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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Pennsylvania from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BETHEL PARK, 9: Olive Garden. (Near perfect. I just wish I knew what was missing. Will revisit and append.) – Urmi Ashar
  2. BLANDON, 7: The Coliseum, Rt. 222 and Tamarak Blvd., Blandon 19510. (It was very good, compared to some of the other “stuff” that has tried to pass for Tiramisu. It is hard to find the quality of food that we had when we lived in California. We have lived here 2 years and the food on the average is not too good. I am not sure if they make it at the restaurant, or get it from a supplier. Actually, now that I think about it, it was very good.) – Fran Ditri
  3. CARNEGIE, 10: Papa J’s. (I formerly lived in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Papa J’s has the BEST. Recently moved to California, haven’t had a chance to try any here yet. With alll these yummy recipes, I just may go to making my own Tiramisu with a 10 rating!) – Diane
  4. CARNEGIE, 10: Papa J’s. Very good, but not quite it! –Urmi Ashar
  5. CHAMBERSBURG, 9: Mario’s Restaurant, Wayne Ave. (When I took my first bite of the culinary perfection, I was not merely happy, I was ecstatic! The marriage of ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, espresso and other ingredients made me almost orgasmic – almost. I would recommend this restaurant and their cuisine to anyone at anytime. My reason for not giving it a perfect 10 – and this may sound petty because I am not an expert on preparation – is that all the ladyfingers were soaked in espresso. The taste is wonderful, but I think that if only the bottom layer were soaked, it would give a firmer texture. There, I’ve said it. Mario’s, don’t hate me, please!) – Rick McCarty
  6. CHAMBERSBURG, 9: Rosalie’s Fabulous Grill, 1901 Scotland Ave., Chambersburg 17201. (My first Tiramisu experience was at Rosalie’s. AWESOME! Unfortunately, they changed dealers and their “new” Tiramisu isn’t the 10 that their old one was. Still scrumptious, though!) – Phyllis Tustin
  7. CRABTREE, 10: Carbone’s, Route 119, Crabtree 15624. (This was my first taste of Tiramisu, and it was heaven! It wasn’t very sweet, and there wasn’t anything heavy about it. Just right after eating a big meal. I must admit I enjoyed the Tiramisu more than their veal. I’m now trying to replicate it at home..) – Dean Romagnoli
  8. ERIE, 10: Trattoria, East 13th Street. (Like nothing I’ve tasted ever before, or since. A gold standard measure for the Tiramisu experience.) – J.S.
  9. CRABTREE, 10: Rizzo’s Malabar Inn Restaurant, Crabtree 15624, phone 412-836-4323. (There is no street address, as Crabtree is a one-horse town, if you know what I mean. I have had many different types, but this is a very unusual and completely WONDERFUL variety. It has a chocolate crust. I will kill for the recipe!) – Amy Starenchak
  10. GETTYSBURG, 10: Gina’s Place, 16 Hanover St., Gettysburg 17325. (A melt-in-your-mouth, truly amazing Dessert.) – Cherry
  11. HAMLIN, 10: John’s Italian Restaurant, Route 590, phone 717-689-2659. (Celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday, had dinner here, tried Tiramisu for the first time and loved it! Everything we had was delicious. Hats off to their chef and to the hostess’ mom, who makes the Tiramisu.) – Judy Viola
  12. JEANETTE, 9: Dellallo’s Italian Market (not a restaurant), Rte. 30. (Literally melts in your mouth. Light and not-so-sweet, with just the right amount of liquor, enough to know it’s there without screaming at you. A sensual experience for the mouth! ) – J. Sizemore
  13. LAHASKA, 10: Cock ‘N Bull, Buck’s County. (It was pure heaven. So light, but so full of flavor. Out of this world. It is now my favorite.) – Sandi
  14. LANCASTER, 10: Gallo Rosso, Queen St. (Try out this little restaurant. Food is fantastic. Try the minestrone, it’s absolutely fantastic. The Tiramisu was the best I’ve tasted yet. This was thick, lovely, with a hint of rum. I hate those “watery” tasteless Tiramisus. This was definitely not one of them. If you’re in the area, you must try this restaurant.) – Klene Kostin
  15. LANCASTER, 10: Symposium, 125 S. Centerville Rd., Lancaster 17603. – Kevin White
  16. McMURRAY, 10: Atria’s Tavern, McMurray 15317. (Very, very good!) – Jason
  17. MIDLAND, 10: Rocca’ s Pasta, Midland Ave., Midland 15059. (People from three states come to eat here and indulge in the Tiramisu!) – Anonymous
  18. PALM, 9: Cab Frye Tavern, Route 29, Gravel Pike, Palm 18070. – Edward Galgone
  19. PHILADELPHIA, 10: Zaccone’s Restaurant, 3151 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia 19149. (It’s the best I ever had. I had it at the Olive Garden, not even close. I had it at D’Amato’s in Ann Arbor, MI and it ws nowhere near as good. Azccone’s is a small, family owned restaurant where everything is homemade. Azccone’s rocks!) – Tom Bradford
  20. PHILADELPHIA, 9: Ralph’s. (I’ve had many different variations, and this one is the best that I’ve tried. Plus, Ralph’s is a great South Philly Italian restaurant.) – M. Ashley
  21. PITTSBURGH, 10: Abruzzi’s, 10th St. (South Side). (My son was visiting from Florida and we had dinner at Abruzzi’s. They always have Tiramisu. We all got a piece of heaven. It is all my son can talk about now. If heaven has Tiramisu, Abruzzi must make it. Truly a delight.) – Alisa
  22. 10: Abruzzi’s, 10th St. (Southside). (We have been going to this restaurant for years. The food is wonderful, the atmosphere like your grandma’s house. But mainly we go for Tiramisu! My first taste of this treat was in New York City years ago and this is as close to that (and maybe Heaven) as you can get.) – Susan Sternberger
  23. PITTSBURGH, 10: DeLallo’s Fort Couch Café, Bethel Park, 91 Fort Couch Rd. Pittsburgh 15241, phone (412) 683-1448. (I will confess this is my dad’s restaurant, but I travel a lot, and have tried Tiramisu in a lot of restaurants. The DeLallo name is pretty much linked to Italian food in Western Pennsylvania, so expectations run high. When the mascarpone hits the roof of your mouth, and the sweet flavor of the lowest part of the torte reach your taste buds, the combination is incredible. Unlike many restaurants that insist on encrusting the top of the Tiramisu with cinnamon, there is just a hint of it, so as not to mask the mascarpone. I suggest following the Tiramisu with a measure of Frangelico, gently warmed by rolling the glass between your palms. Marvelous, simply marvelous.) – John DeLallo, Jr.
  24. PITTSBURGH, 10: Joe Mama’s. (This did not come in the popular way as a slice, it was in a huge mug. The texture was more like pudding or mousse than cake-like, it was heaven.) – Tara
  25. PITTSBURGH, 8: The Common Plea, Ross St., downtown Pittsburgh 15222. (This was my first-ever taste of Tiramisu, and I must say it left me hungry for more!) – Corrie Ritson
  26. PITTSBURGH, 8: Franco. – Rob and Idette Durbin
  27. PITTSBURGH, 7: The Elbow Room, Ellseworth Ave. – Elana Kornblit
  28. READING, 9: Olive Garden, Paper Mill Rd., Reading 19610. (It is the best that I ever tasted, it is heavenly.) – Leigh Ann Beasley
  29. SHARPSBURG, 10: Gran Canal Caffe , 1021 N. Canal St., Sharpsburg 15215.( The perfect ending to a perfect dining experience. Gran Canal is a gem.) – Jeannemarie
  30. WAYNE, 8: Theresa’s Cafe Italiano, 124 N. Wayne Ave, Wayne 19087. (Theresa’s is actually the only place I’ve had Tiramisu, but it’s doggoned awsome! I gave it the 8 because it’s the only place I’ve had it, but it is possibly a 9 or 10! – Patrick Young
  31. WEST MIFFLIN, 10: The Olive Garden. (It is the ultimate in wonderful desserts! I order it every time I come into the restaurant. I just wish I had the recipe. I only manage to get to the restaurant a couple of times a year. I would love to have that dessert every single day!) – Debra Angioletti
  32. WILLIAMSPORT, 10: DiSalvo’s Cafe, 341 E. 4th St., Williamsport, phone (717) 327-1200 or (800) 598-5085. (Everything is prepared to order and absolutely fantastic! You MUST visit this restaurant; everything is absolutely wonderful; they make all their own pasta too!) – Pete and Bonnie Axeman
  33. WILLIAMSPORT, 9, Bullfrog Brewery, 229 W. 4th St., Williamsport 17701. (My wife and I look forward to going to the Bullfrog every time we visit Williamsport. Wonderful food and beer menu in a great atmosphere. We always feel relaxed and satisfied when we leave.) – William Kahl

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