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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Mexico from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. CANCUN, 10: Moon Palace Resort. (It was the first time I ever had Tiramisu and fell in love with it. Would love to get their recipe.)
  2. GUADALAJARA, 9: Il Piacere, La Gran Plaza. (One of the best in Guadalajara.) — Enrique Ramos
  3. GUADALAJARA, 8: Italianni’s Centro Magno, Av. Vallarta at Centro Magno, 44100. (They can really make a good Tiramisu — at least better than the pastas.) — Jorge Figueroa
  4. GUADALAJARA, 7: Ma Come No, Av. de las Americas, 45110. (Great way to end a good meal.) — Enrique Ramos
  5. GUADALAJARA, 5: Mucca Carolina, Av. Terranova. (Not so good, but I’ve tasted worse. It was too dry.) — Enrique Ramos
  6. GUADALAJARA, 4: El Italiano, Av. Mexico esq Golfo de Cortes, 44100. (It really needs improvement. Too dry on the edges.) — Jorge Figueroa
  7. MEXICO CITY, 8: Rugantino, Presidente Masaryk 1, Mexico City 11550. (One of the best in town.) — Abelardo Alvavado Alcantara
  8. MEXICO CITY, 5: La Planta Baja, Bolivar esq. Fernando de Alva, Mexico City 53120. — “Signaljm”

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