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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across New Jersey from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BAYONNE, 10: Cafe Bello, 1044 Ave. C, Bayonne 07002. — ECOGAL13
  2. BLOOMFIELD, 10: Tartuffo, 1049 Broad St., Bloomfield 07003. (The Tiramisu at this place is phenomenal! I can’t even put it into words; you just have to go in and try it for yourself. Definitely the best Tiramisu that I have ever had! It just melts in your mouth.) — Amy H.
  3. BORDENTOWN, 10: Farnsworth House, 135 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown 08505. (Far surpasses a rating of 10 in all areas! Fabulous ambience, food, service and the absolute BEST Tiramisu I’ve had the pleasure of eating.) — Linda Minker
  4. BRADLEY BEACH, 10: Piancones. (This was my first taste of Tiramisu, and I have’t been the same since. Living in a financially depressed area without a decent restaurant, I only get Tiramisu when I leave the area. The lack of availability probably heightens the pleasure I receive. Since this first tiramisu, I have tasted it maybe 10 times, but it has never equalled that first time. Don’t get me wrong, it was still “Food of the Gods”!) — Jessica Schally
  5. DEL HAVEN, 10: Rose of Pasta Bella, Bay Shore Boulevard, Cape May County, Del Haven 08251, phone (609) 889-4559. (We’ve used Rose’s Tiramisu for several dinner parties. The guests rave!) “ Bill McArthur
  6. EAST BRUNSWICK, 9: Olive Garden, Route 18. — CM1143
  7. LINDEN, 5: Enzo’s, Stiles St., Linden 07036. (Good, not great. May have previously been frozen, that’s what the first bite reminded me of, what a boxed/frozen Tiramisu might taste like) — Karleen Babyak
  8. NEW BRUNSWICK, 10: Tumulty’s Pub, 361 George St. (This was a delectable variety of Tiramisu. As the name would indicate, it was an Irish pub. Their homemade creation included Bailey’s Irish Cream — the actual cream. It was not overpowering, but balanced perfectly with the espresso and delicate creme layers. I highly recommend this classy yet casual eatery.) – CK
  9. NEW BRUNSWICK, 9: Antonia’s, Livingston Ave. (Antonias is an incredible eating experience, albiet somewhat hidden from view. Nestled inside a local Elk’s Lodge is some of the finest Italian cooking around. Nick the owner (not me, but the name is cool) surprised me one day with a delicious variation on this wonderful creation we call Tiramisu. I am used to the “pie” version and have delighted in this kind for a while now. One day, after a fine lunch, I was treated to a snifter full of Tiramisu. I flinched at first,, but was delightfully surprised at this wonderful dessert. Try Antonia’s for the best food, fullest plate for your dollar, and definitely the Tiramisu!) — Nicholas Vignapiano
  10. NEW BRUNSWICK, 8: Stuff Yer Face, 49 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, 08901. (I’m absolutely in love with Tiramisu, and being a poor college student, I rarely have the means to go out some place nice to get the quality stuff. Stuff Yer Face is a great little place to get food for not a lot, and the Tiramisu is excellent. It’s my favorite place to call in and take out dessert!! it’s a little heavier and thicker than other Tiramisu but the flavor is amazing. Love it!) “ Melinda
  11. NEWARK, 5: Casa Vasca, Elm St. (Good, but very cakey. A different taste from the Tiramisu at my favorite Italian place, but ok for a quick fix.) — Karleen McKelvey
  12. PARK RIDGE, 9: Esty Street Restaurant, 86 Spring Valley Rd. (This was a chocolate Tiramisu, very different, but definitely heavenly!) — Melanie Ayers
  13. PISCATAWAY, 8: Pizza & Pasta, William St. — Karleen Babyak
  14. PRINCETON, 4: The Macaroni Grill, 95 South. (It just doesn’t taste like Tiramisu. Totally off.) — Rosemary LiCastri
  15. RARITAN, 10: Espo’s, Second St. (I’d give it an 11 if I could. This was the first place that I tried it, and no matter when I go I order it and compare. Nothing has compared to theirs. Their Tiramisu gives my body a tingly feeling from the first bite through the last. It is, in essence, “better than sex on a bad day, and sometimes on a good day!”) — Karleen Babyak
  16. RED BANK, 10: Chiafullo’s, 15 N. Bridge Ave., Red Bank 07732. (I work at Chiafullo’s. Every day, iI get a chance to eate Tiramisu and can’t get enough. Some say I’m actually addicted to it. I have dreams of Tiramisu sometimes. The Tiramisu we serve is ordered from a company called “Bindi” in Italy. It’s the same Tiramisu that you describe. Absolutely perfect in every way!) — Michael Lopez
  17. RED BANK, 10: Sal’s Tavern. (The ultimate Tiramisu. Homemade by one of Sal’s waitresses. Plan on eating one piece there and getting one to go. I live in Georgia and actually go into withdrawal if I don’t have my “Sal’s Tiramisu fix” every couple months. Sal’s Tiramisu and a pitcher of sangria is the best late-night snack.) — Mary Dale
  18. RIDGEWOOD, 5: Trattoria Fratelli, 119 E. Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood 07450. (Usually a good restaurant experience, but the dessert left much to be desired.) — Christina
  19. SOMERVILLE, 9: Ciao Bello, Gaston Ave. & Rte.28, Somerville 08876. (I had never had Tiramisu before. It wsa the best experience I have ever had. It is the best dessert in the whole world!) — Joni

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