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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across the United Kingdom from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.


  1. LONDON, 10: Dell Isa, Sydenham Road. — P. Newell
  2. LONDON, 10: Forum, near Russell Square Tube Station, in outdoor shopping center near Safeway. (It’s no lie, this is the best Tiramisu you’ll ever have in the world. Super creamy and rich with flavor. This restaurant also has great stone-baked pizzas!) — Jessica Schroeder
  3. LONDON, 10: Little Venice (Forum), Brunswick Centre, near Russell Square. (The Forum mentioned here has apparently changed hands [and names] a couple of times but the description stays the same. I won’t be eating Tiramisu anywhere else.) – Len Sessions
  4. LONDON, 10: Luigi’s of Covent Garden, 15 Tavistock St., London WC2E 7PA. (Place a spoonful in your mouth, let it dissolve, then with no encouragement from you, allow the coolness to slide down your throat … mmmhhhh!!) – Neil
  5. LONDON, 10: Pizza Chelsea, 93 Pelham St., London SW7 (across from the Michelin Building; the restaurant now possibly renamed “Pelham Street.” (THE BEST tiramisu I’ve ever tasted–to die for. Visited in 6/97. Located just off South Kensington tube, not far from V&A Museum. Heavenly and highly recommended!) – Kim Benbow
  6. LONDON, 10: River Cafe. — James Knott
  7. LONDON, 10: Sol Pepe. — Billy
  8. LONDON, 10: Spiga, Wardour Street 101. — Nicolaj Juretzka
  9. LONDON, 10: Tavernetta, Frith St. (I rate it at 20 out of 10, made by Italians. This must be the best in the world. Pure heaven.) — G. Bushnell
  10. LONDON, 9: Pizza Express, all over southern England. — Faheem Ahmed
  11. LONDON, 8: Neptuo, Elephant & Castle Commercial Centre. (Since I tested it in Italy, I put before me the goal to produce the best Tiramisu in my country [colombia] which I am almost certain to have achieved.) — Cesar Bernal
  12. LONDON, 7: Ristorante Sirena, 44 James St., London W1, phone 0171-486-5620. (Comparable to the “Taste It Presents” commercial frozen Tiramisu.) — Melissa Chang
  13. MOST, 9: Tesco. (Tesco is not a restaurant, but a supermarket chain. They supply a ready-made Tiramisu, which is hugely superior to most restaurant versions – including some we have had in Italy and France.) – John N. Turnbull
  14. SUSSEX, 9: Wolfendale’s, Main St. (The real thing with ladyfingers and marscapone cheese and espresso. Yum!) – Linda Wussow
  15. WARWICK, 9: Pizza Piazza, Jury St., and branches across England. (This was an excellent Tiramisu, although rather rich, with a very light base. The house dessert wine [can’t remember the name, but they only had one type] went particularly well with it.) — S.J. Sharman
  16. VARIOUS CITIES, 10: Marks & Spencer (Store). (I stand by my comment about Little Venice as the best restaurant Tiramisu, but this is the best you can get in a store. Enormous (comes in a bowl, creamy beyond belief, astounding value for money. If you can eat like this at home why go to a restaurant? The only drawback is abominable availability – you might wait weeks for restocking.) – Len Sessions


  1. LLANGOLLEN, 9: The Wild Pheasant Inn. (Incredible food, the dessert cart was immense! No wonder the Tiramisu was so good! You will love the Tiramisu and everything else at the Wild Pheasant!) — Pam B.

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