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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Ohio from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BEECHMONT, 10: Uno’s. (First and best, it’s HUGE, and it practically melts in your mouth.) — Megan
  2. CHILLICOTHE, 9: Gourmet Grounds, So. Paint St., Chillicothe, OH 45601. — B.A. Schwemlein
  3. CINCINNATI, 10: Germano’s, 9415 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 45242. (The wife of Chef Dominique makes this wonderful dessert, truly delicious and a memorable experience. I always order one to take home as well.) — The Youtslers
  4. CINCINNATI, 9: Bravo’s, Montgomery Rd. (Very, very good. But come early, because they ALWAYS run out!) — Sandra
  5. CINCINNATI, 9: Italianni’s. (Best Tiramisu ever. Would love to have their recipe. I am haunted by the wonderful, subtle flavors that dance throughout. Such a wonderful interplay of textures, custardy and cakey and cool. The liqueur(s)? What is that heavenly flavor?) — Deb Fadely
  6. CINCINNATI, 5: Prima Vista. The Tiramisu would have been much better if it weren’t sitting in raspberry sauce, with a strawberry on top. What were they thinking? Coffee, rum and chocolate should be disturbed with fruit flavors. — Anastasia Haas
  7. COLUMBUS, 10: DaVinci’s, Henderson Rd. (This was the first place I tried it and I have yet to find another that is sooo amazing!) – Jen Lewis
  8. COLUMBUS, 10: Macaroni Grill. (The absolute best ever. Tastes like heaven.) — Megan
  9. COLUMBUS, 10: Spaghetti Warehouse, 397 W Broad St., Columbus 43215, phone (614) 464-0143. (I order delivery about once a week from S.W. (through Cafe Courier). Even being in the car for 20 minutes before I get it, it is still fab!.) – Jessie
  10. COLUMBUS, 9: Bravo Cuccina, Bethel Rd, near Hayden Run, Columbua 43017. (This Tiramisu is very good. They even put a chocolate-covered cocoa bean on it for garnish [and taste]. I with the portion were a little larger.) — Dee Karvois
  11. COLUMBUS, 9: Figlio,1369 Grand Ave., Columbus 43212 (Figlio has the best Tiramisu in the entire city. The ladyfingers were moist with espresso, and topped with a delectable cream. Don’t have time to dine in? Figlio will prepare your Tiramisu to go. Enjoy!) — Gregory Wilson
  12. DUBLIN, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grille, Dublin 43017. (I have made it my mission to taste as many Tiramisu desserts as I can. Of those I have tried, this is one of, if not THE, best. You also get plenty for the money. Mmmmm!)) — Dee Karvois
  13. DAYTON, 9: Spaghetti Warehouse, 5th St., Dayton 45431. (The Tiramisu was fabulous. They give huge pieces, but they’re oh-soooo wonderful. The best dessert around!) — Jean Fisher
  14. HILLIARD, 8: Spagheddies, Mill Run. — Dee Karvois
  15. KETTERING (DAYTON), 10: Mama Disalvo’s Italian Ristorante , 1375 E. Stroop Rd., Kettering 45429. (Every time one has it, it is divine. It is the best outside of Italy. Having had it in Italy, Mama’s Tiramisu makes you think that you are in Italy.) – Chakra
  16. MANSFIELD/ONTERIO, 9: Olive Garden. (The only reason I don’t give it a 10 is that I don’t have enough experience. Was on vacation and went there two nights in a row. Heavenly! — Lisa
  17. NILES, 10: Vernon’s, Youngstown Warren Rd. (Vernon’s Tiramisu is the most heavenly Tiramisu that I have ever eaten and I am one to know because I try it at every restaurant that serves it.) Jill Crowe
  18. NORWOOD, 10: Bucca De Beppos, Rookwood Plaza, Norwood 45150. (This is HUGE! Four people could easily share it and it is wonderful!) Janie
  19. RAVENNA, 10: Guido. — inssys
  20. REYNOLDSBURG, 10: Scali Ristorante, 1901 State Route 256, Reynoldsburg 43068. (Without question, the best Tiramisu this side of Italy. Extremely large portions. Makes a great appetizer.) – Gregory Mead
  21. REYNOLDSBURG, 8: Don Parmesan’s, Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. (This is very good Tiramisu. Unfortunately I have experienced it being a little bit frozen in the middle. Also just a bit too much powdered cocoa for my liking, but all around an enjoyable dessert.) — Stephanie Baumler
  22. STRONGSVILLE, 8: Catan’s Deli, Strongsville 44136. (We have lived in numerous cities in the US and Europe. This happens to be a small Italian deli in (of all places) Ohio and it truly is light, airy, all the attributes to a great Tiramisu. I ordered this for my husband’s 40th birthday and it was a hit. They don’t always have it, so ask ahead of time.) — Nina Lahanis
  23. SYVANIA, 9: CIAO! Ristorante, 6064 Monroe St., Sylvania 43560. (Extraordinary! Pleasing to the palate after a satisfying meal, there’s always room for Tiramisu at CIAO’s!) — Jane M.
  24. BVILLE, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Pearl Rd. — Chris Torri

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