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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across San Francisco from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. 10: Buca Giovanni, Greenwich St. on Telegraph Hill. (The ambiance of Buca is wonderful, a truly Italian experience! The food is authentic and the service is some of the finest I’ve come across. The time spent dining there seems like time spent in a in an era long gone, where the servers are attentive, the food tastes like it was prepared by my nonna (grandmother) with all the care in the world put into making each bite one you will never forget. Your wine glass is never empty and your table is never cluttered. To top off this fine meal, Tiramisu must be ordered for dessert. It is the old-world traditional Tiramisu served in a custard glass rather than freestanding on a plate. This Tiramisu is not at all cakey or heavy. It is light and melts in your mouth. As you swallow the first bite it is as if an angel has entered body slowly making its way down to your stomach. To see the bottom of the empty glass is a sorrow greater than losing your first love. This restaurant is perfect for almost any quiet and tender occasion, from a first date to a dinner celebrating love that has lasted half a century. The experience will not soon be forgotten!) — Nunzi Maglio
  2. 10: Cafe Greco. (The Tiramisu just melts in your mouth.) — Anonymous
  3. 10: Emporio Armani Cafe, Market Street. (No words to express it. Just taste it. Truly heaven in your mouth) — Irene Viotti
  4. 10: Kuleto’s, 211 Powell St., Union Square. (Kuleto’s has the ultimate Tiramisu. I have tasted delectable — and not so delectable Tiramisu in restaurants across the United States and Italy. I have sampled Tiramisu at the homes of friends and relatives in both countries. I have even lovingly prepared my own Tiramisu, which — modesty aside — is marvelously good. But none compares to Kuleto’s Tiramisu. Whenever I find myself in San Francisco, I always visit Kuleto’s. Several times I have gone there and ordered nothing other than a piece of Tiramisu and a drink; and the portions, thank the gods, are very generous.) — Walter Carlini
  5. 10: Kuleto’s (I have traveled around the country, sampling Tiramisu at many fine restaurants. In my travels, nothing compares to the Tiramisu found at Kuleto’s at Union Square, S.F. It surely rates a 10 — all my friends and business associates who I’ve set there have come back with the same opinion – it’s the best they’ve ever eaten! By the way, the recipe can be found in “Contemporary Italian” by Robert Helstrom, Executive Chef at Kuleto’s, published by Harlow & Ratner. The Tiramisu is on page 149! Don’t forget the food. Probably the BEST way to go about it is to order Tiramisu, order a main course and finish off with a Tiramisu for dessert! Seriously, the food is fabulous. If you go by yourself, you can sit at a counter right in front of the chefs – it’s a lot of fun watching them prepare food in a non-stop environment. If you don’t have a place to stay, the St. Francis — a Westin Hotel — is very convenient. They’re both on Powell.) — Terry Ginther
  6. 10: Kuleto’s (I have eaten Tiramisu at every restaurant offering it across Italy and the U.S. In Bellagio on the banks of Lake Como I had marvelous Tiramisu. But, I have NEVER tasted Tiramisu more sublime than that at Kuleto’s on Powell St. in San Francisco. If 10 is perfection, it is well worth an 11!) — Ginger Allison
  7. 10: Kuleto’s (This was, by far, the most amazing Tiramisu I’ve had in the United States yet! It was so sweet, melted in your mouth, and just the right size that a bite more would be too much. Perfection!) – Melinda
  8. 8: Kuleto’s, 221 Powell St., San Francisco 94102-2285, phone (415) 397-7720, fax (415) 986-7050, website (Finally got to try it. The dessert was a lovely end to a great lunch of Ribolleta soup [“zuppa del giorno,” the soup of the day], grilled artichokes dripping with the smoky juice of a grilled lemon, and veal scallopini piquante resting on a bed of sautéed spinach. The Tiramisu itself was the crowning touch that lightened up my mouth again. Creamy yet light, subtle in its bright flavor, melting in the mouth. The only points off come from their using thin slices of cake instead of ladyfingers [they do a pretty good job with this anyway, without soaking the cake], and no apparent liquor flavor.) – Miyamoto
  9. 7: Kuleto’s (It was good, but not the best I’ve had.) — Mike Yamada
  10. 10: Nob Hill Restaurant, 1 Nob Hill. (About 4 years ago, my husband went on a business trip to San Francisco, I tagged along. For the sheer hedonistic pleasure of it, we spent one night at the Mark Hopkins Inter-Continental Hotel. For dinner we went to the Nob Hill Restaurant downstairs. Wow! I had never had Tirmaisu before. The dessert would have been fine on its own but they topped it off with a delicious “Vanilla Tarragon Sauce.” ‘Tis to die for! I haven’t been the same since. Now I have my own recipe that I will post here later. Nobody up here in the cold Canadian Yukon knows what I’m talking about. I live among Philistines!) — Pat Butler
  11. 10: Pompei’s Grotto, Fisherman’s Wharf, 340 Jefferson, San Francisco 94133. (This is the best Tiramisu I have ever had. It is absolutely amazing. You will not be disappointed.) – Cheryl Adcock
  12. 10: Ristorante Ideale, in North Beach, near Cafe Trieste. — Christene Cooper
  13. 10: Stella Bakery, In North Beach. (This is the only place I will eat Tiramisu. The place itself is enough to bring tears to your eyes, nostalgia and authentic Italian atmosphere make the place great for a total Tiramisu experience. The food isn’t bad either. A great Italian bakery to go have dessert at after a dinner at any of North Beach’s fine restaurants. We ahve made this place a family stop tradition whenever dining in the city. Great espresso and sacrapatina cake too.) — Erin Loughran
  14. 10: Steps of Rome, 348 Columbus Ave., San Francisco 94133. (With all due respect, if your score for any other SF Tiramisu as a 10, the Steps of Rome Cafe on Columbus is well worth an 11! Their Tiramisu has a plus that’s hard to find nowadays–it is made by Italians, not just “Italian-Somethings.”) — Alberto Mario DeLogu
  15. 10: Steps of Rome, 348 Columbus Ave., San Francisco 94133. (I read that someone wrote about this cafe and their Tiramisu on this page. I had a chance to visit my friend living in San Francisco, and I went to Columbus Street. It is easy to find — Columbus Street is almost like “Little Italy” in New York. There were only two pieces remaining when I got there at 3 p.m. I took out the Tiramisu and we went to Sausalito. My friend does not like any kind of cheesecake, but she really, really lliked this Tiramisu (actually, she finished more than half of it). It’s moist, but not too moist. It’s not too sweet, it was very fresh. They made it with good ingredients. It has its own taste. It’s different from the Tiramisu of Ferrara, but I would like to give 10 to both of them. I strongly suggest you visit Columbus Street when you have a chance to visit San Francisco, and go to the Steps of Rome!) — Ji-hye Chang
  16. 10: Steps of Rome, 348 Columbus Ave., San Francisco 94133. (The best Tiramisu I have ever tasted! This is absolute perfection, the best Tiramisu I have ever had by far. My husband and I always rate the desserts we order at restaurants on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest, this particular dessert deserves an 11! If you’re ever in San Francisco, YOU HAVE to stop by Steps of Rome in the heart of the North Beach district! YUM!) — J. Silvi
  17. 10: Tommaso’s, Kearny at Broadway, San Francisco 94133. (A party in your mouth! Served in individual chilled bowls, made fresh daily by the Grandma. I have traveled extensively through Italy and eat Tiramisu whenever it is on the menu. This is hands-down the best Tiramisu I have experienced thus far. Order it with espresso, which comes in a self-serve pot.) — Darrin Swan
  18. 9: Tarantino’s, Fisherman’s Wharf. (This Tiramisu came at the end of a wonderful meal. It was light and creamy with a wonderful coffee flavor that balanced quite well. We are leaving room for the “ultimate” Tiramisu but the best we have found yet! Stop by and enjoy!! Try it with their kyioki coffee. It was yummmmmy!) – Todd and Stephanie Devilbiss
  19. 9: Trattoria Volare, 561 Columbus Ave., San Francisco 94133. (The only better tiramisu I’ve ever had was my cousin’s from Italy. This was really, REALLY good. Rich and coffee-tasting without being heavy in the least. My boyfriend said it was a little too sweet, though. Either way, I still think it’s the best I’ve had in the country. And I’ve had a lot.) — Emily
  20. 9: North Beach Restaurant, in the North Beach area, 1512 Stockton St., San Francisco 94133, Phone (415) 392-1700, fax (415) 392-0230. (My wife and I enjoyed the dining at the North Beach Restaurant in August 1996. The Tiramisu was fabulous, the best we have ever had. I rated it a 9 because there is always something better and, we did not get tears in our eyes.) — Tim and Denise Wright
  21. 8: North Beach Restaurant, in the North Beach area, 1512 Stockton St., San Francisco 94133, Phone (415) 392-1700, fax (415) 392-0230. (Pretty yummy and close to excellent. What I especially liked was that they were not shy with the liquor, which left the definite – and in my opinion, highly desirable – “bite” on the tongue. The mascarpone was nicely creamy and smooth; a truly classic creation that complemented the main course of veal marsala very well.) — Miyamoto
  22. 9: Pan Pacific Hotel, Post St., 1 blk. from Union Square. (The chef who prepared the Tiramisu I ate is awesome! It is hard to image someone exceeding this level of excellence. I have never encountered any Tiramisu this good or this worthy of comment, and so I found this website and submitted this comment.) — Michael Schwab
  23. 9: Splendido, Embarcadero. (This was an individual Tiramisu, served in an oversized stemmed martini glass. The difference with this dessert was the teeny tiny bits of chocolate candy or cookies bits layered in the middle instead of cocoa powder. Little intense chocolate explosions hidden in the creamy layers. Oh, yum!) – Ann Barr
  24. 9: Tiramisu, Belden Lane, San Francisco 94105. (After having tried Tiramisu at countless places and countless times, this place puts it all together … texture, flavor, presentation … simple soulful straight forward individual servings just stunning.) – Greg Silling
  25. 8: Mario’s, Polk St. and North Beach. — Walter O
  26. 8: Scoma’s, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 47, at the foot of Jones and Jefferson Sts. Phone (415) 771-4383, fax (415) 775-2601. (Update: (It’s gotten better, but what’s with the inconsistency? Why don’t they stick to the same recipe?) Update 6/02: What’s with this anyway, they started off as a 10 and now every time I go back there, it seems to be getting worse and worse. It’s now very dense, almost totally cake-like. The flavor is there, but that’s about it — no liqueur “bite,” no heavenly soft creaminess. What a shame!) Previous Update: Good news is it’s on the dessert menu now. Bad news is it changed. Much less mascarpone, though the flavor is still first-rate. Original Comments: Absolute heaven! This is only the second 10 I’ve given. The Tiramisu was perfect — light and dreamy, extremely tasty, and a wonderful mouth experience. Unfortunately this was a weekend special dessert, and it is not on the regular menu. You might want to call in advance if Tiramisu is what you want. But even if Tiramisu is NOT on the menu, go eat there anyway. Try the Seafood Sauté — it’s their best-seller [item #72]; but bring your appetite because the serving is large and extremely filling.) — Miyamoto
  27. 7: A.G. Ferrari Foods, 468 Castro. (5 locations in California. For $2.79, this stuff tastes homemade and the mascarpone itself tastes cheesy. Light and not too sweet, it stands up to Costco’s.) — Melissa Chang
  28. 7: Nordstrom Café, Nordstom 4th level, San Francisco Centre, 865 Market St., San Francisco 94108. (This is a cheesecake, but it was very good as far as Tiramisu cheesecakes go – fairly light, full flavor. Still, it’s a cheesecake and not the classic Tiramisu.) — Miyamoto
  29. 6: Chic’s Seafood Restaurant, Pier 39, San Francisco 94133, phone (415) 421-2442, fax (415) 982-3764, (The Tiramisu was tasty but did not have enough mascarpone. Also, the ladyfingers didn’t have a liquor flavor and were too soaked.) – Beverly Upchurch
  30. 6: Mara’s Italian Pastries, in the North Beach area, 503 Columbus Ave., San Francisco 94133, Phone (415) 397-9435. (Very light on the mascarpone, the ladyfingers were definitely oversoaked, although the dessert had a good coffee flavor.) — Miyamoto
  31. 9: Mara’s Italian Pastries, in the North Beach area, 503 Columbus Ave., San Francisco 94133, Phone (415) 397-9435. (Of a week-long vacation in San Fran filled with memorable moments, our impromptu stop for Tiramisu at Mara’s ranked #1 on the list!) – Martha Lorenz
  32. 6: Puccini & Pinetti, 129 Ellis St., corner of Cyrin Magnin & Ellis, San Francisco 94102, phone (415) 392-5500, fax (415) 398-2650, website (It looked good, and they used ladyfingers. But there was hardly any taste, due primarily to a scarcity of mascarpone cheese all fluffed up the way I like it. It had some nice strawberry pieces; however they don’t count since I usually ignore the additions. No liquor bite either. Too bad, because the rest of the dinner was very good.) – Miyamoto
  33. 5: Dante’s Seafood Grill, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, Phone (415) 421-5778. (Definitely lower-tier dessert. The ladyfingers are just ladyfinger-shaped airy white cake, there’s just too much of it, and not enough mascarpone. In fact, the ratio of cake to mascarpone should be reversed. Plus, the taste is nothing extraordinary.) — Miyamoto
  34. 5: La Nouvelle Patisserie, street level, San Francisco Centre, 865 Market St., San Francisco 94108. (Very light, but it also has a very light flavor that seems a little “empty” and doesn’t produce that “full” sensation when held in the mouth. Definitely several steps away from “rich.”) — Miyamoto
  35. 4: Castagnola, Fisherman’s Wharf, at Jones St, 286 Jefferson St. Phone (415) 776-5015. (They used a genoise cake, not ladyfingers. They use a triple-layer of cake and mascarpone. The mascarpone was not light, but like thick cake icing, with an okay flavor, but quite heavy. I didn’t want to finish it, so I didn’t.) — Miyamoto
  36. 3: Segaretti Zeneti, bottom floor, San Francisco Shopping Centre, 5th & Market Sts., San Francisco 94102. (Lousy, watery flavor, too much cocoa dust, too much cake, not enough mascarpone.) – Miyamoto


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