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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Oregon from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. CARLTON, 10: Cafe Bisbo, Main St., Carlton 97111. (Joanne’s Tiramisu is THE BEST! Strictly melt in your mouth!) — Piilani
  2. COOS BAY, 9: Cedar Grill, Broadway, Coos Bay 97420. (Never had it before. The waitress coerced us into trying and it was heavenly. Absolutely wonderful) — Joanne Louise White
  3. EUGENE, 10: Mona Liza, 830 Olive St., Eugene 97402. (My first experience was by chance. A friend I was dining with ordered it and suggested I try it. My husband and I both ordered it and agree that this is one heavenly treat! I cannot compare the quality of this restaurant’s Tiramisu with anyone else’s for lack of experience, but it was light, yet rich; smooth and dreamy!) — A. Brooks
  4. EUGENE, 10: Mona Liza, 830 Olive St., Eugene 97402. (Amazing! Beautiful! The best I have ever tasted. [A sample set >10]. I go just for the Tiramisu!) — Ben
  5. EUGENE, 8: Mona Liza, 830 Olive St., Eugene 97402. (So far, the best in Eugene, and we’re slowly trying them all.) — Pat and Mary
  6. EUGENE, 10: Sweet Life, 755 Monroe, Eugene 97402. (This was my first … and none since have compared. Euphorically delicious.) — Angela
  7. EUGENE, 8: Excelsior Restaurant, West 13th St., Eugene 97402, one block from the University of Oregon campus. (Emphasis on chocolate and coffee flavors, lighter on cognac. Huge pieces. Runner-up for best Tiramisu in Eugene.) — Pat and Mary
  8. EUGENE, 10: Excelsior Restaurant, West 13th St., Eugene 97402, one block from the University of Oregon campus. (My favorite in Oregon, and I’ve tried many. The cafe has the perfect atmosphere for dessert and cappuccinos.) — Cassandra
  9. EUGENE, 7: Napoli Restaurant and Bakery, 686 E. 13th Ave., Eugene 97401 (I was pleased. Not necessarily the type of place where you would expect to find Tiramisu, but I’m glad I did!) — Ben
  10. EUGENE, 7: Napoli Restaurant and Bakery, 686 E 13th Ave., Eugene 97401 (I have had Napoli’s Tiramisu four times; in fact they provided my first. Since then I have noticed that some versions lack the zip of alcohol (Marsala, Cognac, Grand Marnier, etc.) and lack some of the variety of taste layers that I experienced the first time at Napoli or when I make it at home. Overall a good version.) – Gary Lane
  11. EUGENE, 5: Cafe Zenon, Pearl and Broadway. (Strangely disappointing and dry. What were they thinking?) — Pat and Mary
  12. EUGENE 5: Cafe Zenon, Pearl and Broadway. (Surprisingly disappointing. It was okay, the proportions were a bit off, and the whole thing seemed a bit contrived.) — Ben
  13. GRAND RONDE, 10: Legends, Spirit Mountain Casino, Grand Ronde 97379. (I am on a no-chew diet for an extended time and thus found Tiramisu; it is an indescribable taste and “heaven in your mouth” is the best!) — Misty Mattics
  14. HILLSBORO, 9: Merchants of Venice, 1341 NE Orenco Station Pkwy, Hillsboro 97124. (Since Piatti’s in downtown Portland closed, Merchant’s Tiramisu is the best I can find anywhere. To get a 10 from me, it just needs a tad bit more rum, but this dessert will still have you moaning in ecstasy.) – Vicki Fletcher
  15. HILLSBORO, 9: Reedville Cafe, TV Hwy and Cornelius Pass Way. (Old family establishment [formally “Crab Shack”] does great catering too! First time I experienced Tiramisu and WOW! It’s still the best I’ve had!) – Melanie G.
  16. JACKSONVILLE, 10: McCully Houst, Jacksonville 97530. (Before ordering, be sure to ask if the chef had mascarpone cheese that day. If he doesn’t, it only rates a 2.) — Kimberly
  17. PORTLAND, 10: Besaws Restaurant, 2301 N.W. Savier, Portland 97210, phone 503-228-2619 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 503-228-2619 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting. (I have tried Tiramisu at many restaurants across the U.S. and in many foreign countries. The best I have had is at Besaws, which is owned and operated by Richard and Geri Beasley. The recipe is one Richard has modified with his own “secret ingredients.” If you get a chance, go there!) — William Lowrance
  18. PORTLAND, 10: COSTCO. (I like Costco’s Tiramisu, but they are not making it anymore. I don’t like the other Tiramisu I’ve had. Does anyone know what the recipe is for Costco’s? I’d make it in a hot New York minute, and I don’t even cook. Please help!!!) – Frieda Flint
  19. PORTLAND, 10: Pazzos. (The Tiramisu at Pazzos is a marriage of delicate flavors that melt into orgasmic spasms of the mouth.) — Karyn Andrain
  20. PORTLAND, 10: Piatti on Broadway, 309 S.W. Broadway, Portland 97210. (Piatti’s Tiramisu is served LARGE and it is a perfect blend of ladyfingers and cheese, dusted with cocoa. It is perfect!) — Heather Beasley
  21. PORTLAND, 10: Touché, 1425 N.W. Glisan, Portland 97209. (It was quite amazing. I had to have another piece right away. This place is also pretty swanky!) – Dina K.
  22. PORTLAND, 7: Paparazzi’s, 21st and Broadway. (The texture is almost pudding-like, it is very free-form and is served in a sundae dish. There is a liberal dusting of cocoa, and tghe brand/espresso flavor of the ladyfingers isn’t overwhelming.) — Lyza Gardner
  23. PORTLAND, 4: Rose’s Bakery. (I’m not especially crazy about Rose’s Tiramisu because the custard/whipped portion is very solidified. The entire confection resembles nothing less than cheesecake. In fact, it is rather oppressively cheesey. However, if you are a big cheesecake fan, this may impress you.) — Lyza Gardner
  24. SALEM, 10: Alessandro’s. (I recently had Tiramisu at Bellagio in Las Vegas and I have to say that Alessandro’s was easily three times better. I guess multi-million dollar restaurants aren’t always the best.) — Joan M. Taylor

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