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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Utah from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. MIDVALE, 10 : Tucci’s, 7198 S. Union Park Ave., Midvale 84047 (I’ve yet to find a place that makes Tiramisu as well as Tucci’s in Midvale and I’ve traveled throughout different states always looking for that elusive taste of heaven!) — Celest Mejia
  2. 9: Tucci’s, 7198 S. Union Park Ave., Midvale 84047 (Excellent product! I have also had some that would have rated around an “8,” but have generally enjoyed their Tiramisu more than anywhere else. Highly recommended.) — Jim Alder
  3. PROVO, 7: Ottavio’s, 69 E. Center St., Provo 84606. (The most authentic recipe I have encountered in the area. Very strongly flavored with a thicker, more pudding-like cheese mixture. Quite delicious.) — Carina
  4. SALT LAKE CITY, 10: The Bakery, 250 South 300 East, Salt Lake City 84102. (Packaged in a clear plastic cup, but an incredible experience – my favorite from anywhere!) – Cheryl
  5. SALT LAKE CITY, 9: Atlantic, Main St., Salt Lake City 84103. (The little Bosnian restaurant Atlantic on Main Street has the best Tiramisu, they have it shipped from Italy. I like the richness, moist and taste of cognac very fine.) – Annemarie
  6. SALT LAKE CITY, 9: Cafe Madrid, 2080 E. 3900 South, Salt Lake City 84121. (This is a Spanish restaurant with excellent food, wonderful wines, and heavenly Tiramisu. For a sure trip to heaven, take a scoop of Tiramisu and a scoop of chocolate mousse and put them both in your mouth. Orgasmic!) — Michael Angotti
  7. SALT LAKE CITY, 9: Cinegrill, 344 South 300 East, Salt Lake City 84111, phone (801) 328-4900. (Tried every Tiramisu in town, this one is IT. Would have never thought!!) – Julie
  8. SALT LAKE CITY, 8: California Pizza Kitchen, 156 S. 400 West (The Gateway), Salt Lake City 84010, phone (801) 456-0075. (This is some of the best Tiramisu in SLC. I had it with a friend who had never eaten Tiramisu before and she just loved it!) – Jake Watkins
  9. SALT LAKE CITY, 8: Tea and Trumpets, 1515 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City 84105. (This is a little pastry/gourmet shop that makes everything from scratch. The Tiramisu portions are HUGE and wonderful, and the staff is very friendly.) — Michael Angotti, 1/99.
  10. SALT LAKE CITY, 6: Farentelli’s, Trolley Square, Salt Lake City 84104. (Difficult to find in SLC, but it now becoming more common. For me, it has reached obsession status.) — Jim Schnepel

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