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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across the World from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.


  • BUENOS AIRES, 10: Broccolino, Calle Esmeralda 776 (two blocks from Calle Florida). (I have had Tiramisu all over the world but Broccolino served me the best that I have ever tasted. I have been to this restaurant several times over the past 12 years and it has never failed to delight me. On one occasion I was there with an Italian woman from New York and she said it was even better than the Tiramisu her family made. Next time you get to Buenos Aires stop by and try it. All their Italian dishes are superb and there is also a wood burning oven for pizza. My mouth waters just thinking about it!) – Mary Lyn
  • BUENOS AIRES, 8: Filo, San Martin. (This lively Italian restaurant/bar has perhaps the finest Tiramisu in all of Argentina. The very large portions go for $7 and it is light and airy and wonderfully memorable.) — Don Daniel



  • BAHRAIN, 9: Cafe Suisse, Exhibition Road, Middle East — J. Raul


  • BRUSSELS, 10: Il Venezia, Avenue De Brockeries. (I sample Tiramisu on each vacation. This was so good that I have stopped in Brussels just for the mussels and Tiramisu.) – Zachary Jones


  • HAMILTON, 10: Tuscany, Front St. (The best I’ve ever had.) — Anonymous
  • ST. GEORGE’S PARISH, 9: San Giorgio’s. (This was the first time I remember ever eating Tiramisu. It was undescribably one of the best, if not the best, dessert experiences of my life. I worked 5 weeks in Bermuda and went back every week for the great food, and no mtter how full I was, I always ordered Tiramisu for dessert. I have not had Tiramisu that has come close to San Giorgio’s ever since.) Miguel Simon


  • RIO DE JANEIRO, 10: Italia In Bocca, Barra Shopping. (This restaurant has an old Italian woman who makes the best Tiramisu in Rio. I have only had the same experience in Rome.) –Jeronimo


  • ESCAZU, 10: La Chocolateria, Escazu Road, San Jose, Costa Rica. (La Chocolateria is a chocolate shop in Escazu, a suburb of San Jose, Costa Rica. It is owned by a lady from Colombia. I was there in Nov-Dec of 2002 and the Tiramisu was the best I’ve ever had. Creamier and richer than any other recipe. I actually don’t eat it very much anymore because every Tiramisu I’ve had since has been a disappointment.) – Karlyn Jensen


  • COPENHAGEN, 10: Restaurant Verona, Stre. Farimagsgade, Copenhagen. (I was introduced to this extremely nice cake — or dessert — for the first time. The one served in Restaurant Verona was very delicious, made of chocolate, coffee and Sicilian Marsala wine. I wish that I could make on similar at home, but I didn’t dare ask for the recipe. Anyhow, the Verona Tiramisu gets my best recommendation.) — Poul-Ole Jensen


  • CAIRO, 2: Le Pacha, near the Marriott on Samalek Island. (While the rest of the restaurant is wonderful [they have 6 different rooms], the Tiramisu was extremely disappointing. The ladyfingers were mushy and had been soaked poorly in what I can only assume was supposed to be Kahlua.) — Timothy Lutero
  • HURGADA, 1: Rossi. (Very bad Tiramisu in the world. On chocolade bisquit lay whipped cream and cacao. But price at $4. Do not eat.) — Anatoli
  • HURGADA, 4: Scarabeo. (Medium Tiramisu. Needs some cognac or liquer in coffee, and cream is very simple to taste. Price $4) — Anatoli



  • HELSINKI, 9: Papa Giovanni, Mikonkatu. — Georg Breiwel


  • PARIS, 10: La Castafiore , Rue Jean Louis en Ile. (La Castafiore is my favorite restaurant in Paris for a variety of reasons. And now the Tiramisu ranks high as one of these reasons.) – Mary Lyn and Alassane Field
  • PARIS, 10: Les Ambassadeurs, 15 Place de la Concorde. — Mauro Spignesi, 3/97.
  • PARIS, 10: Pizza Pino, 92 Avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly. (Dreamy other-worldly ambrosia!) – Paul
  • PARIS, 9: La Castafiore, 51 Rue St. Louis, en L’Ile, 75004 Paris, phone 43-54-78-62. (This restaurant was started by two former American advertising executives who just wanted a change of careers. They succeeded!). — Ray Gaulke
  • PARIS, 8: Iolana Ristorante – Pizzaria, 105, Quail Branly, 75015 Paris, phone 01-45-75-09-53. (This Tiramisu was advertised as being homemade. The taste was very mild of expresso coffee and liquor, but had lots of whipped mascarpone cheese on top … sprinkled with cocoa. It was very light and melted in your mouth.) – Bev Upchurch


  • BOBLINGEN, 8: Da Al Fredo Ristorante, Breite Gasse 6, Boblingen 71032. (Very, very good! Generous portion. Light, creamy texture. Beautifully done.) – Cavedog
  • MAINZ, 10: Da Arnaldo. (It is a small family-run restaurant and has practically the best Tiramisu I have ever had – including in Italy. But then the man is from Italy. He makes it himself, in a cake pan and when it is gone … well, it is gone. NO LEFT-OVERS!) – J. Miller


  • 10: Ristorante Pappagallo, West Bay Rd. — Jeff


  • HYDERBAD, 10: Little Italy, near Jubilee Hills checkpost, Andhra Pradesh 500013. (Don’t bother ordering Tiramisu here. What you’ll get will be closer to custard pudding than anything else. The taste was way too mild and the texture horrendously wrong; the whole thing tasted like a poor man’s cake. In fact, what they prepared cannot be called Tiramisu at all; it didn’t have any cocoa powder sprinkled on top! I had the waiter take it back; they charged me nevertheless.) – Vinay
  • SURABAYA, 7: Westin Hotel, Embong Malan, Surabaya 60261. (The first time I tasted Tiramisu I realized that it is a real flavor. I never refuse if someone asks me if I want a piece. That’s why I put this cake as my email address.) — Chelly


  • JAKARTA, 10: California Pizza Kitchen, Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center, Indonesia 13210. (Melt in your mouth into perfection. Yummy!) – Anastasia,
  • Jakarta, 10: Home Made by Rama. (A little bit expensive, but mmmm yummy. So perfect, the best ever. Love the cake very much.) – Irin.
  • JAKARTA, 10: Toko Kui, Lantai Dasar Plaza Senayan. (Enak lho karena baru pertama kali sih.) — Seno
  • JAKARTA, 9: Alessandro Naninni, Plaza Senayan, 3rd Fl. — Leila.
  • JAKARTA, 9: Maxis Cuccina Italia, Jl. Kemang Raya St. (Very delicious, melting in the mouth.) — Ira


  • DUBLIN, 10: Don Lorenzo’s , Main Street, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. (To die for!!) – Lillian O’Brien
  • DUBLIN, 8: Little Caesar’s, next to the Westbury Hotel, Dublin 2. (Yuuuummmy! A “tango taste sensation”!) — Susan Behan
  • WATERFORD, 8: Alfredo’s, Waterford. (Come to Ireland and experience this delectable dessert in the ancient Viking city of Waterford. The combination of fabulous surroundings, and gourmet Italian food in Alfredo’s, a cozy and beautiful restaurant, are the perfect recipe for romantic holiday-makers.) — Trina McConnell



  • KINGSTON, Ochio Rios, 9: Casa Nina, Ciboney. — “Tire Shop” (Als)


  • KUALA LUMPUR, 10: Chinoz On The Park, G47, Suria KLCC, KL 50088. — Chef Tony Cham, 1/99. (Note: The chef obviously rated his own Tiramisu.)
  • KUALA LUMPUR, 10: Ciccio, 15 Changkat Bukit Bintang, Federated Territory 50200. (This is one of the few places in KL that actually makes Tiramisu like it’s supposed to be instead of using sponge cake or soaking it in too much liqueur. Being a cheesecake, this is very light. They use mascarpone and the Marsala wine is very subtle … just nice for my taste. My Italian visitors love it too!) – Zaazoo
  • KUALA LUMPUR, 7: Alexis Bistro, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL 59100. (Delicious — rich but nevertheless, the taste is excellent. Love the bittersweet chocolate bits in between. Try it and you just might like it.) — Manjeet Kaur
  • KUALA LUMPUR, 6: Bistro, Bangsar, Bansar 50300. – Brian



  • AUKLAND, 9: Gina’s, 209 Symonds St., Auckland 04. (Excellent and wonderful and beautiful.) – Selena

9: Gina’s, 209 Symonds St., Auckland 04. (Wonderful food, great atmosphere, awesome staff, what more can possibly be expected, not to mention reasonable price. Bela Isa!!!) – Pete

  • DUNEDIN, 9: Etrusco, Moray Place. — Tania & Stephen Richards
  • TAURANGA, 10: Hot on the Rocks, 61a The Stand, BOP 3001. (The restaurant had only just started doing it, I had never tasted something so perfectly created and molded to suit human taste buds. I can’t ever eat anything again without comparing it to my experience.) – Leanne McDonald
  • TAURANGA, 10: Shiraz Cafe, Wharf Street. (What can I say? Utterly divine, this is one dessert that i absolutely adore. The Shiraz Cafe in a small city in New Zealand was where I first tasted it about 10 years ago. Of course, I still frequent this cafe. I, like many of you would have tried to emulate the recipe with substitute cream cheese. I’ve yet to find a shop around here that stocks mascarpone cheese. When I do, look out. I’ll become very popular no doubt. This is to me, the dessert of desserts.) – Lee Harris




  • ASUNCION, 10: Heladeria 4 D. (If you ever stop in Asunción, don’t miss the great Tiramisu Ice Cream they have at the 4 D (cuatro de – pronounced “dae”). Just ask anyone; everybody knows where it is. The ice cream, as well as the whole ice cream store, is fantastic! If you wish to go further, try the Selva Negra (black forest, rich chocolate, plus chocolate liquor, dark sour cherry, tiny bits of chocolate) ice cream, the cheesecake ice cream (made with mascarpone and strawberry plus bits of plain cake), Napoleon, Piamonte dark chocolate, and so many real gourmet ice creams!) – Hermann Baumann


  • KHOBAR, 10: Jofferey’s Cafe Al-Rashid Mall. — Ghadi


  • EDINBURGH, 9: Mama Rosa. (Heaven on a plate!) — Christian



  • JOHANNESBURG, 9: Carluccio’s, Village Walk, Sandton. () I first experienced Tiramisu at a local restaurant called Mimmos. The waiteress who recommended It, made sublime gestures while describing the taste and I was hooked. Mimmos Tiramisu could score an 7 on your scale, but I had not tasted Carluccio’s Tiramisu yet. When I did, my partner and I had to suspend conversation for a good 20 minutes as we savoured a truly magnificent dessert. Like many others, I fell in love with Tiramisu. On my birthday, instead of a cake, I was presented with Tiramisu. Much to the irritation of the party guests, I blatently refused to share any of it. Later, I snuggled up on the couch, popped in Toy Story and indulged myself.)– “Leslie Thoka”


  • PUERTO RICO, 9: Restaurant Oliver, in Gran Canaria. — I went to Restaurant Oliver to dine with some friends and saw in the menu that you could get Tiramisu. Even thought I had eaten too much, I had to try the Tiramisu. It was a real good experience, which I easily recommend to others. “Poul-Ole Jensen,”
  • VALENCIA, 10: AlgheroPorta Porta, Burriana 52, Valencia 46004. — “Juan Francisco Prieto”


  • MALMOE, 7: Di Penco, Roskildev 3, Malmo 211 48. (If you come to Sweden sometime, you just have to visit Di Penco. It’s a great restaurant with Italian food and a lovely Tiramisu.) –Maria Vieweg


  • MEYRIN (GENEVA), 10: Manora Restaurant, Rue du Meyrin. (The Manora Restaurant chain is found in Switzerland. We ate at the Meyrin restaurant, which is in a suburb of Geneva, several times and the Tiramisu was always wonderful. We vacationed in France and Switzerland and found Tiramisu ice cream everywhere. The very best was in Annecy, France. Why isn’t Tiramisu and Tiramisu ice cream as popular here as it is in Europe?) – Liz


  • TAIPEI, 7: Mrs. Fe, at Departments 27+B1. — Nunu


  • MARMARIS, 10: Golden Plate, Liman cad. — Michael


  • MONTEVIDEO, 10: Panini’s, Jackson 1296 esq. Guana, C.P. 11200, Montevideo. (I have traveled the world and this is still my fave recipe.) – Clinton


  • SAIGON, 10: Pomodoro. (An Italian restaurant with a Italian owner. I have had a lot of Tiramisu around the world, but this was the best anywhere – even better than Italy. The restaurant is just around the corner from the main hotel and shopping street in Saigon.) – Bill Gottlieb


  • 10: Tesco, United Kingdom. (I have yet to find anything close to this in any restaurant. I’ve checked the details on the cartons and it is made in Italy for Tesco. I have found it in supermarkets in France too, though in slightly smaller tubs. If anybody knows exactly where this is made in Italy, let me know!) – Clarke Robinson

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