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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across South Carolina from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ANDERSON, 10: 1109, 1109 S. Main St., Anderson 29621. (This is the ONLY place in town to get Tiramisu … and Chef Pietre is a genius! — Sandra Counts
  2. BEAUFORT, 8: Beaufort Inn, Port Republican Street. — Lynn Patterson
  3. CHARLESTON, 9: Angelfish, Folly Road. (Fantastic Tiramisu with amaretto, very light and smooth.) — Linda Godwin
  4. CHARLESTON, 8: Bocci’s, Historic District. (For me, the operative presentation is in a parfait glass which does not skimp on the mascarpone … this place delivers!) — Bev
  5. CHARLESTON, 7: Bonmo’s, 334 E. Bay St., Charleston 29401. — Carsten B. Schnese
  6. CHARLESTON, 7: Trattoria Piratella, 337 King St., Charleston 29401. (The hostess said it is the “best in Charleston” but she may have been exaggerating. There was no evidence of liqueur used, it wasn’t quite light, but a little on the heavy side. Although very tasty, the mascarpone in itself was quite bland.) — Miyamoto
  7. LITTLE RIVER, 8: The Parson’s Table, Hwy 17. (My first! I haven’t found anything as wonderful since. Delicious dining all around at this restaurant.) — Jan Heyn
  8. SPARTANBURG, 10: Dante’s, 456 Oak Grove Rd., Spartanburg 29301. (Dante’s, an extremely small restaurant in Spartanburg, keeps pieces of heaven hidden in the kitchen. It is a well-kept secret as one would probably NOT stop if just passing by. It is small and intimate and has the ambience that makes it special. Robbie runs the restaurant, helps cook, and his wife makes the celestial confection Tiramisu. You should come try the food. After a sumptuous meal, we ordered a Tiramisu to share. The presentation was very good. Then we dipped our spoons into this celestial treat and the angels sang. It is almost like a religious experience. The flavors mixed at the first bite and we were hooked. One does not eat a confection like this rapidly. It must be savored like fine wine. We hope more people will be able to share our experience with Robert the owner.) – Martha Vaughn

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