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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Michigan from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ANN ARBOR, 10: Olive Garden, 445 Eisenhower Parkway. (The Olive Garden has the best Tiramisu that I have ever had. I tried to get the waitress to get the recipe for me, but no one would tell her. If anyone out there has the Olive Garden Tiramisu recipe, please let me know.) — Nicole Gary
  2. ANN ARBOR, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 1950 State St., Ann Arbor 48108. (God has blessed the Macaroni Grill [and its patrons] in Ann Arbor, MI with a thoroughly delectable, delicious, deluscious Tiramisu. An indescribable experience with the closest description being … “an orgasm for the senses!” This is truly a dessert to share with one’s lover again and again and again! I am most pleased that the MG staff will prepare such things “to go”!) — Valerie Amo
  3. ANN ARBOR, 8: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 1950 State St., Ann Arbor 48108. (I thought Olive Gardens’ Tiramisu was great until I experienced the Tiramisu at Macaroni Grill! If anyone has their recipe, I would LOVE to have it! Thanks.) — Rita Y.
  4. ANN ARBOR, 9: La Dolce Vita, Main St., Ann Arbor 48103. — Ashley Watson
  5. GRAND RAPIDS, 8: Spageddie’s, 28th St. (The first time I had Tiramisu was at this restaurant and I loved it so much that I made it for Christmas ’96 and again for ’97. The recipe I found on the internet AOL uses both the yolks and the whites. No cooking, no whipped cream, very simple and very good. Served with a raspberry sauce, it is heavenly.) — “Ellen Ketz”
  6. HOLLAND, 10: 84 East Pasta Etc., 84 E. 8th St., Holland 49423. (My first taste of Tiramisu. Had it, began ordering at other places and found it’s just not the same. Best I have had.) – Matt Plomp
  7. LIVONIA, 9: Dennison’s, Laurel Park. (How can a chain restaurant make a dessert so divine? Light and lush and creamy and moist and wondrously flavorful. It may deserve a 10, but I’m reluctant to assign the highest rating — if I someday meet a Tiramisu that is incomparable, how could I rate it, if I’ve already given away the 10? But so far on all my tastings, I’ve never had better than Dennison’s version.) — C. Doriott
  8. LIVONIA, 9: Olive Garden, Middlebelt and I-96. (I was afraid to even send this in because I thought somebody should have already mentioned the Olive Garden already. It’s the only one I’ve had, but it was incredible. I’m actually amazed because I think they use a frozen one. [One time it was a little icy in the middle. This is the reason I gave it a 9.] If they do, it doesn’t seem to matter. It was perfect!) — Adriana
  9. NOVI, 10: Cicero’s. (Unfortunately, this restaurant is no longer in business, but one of the owners made the best Tiramisu. No other restaurant in Southeast Michigan can compare, and I have eaten it at every restaurant that it is served at.) — Nancy Hart
  10. NOVI, 10: Maisano’s. (Maisanos in Novi has the most spectacular Tiramisu I have ever tasted. They have two different recipes. One is almost a cheesecake with chocolate-covered coffee beans on top. The other is the traditional recipe, very light and fluffy. Of the two, I prefer the one that resembles cheesecake, but both are worth a trip for dinner!) — Suzanne
  11. PLYMOUTH, 7: Ernesto, Plymouth Rd. — C. Doriott
  12. ROSEVILLE, 10: Bravo Italian Restaurant, 29074 Utica at 12-Mile Rd. (My life mission statement is to experience every style of different Tiramisu available to me. This one is as round cake type, very high, about 6 inches. The outside is ringed with ladyfingers and there is a different filling (chocolate mousse, cannoli, mascarpone), I think, on the several layers. Trust me, out of 20 or so I have sampled, this is one of the two, so far, that makes me hear a choir of angels singing.) — Misu Fanatic
  13. SOUTHFIELD, 10: Ristorante di Modesta, 29410 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield 48075 — Barbara Milewski
  14. STERLING HEIGHTS, 9: Tiramisu Restaurant. — Anonymous, 4/00.
  15. WARREN, 10: Salvatore Scallopini, 12 Mile Rd., west of Dequindre, Warren 48092. (The basic recipe is very, very good. The basic difference is the drizzled sauce it is sitting in. In Chicago, Scuzzi’s had the same recipe until they changed it two years ago. Does anyone know how to make this delicious sauce?) — Robert G. Nickoloff
  16. WEST BLOOMFIELD, 9: Andiamo’s West. (This was my first taste of Tiramisu, and I am definitely hooked. It was a large piece dusted in cocoa with just the right heaviness to it. I don’t have any previous experiences to compare this to, but it can’t get much better than this!) — Donna Henderson

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