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  1. DERRY, 10: The Green Forest Inn, 13 Manchester Rd., Derry 03038, phone (603) 434-8600. (The Tiramisu here, a very generous serving, is so light it seems to evaporate in your mouth. It’s as close to heavenly as you can possibly imagine. We had our wedding [small!] and reception here, and this is what we ordered in place of the wedding cake for our guests. Overall, the food is excellent, served in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Had occasion over the Christmas Holidays [Dec 2000] to visit the Green Forest Inn again with friends. Hadn’t been there in a few years, and decided to try the tiramisu again. Still a very generous serving, and even better than we found it back in ’96 and ’97. It’s still as close to heavenly as you can imagine – our friends thought so as well!) — John Williamson
  2. DOVER, 8>: Blue Latitudes, 100 Main St., Dover 03820. (Probably the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had. Maybe a little too filling if I had to find a fault, but really just beyond fantastic overall.) – Eric
  3. LEBANON, 10: Sweet Tomatoes. (I thought I’d had the best until I tasted this. It was perfection itself. They served it in a pie wedge form, which was different.) — Gretchen Swanz
  4. MANCHESTER, 10: Richard’s Bistro. (Not only is the serving of Tiramisu enormous [a big plus], it is absolutely mouthwatering. I highly recommend it.) — LDP
  5. SALEM, 8: Colosseum Restaurant , Breckenridge Plaza, Rte 28, North Broadway, Salem 03079. (Arnie’s Tiramisu is to die for.) – Michael Rosa


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