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New York City Tiramisu Reviews

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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants in New York from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. 10: Bocca, 135 W. 50th St., New York 10020 (That was the greatest dessert I ever had. Could someone please email me with the recipe. Thank you.) — Marlyn Kisten,
  2. 10: Cafe Ferrara, 190 Grand St., New York 10013. (The Tiramisu of Ferrara made me love Tiramisu! Before I had eaten their Tiramisu, I did not like Tiramisu at all. But it was just like magic! It was a little bit “over” moist, but the amount of “sweetness” and “cheese-smell” was perfect.) — Ji-hye Chang.
  3. 10: Caffe Pertutti, Broadway, near 114th St. (The best one that I’ve ever eaten.) — Shira Ledda
  4. 10: Caffe Roma, 385 Broome St., New York 10013. (A rum-soaked wonder, from a truly authentic Little Italy cafe, this is an excellent weekend-brunch or after-dinner treat.) — Jason Gardner
  5. 10: Dixie Rose, at the edge of Little Italy. (I walked all over Little italy with my best friend Stace while visiting her at school, and I was on a quest for the perfect Tiramisu. I inquired at several restaurants in Little Italy, and was told to go to “Dixie Rose.” I’m from Virginia. I was skeptical. It sounded about as unauthentic as you could get. But it was the lightest, perfectly and delicately just-barely-there sweetness, with the espresso just permeating the outer layer of the ladyfinger. Sooooo very good.) — Evelyn Trester
  6. 10: Frutti De-Mare, 84 E. 4th St. at 2nd Ave., New York 10009. (It is absolutely the best in NYC! It doesn’t matter how full I am, I cannot put my spoon down until I finish this unbelievable Tiramisu that you can get in this wonderful East Village restaurant.) — Banu Angelillo
  7. 10: Gennaro, 655 Amsterdam Ave. (92nd & 93rd), New York 10025. (Best in the city!) — Anonymous
  8. 10: Il Tinello, 16 West 56th St. (After having tasted Tiramisu at other restaurants my fiancé and I were quite adamant about it but we gave it another shot and OH MY GOODNESS it is the best tasting, mouthwatering Tiramisu we have ever eaten. We can’t wait to go back!) — Julia Del Valle
  9. 10: La Madre, 18th St. & 6th Ave., New York 10011. — Elissa Groh
  10. 10: Loui-Loui, 75th St. & 3rd Ave. — Christian Aronsen
  11. 10:Oak Room, at the Plaza Hotel, 5th Ave., at 59th St. (This is the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had plenty. Can anyone get their hands on this must-have recipe?) — Lucy
  12. 10: Palm Two, 840 Second Ave., between 44th and 45th St., NY 10017, phone (212) 697-5198. (Do not confuse Palm Too with Palm. Palm doesn’t have Tiramisu.) — Ruth Hsu
  13. 10: Paper Moon, midtown Manhattan East Side. (This is the one that I compare all others to, and there has NEVER been any comparison!!) — ot14, 1/97.
  14. 10: Puttanesca, 56th St. & 9th Ave. (This Tiramisu was the best I have tasted so far. Very light with a hint of strawberry. All desserts at Puttanesca’s are homemade. Absolutely delectable.) — Ernie
  15. 10: Veniero Pasticceria, 342 E. 11th St., between 1st and 2nd Ave. (Veniero’s is a 100+ year old bakery that also has patron seating. You can buy the Tiramisu by the slice or take the whole cake home. It’s the first place I had Tiramisu so I use it as my basis for comparison.) — Marcia Mau
  16. 10: Veniero Pasticceria. (This is not a full-service restaurant, but a bakery with an attached cafe. They have latte, espresso, cappucino and the best canos, pastries, biscotti in NYC. Their Tiramisu is light, fluffy. The ladyfingers they use are delicately flavorful and not too squishy. The fillings are creamy, without being cloying. I stop there whenever I go to NYC. Even though I live 135 mies from there, I bring back cookies, canos and biscotti.) — S. Leong
  17. 9: Angel’s, 1135 First Ave., between 62nd and 63rd Sts., NY 10016. (Tiramisu is a house speciality here. Wonderful and rich and great with any pasta dish. Come hungry ’cause they serve huge portions!) — Stacey DeWyke
  18. 9: Cafe Raffaella, 7th Ave. at 11th St.. (This place has some of the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had [and I’ve had a lot!] It’s creamy, sweet and just plain delicious.) — Drew
  19. 9: Cecil’s Restaurant, The Tudor Hotel, in Midtown Manhattan, on East 42nd street, near the United Nations. (Very, very good. It was made pie-style, with lady fingers serving as the “crust” on the bottom and around the sides.) — Miyamoto
  20. 9: Cola’s, 8th Ave., between 17 & 16th Sts., in Chelsea, NY 10011. (A great end to a cheap, but never disappointing, meal.) — Gloria Chamizer
  21. 9: San Domenico, 240 Central Park S., New York 10019, phone (212) 265-5959. (“Chef Lulu” signed the Tiramisu Guestbook and called the site “weak,” adding that San Domenico’s Tiramisu would be a treat to the tastebuds. So I went anonymously, as I always do, and I tried their dessert. My report: The Tiramisu was very good. I would rate it an 8.5, but because I don’t give half-points, I’ve upgraded it to a 9. Would I recommend it? Of course I would. But I’m sorry, Chef Lulu, it did not bring tears to my eyes, and thus does not join Carlucci’s in Chicago or Scoma’s in San Francisco as the only restaurant Tiramisu to earn my 10 rating.) — Miyamoto
  22. 9: Mezzaluna, Upper East Side Manhattan. (This was the first time I had tasted Tiramisu. It was at Mezzaluna on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. it was pure joy and I have compared every Tiramisu to it since.) — Ziad Al-Duaij
  23. 9: Carmine, Broadway & 92nd St., 10025. — “Ezra”
  24. 8: Cafe Mona Lisa, 282 Bleeker St., New York 10014. (Tiramisu is served in a cup, like an ice cream sundae. Very bizarre until I took a spoonful and it melted me inside-out. My boyfriend is jealous of Tiramisu; that’s all I’ve gotta say.) — Ji-Young Um
  25. 8: Fiorello’s, 1900 Broadway, New York 10023, directly across from Lincoln Center. (A well-above average and light version, yet generous in mascarpone, dusted with chocolate and leaving a lingering memory for a couple of hours after digesting it. Though a bit pricey, the portions were quite large. If you fear for your veins clogging, splitting one portion for two people is quite adequate.) — Peter La Barbera
  26. 8: Mezzordiono. — “Allink”
  27. 6: Cucina de Pesce, 87 E 4th St. (Astor Place), New York 10003. (Wonderful tasting, but only two dry ladyfingers and not enough espresso-liquor flavor … enjoyable for those who like custard-Mascarpone cheese.) – Jared VanAlstyne,
  28. 7: Piccolo Dolcetto, Midtown New York, East 44th St., near 2nd Ave. (A disappointment. The restaurant was recommended by the Tudor Hotel concierge, and except for the Tiramisu, the dinner was marvelous. The lady fingers were toasted, and the dessert was served a goblet. Consequently, I ran out of the good stuff halfway through, leaving only dry, toasted lady fingers. It was good up to that point.) — Miyamoto
  29. 5: Bella Napoli, 150 W. 49th St., NY 10019. (Very yummy pizza, but I have to say I was very disappointed with the dessert. This Tiramisu was more like a cake and was very dry to say the least.) — Stacey DeWyke
  30. 5: Sophia’s, upper East Side. — Barbara Gilbert
  31. 1: Smiler’s, various locations throughout the city. (Very bad. Sorry, but I didn’t want a second bite. Neither did the people with me who sampled my piece.) – Miyamoto


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