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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Texas from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ABILENE, 10: Alioli’s Mediterranean Grill, 1417 S. Danville Dr., Abilene 79605. (The food is wonderful at Alioli’s but the Tiramisu is so good, you always want to save room for it!) — Sara Crow
  2. ABILENE, 10: Olive Garden, Southwest Drive, Abilene 79602. (Now mind you, I’ve only had one kind of Tiramisu and this was awesome! I’ve been wanting to make it for a long time, but can never find ladyfingers! Ugh! So glad to find some of the recipes w/o ladyfingers.) – Melissa Henry
  3. ABILENE, 10: Spano’s, 4534 Buffalo Gap, Abilene 79605. (The Tiramisu at Spano’s is the very best I have ever eaten!) — Rhonda Roberts
  4. ADDISON, 6: Ruggeri’s, 5348 Belt Line Rd., Addison 75240. (Their Tiramisu is very average, not worth the money or time. Will probably try another dessert next time.) — Anonymous
  5. AUSTIN, 10: Andiamo, 2521 Rutland Dr., Austin 78758 (This restaurant features fine Northern Italian food as well. The owner is from Italy along with his chef. You eat the kind of food as though you were dining in Italy. Truly the best real Italian cucina in Austin.) – Jeanie Marsalia
  6. AUSTIN, 10: Asti Trattoria, 408-C E. 43rd St., Austin 78751. (Melts in your mouth – a true delight!) – Amy Vandervoot
  7. AUSTIN, 10: The Cheesecake Factory, 10000 Research Blvd., Suite 4602, Austin 78759, phone (512) 241-0777. (I do not live in Texas but I would easily be willing to drive the 250 miles to go back to The Cheesecake Factory just for another serving. The portions are huge and could easily feed a family. I keep searching but have yet to find anything even remotely close!) – Kris
  8. AUSTIN, 10: Granite Cafe, 2905 San Gabriel, Austin 75503. (Like certain other first-time experiences, this one has so far not been matched. The mysterious dessert was served on a large, oval, entree-sized platter. The 4 ladyfingers were arranged in spoke-like fashion, radiating out from the central mound of mascarpone, also new to me. There were a few little slices of strawberries and other fruits and a few small blobs of pureed mango. The cocoa dusting was beautiful. Everything was perfect. Subsequent servings at other restaurants have been disgraces by comparison, with cubes hacked out of sheet-tray sized bulk products. Unfortunately, this restaurant has not made this a regular menu item. What a shame.) – George Bohmfalk
  9. AUSTIN, 10: Olive Garden, Burnet Rd. Austin 78758. (No other place in Austin that sells Tiramisu compares. My wife and I love it!) – John Christena
  10. AUSTIN, 10: Reale’s Pizza & Cafe , 13450 Research Blvd. (I go to Reale’s at least twice a week for my Tiramisu fix. The waitresses always ask when they take my order if I’m having Tiramisu to go. If ever in Austin, you’ve got to go to Reale’s for the Tiramisu. The food is great too.) – Charmette Quinton
  11. AUSTIN, 10: Romeo’s, Barton Springs or Burnet @ Koenig. (Romeo’s has the best Tiramisu, bar none! It is so incredibly moist, served in a wine goblet with on a chocolate coated plate. Mmmmmm.) – Meredith
  12. AUSTIN, 9: Little Italy, 8127 Mesa Dr., Austin 78759. (Hands down, Little Italy’s is the best Tiramisu in Austin, Texas.) — William E. Roland
  13. AUSTIN, 9: Mezzaluna Cucina Italiana, 310 Colorado St. (After trying their Tiramisu, I felt like I had to smoke a cigarette and I don’t smoke! It’s my very favorite and I have tried Tiramisu at every restaurant that serves it! By the way, Mezzaluna serves it in a wine goblet.) — Lana Guidry
  14. AUSTIN, 3: Mozart’s Cafe, 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Austin 78703. (Quite disappointing. This cafe has a prime location so you’d expect they’d splurge on the quality of what they serve. However, none of the pastries that I’ve tried, and not even the coffee, could be classified as anything more than substandard.) — Miguel Corazao
  15. AUSTIN, 1: The Brick Oven. (If you enjoy Tiramisu at all, do NOT order it from The Brick Oven. It is, to say the least, blasphemous!) — Shala
  16. CARROLLTON, 10: Amici’s, 1022 S. Broadway St., Carrollton 75006. (Three days in the making – it is exquisite. None better.) — Randy
  17. CORSICANA, 10: Italian Village, 2nd St., Corsicana 75110. (They have the absolute best Tiramisu that I have ever tried. My husband always gripes at me because i always want to buy a pan of it. I have had it at numerous Olive Gardens all over Texas, and they do not compare. You must try this!) – Jennifer Sweet
  18. DALLAS, 10: Cheesecake Royale, 9016 Garland Rd., Dallas 75218. (Supplies restaurants, but also sells to public. Their 9×12-inch Tiramisu is enough to serve 15 people, sells for $24.25.) – John L. Byers
  19. DALLAS, 10: Eatzi’s, Oaklawn. — Steven Nye
  20. DALLAS, 10: Modo Mio, 18352 Dallas Pkwy – Suite 112, Dallas 75287. (I’m always on the lookout for the perfect Tiramisu and was amazed at the incredible blend of flavors and texture Modo Mio achieved with theirs. I’ve been back several times and it’s always consistently great.) – Jane Vaughan
  21. DALLAS, 10: Obzeet, 19020 Preston Rd., Dallas 95252. (This was the most wonderful Tiramisu that I have ever had and I have been searching for years for the best Tiramisu in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.) – Heid Colton
  22. DALLAS, 10: Tivoli’s, Greenville. – Darren T.
  23. DALLAS, 9: Maggiano’s, Northwest Hwy. (in North Park Mall). (Heavenly! I had to get their Tiramisu every time I went there, it’s very good!) — Lay Wah Ooi, 3/99.
  24. DALLAS, 8: Maggiano’s, Northwest Hwy. (in North Park Mall). (The Tiramisu at Maggiano’s is a wonderful experience. Smooth, light and flavorful. Very highly recommended!) — Tim Nelson
  25. DALLAS, 4: la Madeleine, Galleria Dallas Mall, 635 & Tollway, Dallas 75240, phone (972) 991-7788. (Not very good. Much too sweet, no ladyfingers but cake instead, no liqueur flavor, more like a cake with sweet frosting.) – Miyamoto
  26. DALLAS, 2: The Cheesecake Factory, Northwest Hwy. and 75. (They don’t know what Tiramisu is. Their Tiramisu is like soft pudding.) — Lay Wah Ooi
  27. FORT WORTH, 10: Olive Garden, north of Hulen Mall, Ft. Worth 76134. (I don’t know what Olive Garden that person ate at, but the one here in Ft. Worth is yum! The recipe didn’t sound like the one I ate. Mine had chocolate layered between the cake. I recommend y’all give it a try next time you’re in town.) — Deborah
  28. GALVESTON, 10: Luigi’s, The Strand. (This was the first place I tried Tiramisu. Now I look for it whenever I eat Italian food. No one else can measure up to Luigi … yet! This has recently become my favorite dessert!) Katie Hutka
  29. HOUSTON, 10:Campioni, 5419-F West FM 1960. (Almost always order Tiramisu if listed on a restaurant menu. This restaurant has by far the most excellent recipe!) — Cydney Miller, 2/00.
  30. HOUSTON, 10: The Cheesecake Factory, The Galleria. — “Pogue”
  31. HOUSTON, 10: Maggiono’s. (Please, please, please get their recipe!) — Karen Kowalski
  32. HOUSTON, 10: Olive Garden, all over the city. (My husband and I fondly refer to their Tiramisu as “sex with a spoon.”) — M. Post
  33. HOUSTON, 10: Papamia. (Papamia’s has one of the best Tiramisus ever. Having grown up in Italy, I think I can make that judgement.) — Tam Roden
  34. HOUSTON, 9: Anthony’s, 4007 Westheimer, Houston 77027. (Anthony’s is one of the finest restaurants in Houston. It is one of the four Italian restaurants run here by Tony Vallone and his family. He has won numerous honors for his restaurants worldwide. So we are lucky to have him here in Houston. “Tony’s” is the absolutely finest (most expensive) restaurant in Houston. “Anthony’s” is one step beneath it. “Grotto” and “La Griglia” are even less formal I think they serve Tiramisu at all four. Anyway, I first tasted tiramisu at Anthony’s on either my birthday or a wedding anniversary about 6 years ago. I forget which it was, but I never forgot the dessert. Anthony’s is my Carlucci’s — its Tiramisu is the standard by which I judge all others.) — P.S. Pohl
  35. HOUSTON, 9: Frenchie’s, on NASA Rd. 1 near the Johnson Space Center. (Yes, Frenchie’s is an Italian restaurant, and it is owned by 4 brothers and sisters from Capri: Anna, Olga, Guiseppi, and Frankie. Anna makes the BEST in town. The restaurant is a quiet, little hole in the wall-type place. Everybody that’s anybody eats there. Once in a while, Anna will make the deadly delectable, but they rarely advertise that they have it. You just have to sense its presence and ASK for it. If you ever get down there, you must go.) — Ron Madeley
  36. HOUSTON, 9: La Madeline, Westheimer, Houston 70637. (Inexpensive cute little cups of a very good Tiramisu, perfect for breakfast.) — Katheryn Champenois
  37. HOUSTON, 4: California Pizza Kitchen:, Memorial City Mall, 303 Memorial City Way, Houston 77024, phone (713) 365-9473. (This Tiramisu was only mediocre at best. It was overpriced ($6 for an average, not even large portion), kind of soggy instead of moist, short on the chocolate dusting, and was covered in some mysterious white sauce that was not described in the menu. One would do better to go over to the Olive Garden in the mall’s parking lot if you want Tiramisu.) – Nzinga Jones
  38. HOUSTON, 5: Damian’s Cucina Italiana, 3011 Smith, Houston 77006, (713) 522-0439, fax (713) 522-4408. (This is a very dense Tiramisu with a heavy buttery feel. The taste itself is okay, although nothing special. They used cake instead of ladyfingers, and the dessert was pretty disappointing, as the meal was excellent, along with a warm and friendly atmosphere. I’d go back there again; I just wouldn’t have the Tiramisu.) – Miyamoto
  39. HOUSTON, 3: Carrabas ,FM 1960. (They don’t know what Tiramisu is. What they serve is definitely not Tiramisu, it’s a piece of sweet cake with cream and chocolate.) — Lay Wah Ooi
  40. HUMBLE, 10: Hasta La Pasta, Humble 77338. (This Tiramisu is the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot! The restaurant’s large serving is to die for. If you’re ever in Humble, this is a must!) — Susan Perry
  41. KEMAH, 9: Claudio’s. (This is a great, romantic restaurant with “almost” perfect Tiramisu.) — Lynn G
  42. KINGWOOD, 9: Orignal Pasta Company, 4590 Kingwood Dr., Kingwood 77345 (This is the best Tiramisu I’ve had in my entire life and I’ve been searching for the perfect Tiramisu since I first tried it in pizza parlor in 1993, it’s been eleven and I’ve yet to find perfection but, this one comes very, very close. It’s my new standard by which I rate all other Tiramisus now! I haven’t been back in so long I could cry! Love your site by the way!) – C., 10/04.
  43. LEWISVILLE, 6: Carino’s, NW corner of Hebron Parkway and I-35. (The taste was pretty good, but it was overall dry.) — Lay Wah Ooi
  44. LUFKIN, 10: The Original Pasta Co., John Redditt Dr., Lufkin 75901. (This recipe is so good, we have been there several times just to have it and nothing else!) — Cindy Mackey, 1/98.
  45. McALLEN, 10: Olive Garden, Expressway 93, McAllen 78503. — Rosiedom
  46. NEW BRAUNFELS, 8: Johnny Carino’s, New Braunfels 78130. (Very creamy, smooth, and big slices!) — Lulu
  47. ODESSA, 10: Yana 615. (I know what you’re thinking — Tiramisu in West Texas? I worked at this restaurant and the owner was originally from Croatia. It was my first time to try Tiramisu and it was complete heaven. It was soft and smooth, and had just the right amount of liquor. Absolute magnificent!) –Michelle Hall
  48. PLANO, 10: Covino’s, W. Parker and Independence, Plano 75075. (Each year for my birthday, my husband goes to this restaurant and buys me a whole tiramisu to bring home. It’s wonderful.) – Mary Kearney
  49. PLANO, 10: Covino’s, W. Parker and Independence, Plano 75075. (I saw the previous review by Mary Kearney on this page, and decided to try Covino’s, which is a couple of blocks from my home. Awesome Tiramisu! The best I ever remember eating. Costs $2.45 a slice, but worth every penny. Highly recommended.) – Dave
  50. PLANO, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 500 W. Park Blvd. (It melts in your mouth, with just the right amount of every ingredient. Yummy! I always wanted to try their other desserts, but whenever I was at that restaurant, I couldn’t make myself order another dessert other than their heavenly Tiramisu!) — Lay Wah Ooi
  51. 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 500 W. Park Blvd. (It was the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted in my life!) — Kris Ryan
  52. 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 500 W. Park Blvd. (My hubby and I were out for my birthday dinner, and it came time to order dessert. I asked the man what Tiramisu was, and he told me. It sounded pretty good, but I went for the cheesecake instead. My hubby, who never orders dessert, did, and ordered the Tiramisu. One taste of it was all I needed to know that I had ordered the wrong dessert! I ate most of my husband’s, who by the way was in ecstasy also, and none too pleased I was eating HIS Tiramisu. But after all, I was the birthday girl! I won’t be able to rest until I have some more.) – T.K.
  53. PLANO, 7: Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 700 N. Central Expressway, at Plano Parkway. (It’s pretty good, but I wouldn’t go there just for the Tiramisu) — Lay Wah Ooi
  54. PLANO, 5: Spaghetti Warehouse Italian Grill, US 75 and 15th St., northwest corner. (It was like a piece of very sweet layered cake with sweet chocolate syrup, not like Tiramisu at all.) — Lay Wah Ooi
  55. PLANO, 4: Compari’s Italian Restaurant, 621 W. Plano Parkway, at Alma. (Their food is always very good, but their Tiramisu is not so good. It was small and pricey, the ladyfingers were too dry [if those were really ladyfingers]. Their Tiramisu wasn’t even on their dessert tray, it was on the menu, and when they brought out the dessert, it looked like it had been in the fridge for a long, long time. Not worth the price! [We still do love their food, though.]) — Lay Wah Ooi
  56. SAN ANTONIO, 10: Baccone’s Italian Restaurant , 17776 Blanco Rd. (This is where I first experienced the wonderful world of Tiramisu and I go back often. If you’re ever in San Antonio visit Baccone’s!) – Lauren
  57. SAN ANTONIO, 10: Fratelli’s, IH-10 at Callaghan, San Antonio 78230. (There are many Tiramisu variations now, but this Fratelli’s in San Antonio makes theirs in-house. It is classic style to those who know Italy.) — Giuseppe Montelongo
  58. SAN ANTONIO, 9: Apple Annie, 555 Bitters Rd, San Antonio 78216. (Apple Annie’s does a Tiramisu cake, with the cake being an ever-so-light and airy chocolate! So unique and dee-lish. You can’t decide whether to gobble it down or savor every bite. I gave it a 9 because it’s probably not what one could consider a “true” Tiramisu.) — Carla Cay Krull
  59. SAN ANTONIO, 9: Piatti’s, Alamo Quarry, San Antonio 78209. )This Tiramisu is absolutely the best. Every time I have had it at Piatti’s, it melts in my mouth!.) — Jennifer Thomas
  60. SAN ANTONIO, 4: Fratelli’s, Highway 281, San Antonio 78248. (In our search for the best Tiramisu in San Antonio, we tried a location that was rated high on this web site. What a disappointment! In fact this had to be the worst one yet. The dish was presented half frozen with little taste. If they once excelled they have lost their touch. I think Sara Lee would have done better.) – Bud Rubin
  61. SAN ANTONIO, 4: Olive Garden, Hwy. 281 and Bitters. (Aside from it still being partly frozen [so much for fresh], it didn’t stand out on taste. The portion was poorly cut and dumped on a plate. I think McDonalds would probably have done a better job [not to insult McDonalds.] Since many of the reports from the Olive Garden chain were complimentary, I’m wondering if this was a one-time experience or the reports were bogus.) – Bud Rubin
  62. SULPHUR SPRINGS, 10: San Remo’s, Sulphur Springs 75482. (My husband and I have coffee and dessert at Sam Remo’s at least twice a week.) — Sonya Tinsley
  63. WOODLANDS, 10: Carrabas, Woodlands Mall, 77381. — RK Panda


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One Response to Texas Tiramisu Reviews

  1. Steven says:


    Luce Ristorante e Enoteca, 11255 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230

    Tiramisu was beautifully presented on a place with chocolate sauce underneath and strawberries on top. But, ladyfingers were not soaked all the way through and cheese topping was a little too think. Plus there was no real coffee after taste that I’ve come to know and love from tiramisu. I wouldn’t ordered it from here again.

    PS, Baccone’s and Apple Annie’s are no longer in business.

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