
  2. ARLINGTON, 10: Alpine, Lee Highway, Arlington 22207. Melts in your mouth. Stuff yourself with incredible Italian food, and then prepare for death with Tiramisu! — Rev. Peter Nassetta
  3. ARLINGTON, 10: Whole Foods , Wilson Blvd, Arlington 22201. (I am looking for the source of this chain’s Tiramisu. It might be local for this particular store but this is the Tiramisu that my husband and I compare all Tiramisus with. La Castafiore’s in Paris has come the closest. The secret is less “cake” and more of the liquor, coffee surprise with the cream. Whole Foods is a huge east coast chain.) – Mary Lyn Field
  4. ARLINGTON, 9: Portofino, 526 S. 23rd St., Arlington 22202. (Delicious, very moist with a creamy texture. Received an award for the Tiramisu at the Arlington Festival.) –Richard Mitchell
  5. ARLINGTON, 2: Edgardo’s. (Easily the worst Tiramisu I’ve had anywhere. It didn’t even resembletiramisu, it was more like a bunch of cream sandwiched between two puff pastry shells. I had to ask the owner to confirm it wasn’t a poor attempt at canoli instead. Just AWFUL.) — Jason
  6. BLACKSBURG, 9: Backstreets, Main Street, Blacksburg 24060. (Only rated a 9 because I’d like to think I’ve not yet tasted a perfect 10. Not too sweet, very lightly dusted with the perfect amount of cocoa, and sitting in a shallow pool of cream. This is the best Tiramisu I’ve ever eaten. It is often sold out when you order it, so I guess there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do about it.) — K. Duncan
  7. CHANTILLY, 6: Westfieid’s Marriott banquet service, 1470 Conference Center Dr., Chantilly 20151, phone (703) 818-0300, fax (703) 919-3655. (Very bland, hardly any mascarpone taste, mostly a creamy feel, which was nice, but it was more like whipped cream. They didn’t use ladyfingers of course, since this was made in quantity. Did I say it was bland?) – Miyamoto
  8. CHARLOTTESVILLE, 5: The Hardware Store, Main St. (I should have known when it looked like a piece of fancy pie. Tiramisu should be square. It tasted fine as a dessert but, definitely NOT classic tiramisu. Two layers of ladyfingers with a creamy layer only about 1/4-in. thick in a chocolate crust! They just don’t get it!) — Gina
  9. FALLS CHURCH, 9: Argia’s, No. Washington St., Falls Church 22046 (This was only the second time I’ve tried Tiramisu, but I craved this for days afterwards!) — Charlotte Bell
  10. FREDERICKSBURG, 10: Claireborne’s, the “ole train station” in Ole Town, Fredericksburg 22401. (Absolutely fabulous! BTW, the waitress was wonderful, and willing enough to plop a candle on the top of my friend’s slice. It was his birthday. The place was too classy to sing “Happy Birthday,” for which we were grateful. A single candle on the Tiramisu was the classic touch. Oh, and personal conversation with the owner. Couldn’t say if heaven was the dessert or company. Probably both!) — Holly Hodges
  11. 7: Claireborne’s, the “ole train station” in Ole Town, Fredericksburg 22401. (Be prepared, you get what you pay for.) — J.
  12. 6: Claireborne’s, the “ole train station” in Ole Town, Fredericksburg 22401. (I tried the Tiramisu here because the two ratings I saw were 7 and 10, and I had to see which it was. Frankly, I was quite disappointed. The cream of the Tiramisu left a coating on the roof of your mouth (quite unpleasant), and the ladyfingers weren’t so much dry as not soaked well (not much coffee). The proportions were also wrong. Instead of an equal amount of ladyfingers with the creamy part, there was WAY too much creamy.) — Liz Cease
  13. FREDERICKSBURG, 9: Roma 52, Charles St. in Ole Town, Fredericksburg 22401. (The only reason I did not rate this a 10 was because I don’t think I’ve encountered a 10. But I am waiting. This Tiramisu was wonderful. A bit small for the price, but good Tiramisu is priceless, don’t you think? Equal amounts of creaminess to ladyfingers combining well in a wonderful meltdown of flavor!) — Liz Cease
  14. HERNDON, 9: Russian House. (Even though this was my first time enjoying Tiramisu, it was one of the best desserts I have ever had. I only hope that the next time I have it will be as enjoyable.) — Wes
  15. MANASSAS, 9: Olive Garden. (It was my first time eating Tiramisu, but I have been ordering it every since. I can’t give it a 10 because it is the only Tiramisu I have tried yet, but it is definitely worth checking out.) — Dan
  16. McLEAN, 9: Maggiano’s Little Italy, 2001 International Drive, Tyson’s Corner, McLean 22046. (Wonderful! Went there with a friend of mine, and she really liked it!) — Lay Wah Ooi
  17. 9: Maggiano’s Little Italy, 2001 International Drive, Tyson’s Corner, McLean 22046. (The Tiramisu was large enough for me – and I’m a marathon runner– and it was not too sweet, but sweet enough to leave a hint of sugar in your mouth after the last bite. Not too heavy, but not too light. There was a perfect amount of chocolate shavings on top, and no paucity of creamy texture inside, either. I highly recommend it, but if you aren’t an athlete or very tall, you may need to split it with a friend.) – Meggie
  18. NORFOLK, 8: Castaldi’s, McArthur Center. (Yum! Yum! Yum! Big enough to share between 2, but you won’t want to!!!) – Nicole
  19. RICHMOND, 9: Mama Zu, Richmond 23220. (Dessert is made off-site in someone’s home for this restaurant. Have tried Tiramisu all over the country and have yet to taste one to surpass the ecstasy of this recipe, which is heavily yet perfectly laced w/alcohol! To die for.) – G. Garrett
  20. RICHMOND, 9: Richbrau Brewery, Cary St. (I was hosting a wedding shower for my sister and after dinner we ordered the Tiramisu cheesecake. I must say it was absolutely wonderful, very light and full of flavor. All the flavors just came alive in your mouth. Well, you could wonder what happened with a roomful of women and a dessert like that.) — D. Terry
  21. RESTON, 9: Bistro Bistro, Reston Towne Center. (It’s even great the next day in the refrigerator.) — Cindy
  22. RICHMOND, 10: Stella’s, Main St., Richmond 23220. (Absolutely the most incredible Tiramisu anywhere and I have tried many. Stella makes it homemade daily and has trouble keeping it available because it goes so fast.) – Lam
  23. ROANOKE, 10: Carolos Brazilian International, 312 Market St., S.E., Roanoke 24011. (Homemade perfection. We split a Tiramisu and the waiter brought an extra chocolate-covered coffee been. A most perfect ending to a great meal.) — Barbara
  24. STAFFORD, 10: La Rosetta, Route 610, Stafford 22554. (Sweet quality smooth with overtones of quality rum you can taste. Need I say more?) – Colleen
  25. 9: La Rosetta, 315 Garrisonville Rd., Suite 109. (The Tiramisu was AMAZING! I have traveled to Italy and know what a real Tiramisu is supposed to be. I didn’t expect to find fine Italian dining in this small town. The restaurant has fantastic food and the Tiramisu was almost as great as the one I tasted in Italy, if possible, I would give it a 9.5. I loved it!) – Emi
  26. STERLING, 7: Macaroni Grill, Sterling 20165. (I have had a lot of Tiramisu. The portion was huge and it tasted good. But, I think it was too rich to finish. It did not “melt in your mouth” as others I have had. Maggianos was the best I ever had.) – Kristina Bouweiri
  27. TYSON’S CORNER, 9: Olive Garden. (I have eaten Tiramisu at a numbr of restaurants, and I am surprised that a Tiramisu made by a national restaurant chain can be as close to the best Tiramisu I’ve ever tasted.) — Timothy Lutero
  28. VIRGINIA BEACH, 9: Aldo’s, Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach 23454. (Mmmmmm! Good! Worth the trip.) — Joanne Miller
  29. VIRGINIA BEACH, 8: First Colony Coffee House, 1550 Laskin Rd. (My wife and I shared a Tiramisu for the first time and found it to be delicious. It didn’t look like your typical Tiramisu with ladyfingers. The cream was set in a cookie-style bottom laced with chocolate. Being how the atmosphere along with the coffee was pleasant, it made our first Tiramisu experience an enjoyable one. I would love to try the real thing.) — Bruce
  30. WILLIAMSBURG, 7: Olive Garden, Richmond Road. (I too tried the Olive Garden’s Tiramisu …on a whim. What a pleasant surprise. It rivals several Boston bakeries’ version of Tiramisu I have sampled in the past. I have yet to taste the ultimate though. I suspect it is somewhere in Italy.) – Ursula
  31. YORKTOWN, 9: Nick’s, Address. (Have tried Tiramisu at several places and this had to be the best ever.) – Connie Wagner

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