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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Tennessee from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ANTIOCH, 8: Olive Garden, 1131 Bell Road, Antioch 37013, phone (615) 731-8431. (It was very light and smooth and sprinkled with coco powder. You could not taste any coffee or rum in it.) – Bev Upchurch
  2. BRENTWOOD, 10: Amerigo, 1656 Westgate Circle, Brentwood 37027, phone (615) 377-7070, fax (615) 377-7072. (This was absolutely the best Tiramisu I have tasted. It just melted in your mouth. It was several layers high with vanilla ice cream in one layer, served over a chocolate sauce and had just the right amount of everything … not too heavy with rum and oh, so very light. Truly, heaven in your mouth. These people know their Tiramisu.) – Bev Upchurch
  3. CHATTANOOGA, 10: The Back Inn Cafe, Bluffview Art District, Chattanooga 37405. (The Back Inn complex has a bakery, where they produce their own ladyfingers, besides plant of other heavenly stuff, so their Tiramisu is always fresh and wonderful. It truly brings tears to my eyes!) — Stephen McNabb
  4. CHATTANOOGA, 3: The Back End Café, Bluff View art district, Chattanooga 37405. (The service that we have at this restaurant was the worst we have ever experienced and the food was not much better. I would not recommend it ever.) – Colleen
  5. CLARKSVILLE, 8: The Olive Garden, Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Clarkesville 37042. (I don’t know where they get it from. Sometimes it’s still frozen, but when it’s fully thawed, the cream is absolutely heavenly. The bottom is not too thick, just enough to hold the flavor. Better than sex!) — Angela Davis
  6. COOL SPRINGS, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill. (It was the night of my wedding, my husband and I were having an absolutely phenomenal dinner [the Italian food there just is amazing] and for dessert, we had Tiramisu. It was enough to send shivers down my spine … it was FANTASTIC.) — Simone McCleary
  7. FRANKLIN, 10: Carrabba’s Italian Grill, 553 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin 37067, phone (615) 778-9111. (I rated the Tiramisu a 10 … excellent … this melted in the mouth … heavenly to say the least.) – Bev Upchurch
  8. GREENEVILLE, 9: Azaleas, 109 East Depot St., Greeneville 37743 (This is THE best Tiramisu I have ever had. A bit on the pricey side but WELL worth it. Happen to be in a little town called Greeneville TN (that’s Greeneville with an E.) then stop by this place and get you some Tiramisu! Not bad food here either!) – Tracey
  9. KNOXVILLE, 9: Roman’s Pizza, 179 N Seven Oaks Dr., Knoxville 37922, phone (865) 539-1784. (It was absolutely delightful and I am a Tiramisu lover. They are true New Yorkers and wonderful people. The service is awesome as well. Right beside the dollar movies – a great night out.) – Angelec Campbell
  10. KNOXVILLE, 7: Tuscany. — CLC Student D13
  11. KNOXVILLE, 5: Italian Market. — CLC Student D13
  12. MEMPHIS, 9: Amerigo’s, Park Place Center, Memphis 38117. (I have been to several of the Italian restaurants in the city, and Amerigo’s has the best.) — Susan Fitzgerald
  13. MEMPHIS, 8: Boscos, Saddle Creek Mall, Memphis Germantown 38138. (When visiting Memphis, this is one of my “gotta go” places to eat. It’s basically a micro-brewery type restaurant, serving mainly an Italian fare, with emphasis on gourmet pizza [which is my favorite]. Among their dessert menu is a pretty good version of the “heavenly dish.” It’s a fair portion, not too heavy, maybe just a hint too much of a coffee taste, but good nonetheless. As an added little attraction, art of the movie “The Firm” with Tom Cruise was filmed here. There is a little plaque marking the booth where the scene was shot. The restaurant is happy to let anyone take photos of the booth if not occupied, and if you’re lucky enough and the booth is open, you can request it.) — Marty Halluin
  14. MEMPHIS, 7: La Tourelle, Overton Square (Monroe), Memphis 38116. (It was light and tasty, but not enough cheese or wine. It has zabalione sauce over the dipped ladyfingers, and the whipped cream is dusted on top with cocoa dust. Cut in a boring square. $6.57 + tax.) — William Bohannon
  15. NASHVILLE, 10: Amerigo, 1920 West End Ave., Nashville 37203, phone (615) 320-1740. (OMG! I didn’t know whether to cry or squeal with delight! The generous portion was absolutely heavenly! I think I still have the spoon marks in my hand from fighting over the dessert with my hubby! Great job, Amerigo!) – Melissa Field
  16. 10: Amerigo , 1920 West End Ave., Nashville 37203, phone (615) 320-1740. (Amerigo is NOT – in my personal opinion – a GREAT Italian restaurant. Good, sure. Great, no. But what they do better than anyone else I know of is make Tiramisu! They have a huge cult following of people who come by just for the Tiramisu. Once you taste it, you’ll know why. I’m sure there are others out there – but in all my travels I’ve yet to taste a Tiramisu that’s in the same league as Amerigo’s!) – Neil Bergman
  17. NASHVILLE, 10: Basantes, 1800 West End Ave., Nashville 37203 (Colleagues took me to lunch followed by a desert we all shared. Only one of us had this before and wanted the others to try it. We all raved, moaned, closed our eyes and so on. One person got information to order it instead of her birthday cake, another looked it up on the internet as soon as we Returned and emailed us all the recipe. It’s truly heaven on earth. One of my colleagues has tried the Tiramisu and has said this one at Basantes is absolutely the best she’s had.) – Anonymous
  18. NASHVILLE, 10: Maggiano’s Little Italy, 3106 West End Ave., Nashville 37203-1304, phone (615) 514-0270. (My first experience with Tiramisu and I went to bed dreaming about it! It was absolutely wonderful. I am currently searching the internet for recipes!) – Mary
  19. NASHVILLE, 10: Savarino Italian Bakery5572 Nolensville Pike, Nashville 37211. (True “Heaven in the mouth”! Made by one man in his bakery. Most of the places mentioned are close, but Amerigo’s is disgusting and totally barfable just thinking of it.) – Marc Werner
  20. NASHVILLE, 8: Terranova, Renaissance Nashville Airport Hotel, 1112 Airport Center Dr., Nashville 37214, phone (615) 889-9090. (Although they admit they don’t make it themselves, don’t hold it against them. It was pretty tasty. Still, the mascarpone was a little too dense for me, and if they’d had a heftier second layer, why who knows how lofty their score might have been.) – Miyamoto

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