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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Missouri from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. CHESTERFIELD, 10: Pizzeria Uno. (I had my first Tiramisu very recently. This was my first taste of Tiramisu and the first time is always heavenly. that’s what keeps us coming back for more!) — Nannette Serra
  2. CHESTERFIELD, 9: Candicci’s, Olive Road, Chesterfield 63017. (The tiramisu was the best I’ve had thus far. The consistency was great and it was much better than the one I had at the Macaroni Grill. The food at Candicci’s is excellent too.) — J.A. Rogers
  3. CHESTERFIELD, 9: Macaroni Grill. (For a “franchise” type restaurant, Macaroni Grill seves a “molto delizioso” Tiramisu. I was quite surprised, deliciously so. The restaurant fare is also quite good and the atmosphere very Italian. I shared my Tiramisu with a friend and both of us were transported to “heavenly places” as we grudgingly counted calories. But everyone should at least try Tiramisu once [and then of course, they’ll be hooked].) — Cathy Dykstra
  4. CLAYTON, 10: Remy’s 222 S. Bemiston, Clayton 63105. (Heavenly, with a light dusting of crushed pistachio nuts. The best!.) — Jennifer Blome
  5. COLUMBIA, 9: Trattoria Strada Nove. (This was my first encounter with this wonderful dessert. I knew immediately I had found a dessert I’ll be ordering again and again. It was truly “un momento d’amore.” I have since tried the dessert again at the Trattoria and it’s not as heavenly as it was 3 years ago. I hope the chefs are not trifling with the original because we may have to start calling it an English Trifle” again. By the way, the food is wonderful and a true treat — especially if it’s topped with a Tiramisu.) — Cathy Dykstra
  6. INDEPENDENCE, 3: Zios, 3901 Bolger, Independence 64055. (Zios was noisy and the waiter was downright silly. He called women “guys” and carried on like a clown. I ordered Mexican pizza, which should have had refreied beans. Nary a bean there. My friend ordered something that should have had sprouts. No sprouts. When we wanted to order dessert, we were handed a child’s toy to look into and “try” to pick out something from fuzzy pictures. Our first and last trip to Zios.) — H. White
  7. KANSAS CITY, 10: Garrozzo, Howard St. — Sfresta
  8. KANSAS CITY, 7: Buca di Beppo, Country Club Plaza, 310 W. 47th St., Kansas City 64112, phone (816) 931-6548. (Be careful with this one. “One” serving actually feeds 4-5 people (Buca di Beppo serves family style). Overall, OK. Has a pretty good “kick” to it – has more coffee liqueur than I like. Probably would rather walk across the street and order the Tiramisu from Cheesecake Factory.) – Arthur
  9. KANSAS CITY, 6: Bravo!, Zona Rosa, 8640 N. Dixson Ave., Kansas City 64153. (It’s OK and didn’t taste terrible, but somewhat disappointing considering this is an Italian restaurant. Kind of bland. Village Square in Leavenworth, KS has better Tiramisu.) – Arthur
  10. SPRINGFIELD, 8: Zios Italian Kitchen (chain), South National at James River Freeway, Springfield 65802. (Zios’ version is actually a cheesecake variety. This is my first taste ever of Tiramisu, but it was wonderful. They serve it with a raspberry puree. Mmmmmm. Zios is a chain owned by Mazzios Pizza parent company, headquartered in Tulsa, OK. Their regular food is great too, and reasonable.) –TipperDon
  11. ST. LOUIS, 9: Giovanni’s, on “The Hill.” (A wonderful close to a great Italian dinner. The waiter was a gem. He remembered 7 different diners’ orders, including revisions and special requests. He unhesitatingly recommended the Tiramisu, and rightly so. It was simply marvelous.) — Miyamoto
  12. ST. LOUIS, 9: Olive Garden, South Lindberg, St. Louis 63123. (Theirs seemed to be the best I’ve tasted thus far! Now, need the right recipe to make it at home!) — Shelly Cody
  13. ST. LOUIS, 8: Ted Drewes, Chippewa St., St. Louis 64114. (Total mutation of Tiramisu. It is spelled “TerraMizzou” (taken from the University of Missouri). It is a concrete – very thick and rich ice cream. It has chocolate and pistachios. I know it is far off the beaten path from a Tiramisu but you can’t beat the taste. It is an institution in St. Louis.) — David Purcell
  14. ST. LOUIS, 4: Lombardo’s Trattoria, Drury Inn Union Station. (Such a disappointment, as the restaurant is rated very highly by the Zagat Survey. A couple of people ordered the Tiramisu with me and awaited my judgement. Alas, I had to disappoint them. It was served in a wine goblet, but that’s where the fantasy ended.) — Miyamoto
  15. SPRINGFIELD, 10: J Parrino’s , 1550-L E. Battlefield, Springfield 65804. (It truly is as it is called – “Heaven in your mouth”! I am of 1/2 Italian descent and this is the first time I ever had this [and it won’t be the last!]) – Kristine Lange
  16. SPRINGFIELD, 9: Tom Arthur’s Deli, Chesterfield Village on Kansas Expressway, Springfield 65804. (This is the place in town to get Tiramisu. My husband cries when they run out! We always eat a slice there, and get a slice to go.) — Fawn Houck
  17. SPRINGFIELD, 6: Teatro, Chesterfield Village, Springfield 65807. (There was absolutely nothin gwrong with my Tiramisu experience. It was just … disappointing. And sort of bland. I wouldn’t get it again unless someone bought it for me.) — Kelly Johnson

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