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Note: States not listed on this page, plus Canada and Worldwide ratings, have their own pages.

Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across the USA from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.


ANCHORAGE, 7: New Sagaya, 900 W. 13th Ave., Anchorage 99515. (After having lived in Italy for four years, I searched Anchorage and found this one place. It’s a sort of health food grocery store with a dessert corner, but beggers can’t be too picky. But at $4 for a small piece that has spent close to a week in the cooler, I won’t be a regular customer … only when I need a quick “misu” fix.) –Jeff Andersen


EUREKA SPRINGS, 10: DeVito’s, 5 Center St., Eureka Springs 72632. (Perfect ending to a perfect meal.) –Dawn Ditty

LITTLE ROCK, 9: The Italian Couple, 12th St., a couple of blocks east of Woodrow, Little Rock 72205. (The Italian Couple is a wonderful little BYOB [“Bring Your Own Bottle”] restaurant. The neighborhood is scary, but the Tiramisu is WONDERFUL!) — Becky, 2/99.  Gloria Lane writes: “The review of the Italian Couple was done in 1999. The restaurant moved in 2006. The previous location may have been scary to the reviewer, but the new location is not, just down the road from the state Capitol on Markham.”

ROGERS, 10: Johnny Carino’s Country Italian, Rogers 72756. (As good as the food is at Johnny Carino’s, no meal is complete without the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted. The Tiramisu is beyond description.) –Joe Hutchens


DOVER, 9: Olive Garden, 263 N. DuPont Hwy., Dover 19901. (Mouth watering splendor!! Tastes like something from heaven.) –Barbara Clark


KETCHUM, 9: Cristina’s, 520 2nd St., Ketchum 83340. (This is what Tiramisu is all about. And it’s owned by a very sprightly and vivacious Italian lady, who really knows good food!) Cherie Faulds


CEDAR RAPIDS, 9: The Lighthouse, 6905 Mt. Vernon Rd. S.E., Cedar Rapids 52403. (We had dined at The Lighthouse many times, as their prime rib and BBQ ribs are to die for! Dessert is a supreme thought as the portions of the entrees are more than generous. This particular time, I wanted something sweet, but refreshing. And of course they had sold out of their heavenly zabaglione. I opted for the Tiramisu. And boy, was I delighted. It was light, chocolatey, and practically melted in your mouth. Not to mention the fresh raspberry sauce the chef drizzled over the entire plate! Yum! Definitely one of the best I ever had.)

WEST DES MOINES, 8: Cheesecake Factory, Jordan Creek Town Center Mall, West Des Moines 50266, upper level, next to South Mall entrance, phone (515) 457-9888. (Pretty darn good. Better than their Tiramisu cheesecake. I would order this again before any of their cheesecakes..) – Arthur

JOHNSTON, 10: Trostle’s Greenbriar Restaurant, 5810 Merle Hay Rd., Johnston 50131. (I have eaten in restaurants all over the world so I am no virgin to good food. Folks, the best Tiramisu I have ever had, and in fact, the best restaurant dessert I have ever had and would be on my list for my last meal would be what they serve at Greenbriar. There are no words I can use to describe their Tiramisu. It is to die for.) –Will


BANGOR, 9: City Limits, Main Street, Bangon 04401. (Very good, made daily by the restaurant owner.) — Pam Gray

PORTLAND, 6: The Olive Garden. (The only place I know of to get Tiramisu in Maine. A good “chain” Tiramisu with lots of flavor. An excellent end to a lobster dinner.) — Kurt T.

SOUTH PORTLAND, 9: Vinny T’s, The Maine Mall, South Portland 04106. (One thing I liked was that it wasn’t finger food, in that they give you a nice portion. It is an Italian restaurant. The Tiramisu is very, very good, and the only reason it did not get a 9 was the slightly high price. Recommended over Olive Garden.) –Alan Lewandowski

SOUTH PORTLAND, 8, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 415 Philbrook Ave., South Portland 04106, phone (702) 780-6620. (It was good, but it just wasn’t cold enough.) — JEM


ROBINSONVILLE, 9: Jack Binion’s Steak House, in the Horseshoe Casino Hotel (Tunica) 1021 Casino Center Drive, Robinsonville 38664, phone (800) 303-7463, ext. 5375, fax (662) 357-5530. (Excellent! A smidgen creamier than I like it, and it does lack the liquor bite. But oh my, the flavor!) – Miyamoto

JACKSON, 10: Amerigo, 6592 Old Canton Rd., Jackson 39157, phone 601-856-5500. (Has a fabulous custard and chocolate sauce, equally dividing the plate surrounding the Tiramisu. Custard tastes like boiled custard used to make homemade ice cream. Creme de la creme. Proprietor Bill Lathem said everything in Tiramisu is homemade, even the Mascarpone cheese. He owns restaurants in Nashville and Atlanta.) -J. Barrett Francis
10: Amerigo, 6592 Old Canton Rd., Jackson 39157, phone (601) 856-5500. (I have tried Tiramisu at several different places, but nothing ever comes close to Amerigo’s. I would love to have the recipe, but I haven’t been able to find it.) – Becky Hodges.
9: Amerigo., 6592 Old Canton Rd., Jackson 39157, phone 601-856-5500. — Henry Hasseltine,
9: Amerigo, 6592 Old Canton Rd., Jackson 39157 (I just have to confirm what the previous reviewers have already said … Amerigo has some of THE BEST Tiramisu I’ve ever had. In fact their entire menu is incredible, but for dessert, you just can’t find much better.) – Allison Parker


BOZEMAN, 8: Jim Bridger Bistro, Main Street Bozeman. — Jason Cajune

MISSOULA, 10: RedBird, 120 W. Front St., Missoula 59802. Sutton West Gallery

9: RedBird, 120 W. Front St., Missoula 59802. (This new eatery does everything well, and the creme brulee is worth your attention, should you have failed to reserve a Tiramisu.) — Abe


CEDAR CREEK, 10: Anna’s. (This was the best I have ever tasted, and we have experimented much. I also have tried many, many recipes but cannot find one that even comes close to Anna’s. They are now closed. Their pastry chef moved to the Brazen Head restaurant here in Omaha, and I tried to find out the recipe from her, but found out she is not employed there any more either. Help! I need this recipe!) — Sherrie Kephard-Ross

LINCOLN, 10: Panne e Vino, West Lincoln, somewhere off Sun Valley Blvd., Lincoln 68508. (Very good, a huge serving with great service!!) — Holly Burklund


ALBUQUERQUE, 9: La Piazza, 1100 San Mateo Blvd., N.E. (A most exquisite finale to a wonderful dining experience.) – Bill Hillman

SANTA FE, 10: The Palace, 142 W. Palace Ave., Santa Fe 87501. (This Tiramisu sets the standard by which all others must be compared.) – Shelley Brendle

SILVER CITY, 8: Dianne’s Bakery & Cafe, 510 N. Bullard St., Silver City 88061. Great flavor and texture along with a menu of delicious dinners.) — Armand Minuti


FARGO, 10: Great Northern, 425 Broadway. (I have had some pretty good Tiramisu, but had to write about the Great Northern. The best I’ve tasted so far. It’s so light it evaporates in your mouth! As a Tiramisu purist, I was a little concerned that they offered their Tiramisu in a raspberry sauce. Don’t let this deter you. The sauce in no way deters from the ethereal lightness of this truly sublime dessert. And we found it in Fargo. Ya, you betcha!) — Laura Hiebert


ABERDEEN, 8: Thatzza Pizza, 6th Ave, Tiffany Plaza. — Reddy

DEADWOOD, 9: Jake’s, On top of Midnightstair, Main Street. (They have a choice of sauces you can put on top. I worked there and it was one of my favorite things to snitch. Kevin and Dan Cosner do well at treating their guests with well-prepared meals.) –Annette Sharff

SIOUX FALLS, 10: Rue 41 Bakery-Cafe, 2530 S. Louise Ave. (26th and Western), Sioux Falls 57105, phone (605) 334-7491. – Benita Samuels

SIOUX FALLS, 10: Spezia, 1716 S. Western Ave. (26th and Western), Sioux Falls 57105, phone (605) 334-7491. (The best!) –Page Hudson

10: Spezia, 1716 S. Western Ave., Sioux Falls 57105, phone (605) 334-7491. – Jose Carlow

9: Spezia, 1716 S. Western Ave. (26th and Western), Sioux Falls 57105, phone (605) 334-7491. — Darrell Drullinger

9: Spezia, 1716 S. Western Ave. (26th and Western), Sioux Falls 57105, phone (605) 334-7491. (The taste is excellent and is creamy and smooth. Quite filling and would like to know the calorie and fat gram count.) –Nancy Bohr

SIOUX FALLS, 9: Minervas, North Philip St. (It was great.) — J. Shepherd


BRIDGEPORT, 9: Oliverio’s, 507 E. Main St., Bridgeport 23660. (Unquestionably, the best I have ever had! What a beautiful experience.) – Eric Wolfe

CEREDO, 10: Rocco’s Ristorante, 252 Main St., Ceredo 25507. (Fantastic! We live in South Carolina and drive 435 miles to enjoy this wonderful Italian experience.) — Lee Jarman

HUNTINGTON, 8: Olive Garden, Huntington Mall. (Very good. Nicely firm, cool and creamy, but contains no liqueur.) Iris

PARKERSBURG, 8: Olive Garden,Grand Central Ave. (Smooth and creamy, my favorite dessert at the OG!.) Jacqueline Ramsay


JACKSON,10: Nani’s Genuine Pasta House, 240 N. Glenwood. (It was a surprise to find the best Tiramisu I have ever had in ths out-of-the-way, wonderful, little Italian restaurant.) –Marielena Orozco


DORADO, 10: Medici, Hyatt Regency, Cerromar Beach Road 693, Dorado 00646. (This was my first experience with Tiramisu, and I could not get enough. Since I do not have any other experiences to compare against Medici’s, I have to go with my initial reaction, which was “heavenly!” I can’t believe that Tiramisu has eluded me for 40 years.) –Dave Wolfe

SAN JUAN,10: Stellaris Casino: San Juan Marriotts, Ashford Ave., Condado. (I’ve never been a dessert eater, maybe only for ice cream. I experienced the wonder of eating a Tiramisu a couple of days ago at a business lunch at the San Juan Marriotts Stellaris Casino. Well, my native language is Spanish, so I can say it was “delicioso,” “requisimo,” “divino,” or this is the only word I can use in English to describe my feelings: “WOW!” It was incredible and now I’m in love with Tiramisu too, and looking forward to preparing one myself. Also, I’d like to say this site is great. Thanks for the recipes!) — Jessica Lopez-Acevedo


Revised Rating! CHARLOTTE AMALIE, 9: Virgilio, off Main Street, Charlotte Amalie 00801. (I’ve sampled many, and this is the best ever, exquisitely prepared, and beautifully presented. Update: After some additional taste-tests of Tiramisus rated 10 in our area, we feel that we were very stingy by giving Virgilio’s only a 9. It should have been a 10 or higher; in addition, the restaurant was first-rate by any standard (Jim McCollough) –Amy McCollough


10: The Carnival Ship “Triumph.” (Had this dish on the second day of a 7-night cruise, and the subsequent desserts just couldn’t compare!) — Sandy

10: The Carnival ship “Destiny.” (This was served in the formal dining room during cruise. I’d never even heard of it before. Called Carnival several months later and the person I talked to helped me identify the dessert and sent recipe. Best thing I’ve ever eaten.) – Kaye

10: The Carnival ship “Fascination.” (This was served at an evening buffet and I have to admit I ate 3 pieces! Maybe sitting on the deck under the stars made it taste extra good, but it sure was one of the best I have tasted.) – Lori Justman

10: The Celebrity ship “Horizon.” (The best one I ever had, and I have tried it at many places was . . . at their Italian Feast at Midnight. You want to talk about great. You should just go on this cruise to try the Tiramisu at Midnight.) — Ilena Massa

9: The Royal Caribbean ship “Voyager”, Portofino Restaurant. (Incredible, came in a chocolate coffee cup. It was the best I have yet had. Do not pass this up if given the chance.) –Travis Fox

8: The Big Red Boat Cruise. (I was eating it on a cruise, and I accidentally inhaled some of the cocoa powder that they put on the top of it. I started choking, and couldn’t stop coughing for about 15 minutes. I haven’t eaten it since.) — Brenda


5: United Airlines (First-Class Cabin) (Actually not that bad, but it basically is an inverted cup of Tiramisu with some ladyfinger bits on the bottom.) — Craig Miyamoto


9:Del Monaco Specialty Foods, 1070 Commercial St, Suite 107, San Jose, CA 95112, phone (408) 452-0177. (This is a delightful product that ranks right up there with the best that I’ve eaten. It’s very light, wonderfully tantalizing to the taste buds, and creates that heavenly light fullness in your mouth. And it tastes marvelous! There is a bite to the dessert, but I like that – it’s due to the liqueur. Congratulations and thank you to Mike Del Monaco for making this product available!) — Miyamoto

9: Vermont Mountain Mousse Co., 241 Winter St., Haverhill, MA 01830, phone (800) 651-5292, fax (978) 521-9955. (Delivered frozen, the Tiramisu thawed quite nicely, thank you. Quite a wonderful experience, Gary Pituck’s dessert was a taste sensation that lingered all-too-briefly in the mouth, floating there like clouds of ambrosia. I especially liked the “crunch” that the sugared ladyfingers provided. It is always somewhat of a surprise when a commercial product brings such gastronomic smiles to one’s face.) — Miyamoto

9: QVC Shopping Network.. (Wanted to let you know that QVC sells some great Tiramisu. I don’t know if it’s only during the holidays or if it’s available regularly. I have always bought it around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it’s great! At least a 9 – maybe even a 10. Love this site.) – Phyllis Tustin

7: Caesar’s Tiramisu Chocolate Caramels, in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Hotel and Casino’s “house brand.” (A most yummy sweet, little balls of Tiramisu-flavored caramel covered with chocolate and dark-chocolate dust. You’ll gain weight with this one!) — Jennifer Ehrich

7: Jon Donaire Desserts, Wholesale Bakery & Ice Cream Manufacturers, 9511 Ann St., Santa Fe Springs CA 90670, phone (562) 946-6396, fax (562) 946-3781, website (The one I got was a 9- or 10-inch biggie in the frozen food section. The flavor was pretty good, a little on the sweet side, but it was more like a layered cake. I suppose, more like a mousse, which by the way is the category it’s listed under on their website — six 7-inch desserts in a pack. They used sponge cake as a substitute for ladyfingers, and I thought the mascarpone layers were fairly sparse and heavy.) — Craig Miyamoto

7: “Taste It Presents” (New York City 10014) Frozen Tiramisu, available at Costco, known as the “Price Club” in some areas, and maybe even at your neighborhood supermarket. (Actually, very surprising. When thawed, it’s light; when frozen, it’s a delight. It’s better than many I’ve had in restaurants!) — Miyamoto, off and on.

7: Wittard Tiramisu-Flavored Coffee, “Ground Arabica coffee with the delicious flavour of Tiramisu,” Wittard of Chelsea, 184 Kings Road, London SW3 5XP. (Very tasty! Of course, pure-coffee afficianados might not approve, but once you try it, you gotta admit this coffee smells good. Tastes good too!) — Miyamoto

6: Select Tiramisu Ice Cream, Safeway’s “house brand.” (Very good for what it is — a pale imitation of real Tiramisu. Gives only a hint of Tiramisu, but it’s refreshing and tasty.) — Miyamoto, off and on.

5: Castelli. (A brand of “Tiramisu-in-a-cup” in France. Just a couple of bucks in your refrigerator section. Real mascarpone, real cake soaked in real alcohol. Costco is still better, but this IS convenient. Wow, that alcohol sure is real! Starting to get woozy as I write this.) -Melissa Chang

5: Rachelli Italia, Via Leonard Da Vinci 10, 20016 Pero (Milano) Italy. (Bought this at Costco, a little too sweet for my tastes, quite average.) — Craig Miyamoto

1: Niemetz Tiramisu au Cafe. (This product is beneath contempt. Do not even taste it if you are paid to do to.) — Walter Carlini


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