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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across North Carolina from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. CHAPEL HILL, 10: Il Palio, the Siena Hotel, Chapel Hill 27514. (Better than the Villa D’Este in Como, and that’s saying something!) — R. Nelson
  2. CHAPEL HILL, 2: A Southern Season. (A Southern interpretation of Tiramisu, I guess. The dessert was dense and so sweet I could literally taste the confectioner’s sugar.) – Kristen Radde
  3. CHARLOTTE, 10: Mangione’s Ristorante, 1524 East Blvd., Charlotte 28203, phone (704) 334-4417. (The Tiramisu passes the fork test [the fork goes through smoothly does not stop at the ladyfingers]. Mr. Mangione makes it himself every Sun. night. Great little “bottle of red, bottle of white” upscale Italian restaurant.) – Craig Carroll
  4. CHARLOTTE, 9: Cafe Bello, East Morehead St. (I have talked to the chef, who wouldn’t reveal his exact recipe, except to say that the “secret” is in the custard, so I assume this is a cooked version. At any rate, it is pure heaven. You can quote me on that!) — Dick Aslet
  5. CHARLOTTE, 9: Villa Antonio, South Blvd. (Added chocolate chips are divine intervention!) — Erin
  6. CHARLOTTE, 8: Frankie’s, Morehead St. — Kristin
  7. CHARLOTTE, 6: Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, 225 E. 6th St., Charlotte 28202. (Their pizza is great, but they failed with their Tiramisu. The ladyfingers were too soggy; it was over-loaded with the mascarpone cheese, and had very little espresso coffee, if any. No hint of liquor in this Tiramisu, but the plate was decorated very nicely with “back and forth” chocolate stripes.) – Beverly Upchurch, 6/07.
  8. DURHAM, 10: Maggiano’s. (Completely delightful!) – Cassandra Rogers
  9. DURHAM, 10: Spartacus, 4139 Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham 27707, phone (919) 489-2848, fax (919) 493-0725. (This was an amazing Tiramisu … had a cake form, not too sweet or strong. I want another piece right now just thinking about it!!!) – Carissa Berglund
  10. FAYETTEVILLE, 10: Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, 528 McPherson Church Rd., Fayetteville 28303, phone (910) 864-1810. (First of all, Luigi’s is my favorite restaurant and I have celebrated there for anniversaries and birthdays. I had the Tiramisu for the first time, the last time I visited. The presentation of the dessert was just the beginning. It was outstanding! I am now planning on learning how to make this dessert for my family at home, but I am sure it will never compare to the delicious dish I had experienced at Luigi’s.) — Vicki Partain
  11. FAYETTEVILLE, 10: Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, 528 McPherson Church Rd., Fayetteville 28303, phone (910) 864-1810. (I agree with the other positive rating of Luigi’s Tiramisu. I have eaten Tiramisu at many restaurants and I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve tasted.) – Arthur
  12. FAYETTEVILLE, 10: Olive Garden, McPherson Church Rd., Fayetteville 28311. (THE BEST!!!) – Nicki
  13. GREENVILLE, 10: Ragazzi’s. (The Tiramisu tops off a wonderful dining experience!) — Carla
  14. HIDDENITE, 9: Hidden Crystal Inn. (My first experience with Tiramisu was horrible. It was a frozen dessert … yuck! Then, I went to the Hidden Crystal Inn and tasted the real thing. Heavenly!) — Sheila Tomlin
  15. RALEIGH, 9: The Rockford, 300 Block, Raleigh 27707. (Whenever the Rockford has it, the Tiramisu is great! The problem is, it’s not always available. It’s worth calling ahead and having them reserve a slice if they have it that night.) – Anna Meadows
  16. RALEIGH, 8: Cafe Georgio, Six Forks Rd., Raleigh 27613. (This place is known for being pricy but exceptionally good. Too bad they failed in the Tiramisu area. the serving size is a 1/4-inch-thick slice, about the size of half a slice of bread. They charge $5. If it wasn’t for that problem, it would be a 10.) — “Samantha”
  17. SALISBURY, 10: Sweet Meadow Cafe, West Innes St., Salisbury 28147. (The Tiramisu at this cafe has a thin chocolate crust and instead of the traditional dusting of cocoa, it is topped with a dollop of real whipped cream adorned with a chocolate-covered coffee bean.) –Ronnie Wilson
  18. SWANSBORO, 9: White Oak River Bistro, 204 Corbett Ave., Hwy 24. (Just lovely-wonderful texture with a perfect, subtle blend of flavors. Add to that a view of the sun setting into the marshy waters of the North Carolina sound, and you may be as close to perfection as you’re likely to ever be. I’ve reserved the 10 in the optimistic belief that the best is not behind me.) – Shelley Booe

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