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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across New York  from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

NEW YORK CITY has its own review page

  1. AMHERST, 8: Olive Garden, Maple Road, Amherst 14228. (The restaurant chain has many locations, but this is the only location where I have tried this dessert.) –LuaAnn Swain
  2. BINGHAMTON, 9: The Lost Dog Cafe, Water St., Binghamton 13901. (Incredibly delicious, you can’t pass it up.) — A. Strahm
  3. BROCKPORT, 4: Tres Grazzie, Main St., Brockport 14420. (After the wonderful dinner, I was expecting more. This extraordinary dessert was much too dry to be tasteful. Overall, a relatively poor Tiramisu experience.) — Stephanie
  4. BUFFALO, 9: Just Pasta, 307 Bryant, Buffalo 14222. (Layers of soaked genoise and mascarpone with chocolate. I prefer the sponge cake torte version to any ladyfinger version I’ve ever had. This is definitely a must-eat for anyone in the Buffalo area. The dessert goes quick.) — Jody Warner
  5. CHEEKTOWAGA, 10: Kahunaville, Galleria Dr., Cheektowaga 14225. (Excellent Tiramisu, probably the best I have ever had. A must try, made with berries.) — Timothy Boldt
  6. CITY ISLAND, 10: Cafe Rio. (It was so good. Well-complemented with a cappuccino.) — Rolando Cintron
  7. GARDEN CITY, 10: California Pizza Kitchen. (CPK’s Tiramisu is by far the best that I’ve tasted especially coming from a chain restaurant. I’ve tried it at private restaurants and dessert establishments and they just can’t compare. I have to believe it’s the rum. All the others I have tried are somewhat dry. CPK’s is moist and tasteful. I can’t get enough of it. The only reason I go to CPK is for the Tiramisu, their food isn’t all that great.) – Jojo
  8. HENRIETTA, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 760 Jefferson Rd., Henrietta 14467. (It brought tears to my eyes. Would recommend anyone to try it.) — “Kristin Hurley”
  9. HOLBROOK, 8: Mamma Lombardi, 400 Furrows Rd., Holbrook 11741. (While visiting my beau’s family on Long Island, we had a superb meal at Mamma Lombardi’s, a renowned Italian restaurant. Perfect pasta aside, it was the Tiramisu that left us all slightly dizzy from flavor highs. It had a light yet several-layered taste, and was a large portion, one more than adequate for sharing with your special someone. We’ve tried other Tiramisu since, but Mamma’s is still our model.) — “Angela Horne”
  10. ITHACA, 10: Joe’s, 620 W. Buffalo St., Ithaca 14850. (The absolute best in the world!) — Kara Beatty
  11. ITHACA, 10: Moosewood. (I have never tasted anything like it before. I will never ever forget that wonderful taste. Perfect. Will someday revisit Ithaca just for that wonderful taste.) — Urmi Ashar
  12. MT. SINAI, 10: Amici’s, Route 347. (This is the best I’ve ever had on land..) – Jean Campbell
  13. NEW WINDSOR, 8: Cosimo, Union Ave., New Windsor 12553. (Cosimo’s is the best Italian Restaurant in the Mid-Hudson Valley area of New York [my opinion]. They have an excellent Tiramisu that’s tough to pass up. The portion is generous enough and is always very fresh and light-tasting for two to share, if you only want to taste.) — Peter La Barbera
  14. NEWBURGH, 8: Cena 2000, River Road, Newburgh 12550. (The Newburgh Waterfront has opened some new restaurants, and by far, Cena 2000 has the best Tiramisu known to man! It is made with the sponge cake instead of the ladyfingers and however they made it, it was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted! And a great portion too! I would LOVE this recipe! Someone wrote about Cosimo’s restaurant in New Windsor. I’m sure Cena beats it! Also, Diana’s Restaurant is great for Italian food, but the desserts do not compare to Cena.) –Mili P.
  15. NORWICH, 9: Howard Johnson. (We ordered Tiramisu for after dinner, but took it along to visit my sister-in-law in Utica, where we put it in the freezer. Even after freezing and thawing, the Tiramisu was delicious! Incidentally, the service and food at the restaurant was excellent.) — Sarah Lipsie
  16. PORT JERVIS, 9: Flo-Jean, 2 Pike St., along the Delaware River, phone (914) 856-6600. (The Tiramisu at the Flo-Jean Restaurant is excellent. Done in the traditional loaf pan style, it is a little square of absolute heaven. The ladyfingers are soaked with the perfect amount of espresso, yet are firm enough to hold all the creamy brandy and rum-flavored mascarpone together quite nicely. There is plenty of cocoa layered between all that dreamy cheese, and the tastes blend together deliciously. They serve a generous portion and I was quite delighted to find such a high-caliber desert in a quiet New York town. It’s a “must try”!!) — Tamara Eshleman
  17. ROCHESTER, 10: Bazil, 749 E. Henrietta Rd., Rochester, NY 14621. (Our main course at Bazil’s was ok. But the Tiramisu was so light and fluffy and sooo heavenly. I took my time eating.) – Cindy Stone
  18. ROCKVILLE CENTRE, 9: Blue Moon, 26 N. Park Ave. – Christopher Mastelli
  19. SUFFERN, 10: Caffe Dolce’, Lafayette Ave. (A quaint little cappuccino, wine and dessert caffe that also serves light lunches and dinners. Their Tiramisu is very light and very fluffy, and leaves you wanting more. Delicious!) — Karleen Babyak
  20. SYRACUSE, 10: Casa d’Caponni, Burnett Ave. (The most wonderful thing I have ever had! I will order it as a main course next time, so I am not too full to eat it all!) — Lori
  21. TUCKAHOE, 10: Angellina’s Restaurant, Lake Avenue, Tuckahoe 10707. (They served an Amaretto Tiramisu that was out of this world!) — Lopergolo
  22. WARWICK, 8: Chateau Hathorn, Burnett Ave. (I am getting married at this restaurant next August and asked the chef to make me a Tiramisu wedding cake. They said that it wasn’t possible, but I printed out the wedding cake found in the photo album of this site. Their version was quite different than any other Tiramisu I’d ever tasted. Instead of cream on top, it was flat and smothered with dark cocoa powder. I prefer cream but it wasn’t bad. I like the coffee flavor and find chocolate too rich, although I like rich coffee flavors. Anyway they will retry the Tiramisu with my suggestion and hopefully all will work out. FYI, a beautiful place, great food, and everybone else loved the Tiramisu and would give it a 10.) — Kristin
  23. WATERTOWN, 9: Renaissance, Black City Rd. — James & Christine Dickson
  24. WESTBURY, 6: California Pizza Kitchen, 1256 Old Country Rd. (I’ve eaten at CPK recently [summer 2002]. CPK’s Tiramisu is good, even very good, but it’s NOT Tiramisu. It tastes more like grain pie. It was very weak on the coffee and chocolate flavor, for one thing. And I don’t think the cheese was mascarpone either. Also, the food’s not bad. About average for a Friendly’s-type restaurant.) –Christopher Mastelli

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