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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Nevada from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. LAKE TAHOE, 3: Club Cappuccino, coffee stand in the lobby of Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Hotel & Casino, at state-line on the Nevada side of the California-Nevada border, phone (775) 588-6611. (Real “cake-y,” bland taste, very little mascarpone, heavy like thick icing rather than light like it should be. Took two bites – well, I did have to confirm its “lousiness” – and threw it away.) – Miyamoto
  2. The City of LAS VEGAS Now Has Its Own Page
  3. LAUGHLIN, 9, D’Angelo’s, River Palms Casino, 2700 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin 89-29. (Liberal portion of mascarpone, very light, creamy texture. Could only be improved by a heavier hand with the liquor.) — Susan Aiton
  4. LAUGHLIN, 3: Pasta Cuchina, 2700 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin 89029. (The little restaurant is nice, but one step above “family style.” The Tiramisu reminded me of Pepperidge Farm, (four bux!) Or “Granny Gumps” white cake with a hint of fluff. Mostly cake, no tangy Kahlua bite, not what I call Tiramisu at all. Go to Olive Garden. I have to say that the raspberry sauce was great, however. I hate to give a bad review, but I can’t lie. Maybe if one had never had REAL Tiramisu, they would think it was great. Harrahs has an 8 dollar Tiramisu (in Laughlin as well) but I haven’t been there, yet. Oooh ! Eight dollar Tiramisu.) – Peggy Rhymer
  5. RENO, 10, Luciano’s, 719 S. Virginia, Reno 89503. (Absolutely delizioso.) — Sergio Giusti
  6. RENO, 10: Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery, 124 Wonder St., Reno 89502. (It was sooo light and airy with just the right touch of white chocolate flavor. Beautiful presentation – totally unexpected at a brewery.) – Helen Keefe
  7. RENO, 9, Johnny’s Little Italy, 4th St. (The lightest, most-heavenly Tiramisu ever. Perfect blend of flavors. I have compared all others to this one, and so far haven’t found one that measures up) — Lynnett Amen
  8. RENO, 9: La Strada, inside the El Dorado Casino, 4th & Virginia. (I’ve eaten Tiramisu several times at La Strada, with two different chefs. One version was a 10, the other was a 9. Perfect blending of flavors, VERY light, full of exquisite, yet somehow elusive, flavor — I want more! This is a most impressive restaurant! Try other than spaghetti/lasagna. Take a chance on something you aren’t familiar with — you won’t be disappointed! Service is superb, as well — very elegant, yet has the feel of an Italian kitchen. Plan on a $100 bill & enjoy!) – Sue Hanson

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