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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Minnesota from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BLOOMINGTON, 10: California Cafe, Mall of America, 3rd level of South Ave., phone (612) 854-2233. (California Cafe has the best Tiramisu that I have ever had. They use Bailey’s Irish Cream in their recipe and it turns out wonderful! The piece they serve is about 6″ by 6″, so be well-prepared! I would love to get the recipe if anyone has it.) — Amy Armstrong
  2. BLOOMINGTON, 8: California Cafe, Mall of America, 3rd level of South Ave., phone (612) 854-2233. (When I first tried California Cafe’s Tiramisu in 1995, it was easily a 9, and at that point, the best I have ever tasted. I was recently back there in December 1998, and found it to be a little lacking. A little too much cream, and a little too much Bailey’s taste … the balance was just a little off. To their credit, however, I met with the pastry chef who was new and very interested in how I found her recipt. She was doing quite a bit of experimenting and commented that she agreed with several of the observations I made. I give them HIGH marks for potential.) — Jason
  3. BLOOMINGTON, 9: Tucchi Benucchi’s, Mall of America. (What a wonderful experience! Hate to admit it, but I enjoyed it twice in one day while on a shopping trip. All I can do is close my eyes while I enjoy each bite. I can’t even visit with my tablemates as I can only concentrate on the ritual of eating Tiramisu!.) — Bernice Danson
  4. BURNSVILLE, 7: Macaroni Grill. (The dessert was excellent, but as a little on the warm side.) — Gary Eneberg
  5. DULUTH, 10: Grandma’s Sports Garden Bar & Grill , 425 Lake Ave. South, Duluth 55802. (We have traveled to Duluth, MN on many occasions but never had dined at Grandma’s. After a wonderful late lunch early dinner, we opted for dessert which definitely in my opinion was not a mistake. My sister-in-law and I ordered and split a piece of Tiramisu and only wished I had ordered my own piece. Having never had Tiramisu before and not having anything to compare it to I didn’t know if I could realistically give it a 10. But it indeed was or had to be the next best thing to heaven. Was the best dessert I have ever had. Would highly recommend the Tiramisu at Grandma’s in Duluth..) – Roxann Slimmer
  6. DULUTH, 9: Pizza Luce’s, 11 E. Superior St., Duluth 55802 (First time I’ve tried it – and here I am – trying to find out how to make it. Absolutely heavenly!) – Shawn N.
  7. DULUTH, 8: Lake Avenue Cafe, DeWitt Seitz, Canal Park, Duluth 55084. (Wow, it was really good. I mean, not as good as the stuff you’ll find in the Twin Cities, but definitely the best in the area. A little heavy on the liquor, but still really terrific!) — Rachel George
  8. EDINA, 9: Two Guys From Italy, France Ave. near 494. (Unlike any other Tiramisu I’ve had, but that doesn’t mean it’s not extraordinary! Quality seems to vary somewhat from night to night, but at its best, this large serving will curl your toes and send your heart a-flutter. I love bringing friends to this restaurant just to see their faces when they bite into this marvel. If anyone can figure out how they get that texture, please let me know!) — Karen Butak
  9. EDINA, 3: Romano’s Macaroni Grill. (What happened? They used to have one of the best ‘misu’s! They just changed from a bowl of ‘misu to a more traditional square. It has the perfect texture, perfect size, but what IS that artificial flavor? I think they used fake liqueur, or something. Bring back the old recipe or fix this one!) – Bryan
  10. HASTINGS, 9: Mississippi Belle, 101 E. 2nd St., Hastings 55033. (So good I ordered a second piece to take home for the next night.) – Rus
  11. HASTINGS, 8: Mississippi Belle, Second Street, Hastings 55033. (My initial experience of Tiramisu – but memorable and what I base my comparisons on.) – Bernie
  12. HASTINGS, 5: Trattoria da Vinci, Vermillion Street, Hastings 55033. (Everything was good except the ladyfingers on the bottom were soggy – watery. Sorry.) – Bernie
  13. MINNEAPOLIS, 10: Buca, Hennepin and 12th St., Minneapolis 55402. (Buca, a wonderful Italian restaurant in downtown Minneapolis with locations in st. Paul and Eden Prairie, MN, has the most fantastic Tiramisu I have ever had. First of all, the serving is large, so you can share with friends. Next, it’s extremely creamy with a hint of liquor with every biteful. It must be experienced!) — slgrahek
  14. MINNEAPOLIS, 8: Buca, Minneapolis 55402. (Their ‘misu is served in a big bowl with spoons for all. Very tasty!) — Sufkaaron
  15. MINNEAPOLIS, 10: Bucca, Minneapolis 55408. (Light and fluffy, and out of this world!) — Frank Syse
  16. MINNEAPOLIS, 10: Gustino, 30 S. 7th St. — Chris Olson
  17. MINNEAPOLIS, 10: Italiani’s, also in Plymouth. (This is the best Tiramisu I have EVER tasted! Definitely a 10! I just want the recipe so bad! Yum, yum!) — Allison
  18. MINNEAPOLIS, 10: Palomino — John Blu
  19. (Not Rated): Palomino. (I’m sorry all, but this VERY GOOD dessert is NOT Tiramisu!) — Abe
  20. 9: Palomino, Hennipen Avenue. — Swanner
  21. 9: Palomino, (The best in the Twin Cities, a wonderful authentic restaurant with the dessert to curl your toes!) — Chris Olson
  22. 8: Palomino. (This is one of my favorite desserts in the cities, but it’s not “real” Tiramisu. Chocolate cake layers instead of ladyfingers, still it’s too wonderful.) – Bryan
  23. MINNEAPOLIS, 10: Zaelo, 341 Nicollet Mall. (To die for. I have never had Tiramisu so good, other than Italy itself. Super and worth the trip! Guaranteed!.) — Ellie
  24. MINNEAPOLIS, 9: Minneapolis Cafe. (What a wonderful restaurant and what a surprise their Tiramisu was. They serve the traditional square of ‘misu. The ladyfingers are in the middle of two thick layers of “filling.” It’s heavy yet creamy. You can taste all the flavors much more so than others. The plate was decorated with a coffee/choc/creamy sauce and a few coffee beans. We think it’s our new Minneapolis favorite.) – Bryan
  25. MINNEAPOLIS, 9: Tucchi Benucchi’s, Mall of America. (I’m usually so full from eating their wonderful food that I don’t have room, even for Tiramisu.) — Laura Hiebert
  26. MINNEAPOLIS, 8: Broder’s Southside Pasta Bar, 5000 Penn Ave. (Besides being an excellent bar with a warm, friendly ambiance and magnificent entrees, it has exquisite Tiramisu. It is made in a round pie formation, with the entire edge of standing ladyfingers. Instead of a square piece, you receive a pie shape. I highly recommend this.) — ErinKay
  27. MINNEAPOLIS, 8: Figlio’s, 3001 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis 55408. (I was amazed not to see this Tiramisu llisted on the Minnesota review. It is worth a try at the very least, and slides down quite nice at its best.) — Jessica Callery
  28. MINNEAPOLIS, 6: Olive Garden. (While this version is good, it is reminiscent of a midwestern wedding shower dessert. My guess is that either real espresso is not used or no liqueur was used.) –Thomas Rolfer
  29. MINNEAPOLIS, 3: Guthrie Theater, 725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis 55447. (Too much whipped cream, no taste of coffee or liquor, “hot fudge” drizzled over top. “Ladyfingers,” if that is what they were, were flattened. Proprietor, Misalliance, was great!) — Jane
  30. ROCHESTER, 9: Victoria’s, 21 Second St. SW, Rochester 55902. (This version is served in a wine goblet and is topped off with a whole Italian cookie [biscotti], which is placed in the dessert as an edible stirring stick. All the other expected Tiramisu greatness is included in the goblet. I don’t remember much about my dinner, but I’ll never forget the dessert. After this experience, I quickly discovered that Rochester, MN has 3 main attractions – The Mayo Clinic, IBM, and Tiramisu at Victoria’s.) – Curt Mallasee
  31. ST. LOUIS PARK, 8: Olive Garden. (I really hate to admit it, but this is one of my favorites. I love their light, fluffy version of ‘misu. I also like the flavor with enough coffee and liqueur. If only they served a larger portion.) – Bryan, 11/00.
  32. ST. LOUIS PARK, 7: Santorini. (Their Tiramisu is served in a bowl. It’s very heavy, almost like straight cream cheese. Some love this, I prefer the light fluffy ‘misu.) – Bryan
  33. ST. PAUL, 8: Buca, 2728 Gannon Rd. (I have Tiramisu at only a few places in the Twin Cities, but I really enjoy it most at this place…plus the rest of the menu has great food also.) — Jackie Hoff

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