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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Massachusetts from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ACTON, 8: Roche Bros. Supermarket, Acton 01720. (Oh my gosh, first of all I must say that Tiramisu is wicked awesome. My friends and I would go to Roche Bros., and even though it is a supermarket, they have some good Tiramisu. When we get home, if we make it that far, we indulge in the wonderful desert! When I get to go home for Thanksgiving, we’re planning a trip to get some good stuff! This is a shout-out to the trio of Tiramisu fans — Annie and Vicks, Summer Forrest Sky … Tiramisu rock on!) — Lisa Walfield
  2. BILLERICA, 10: Amici, 279 Boston Rd., Billerica 01862. (Superb! A pure delight to the taste buds. A real treat to the end of a perfect dining experience. Check this place out!) — Lisa Miller
  3. BOSTON, 10: Baytower Restaurant. (Absolute exquisite dessert, rich but not overpowering. In a word, fantastic!) — M. Giacobbe
  4. BOSTON, 10: Dario’s, Newbury St. (Not too heavy, so good that I wouldn’t even notice my friend sitting next to me!) — H. Chung
  5. BOSTON, 10: Mike’s Bakery. (My god! The Tiramisu at Mike’s is nothing short of the best I have ever tasted. The other desserts they make there are also absolutely delicious. The Tiramisu is just absolutely the best.) — Trevor Chlanda
  6. BOSTON, 10: Top of the Hub, Prudential Building. (The best Tiramisu was a soupy, creamy concoction served in a small bowl. I went back 2 years ago and was dismayed to find that they no longer make the dessert in this form. If anyone knows where to get the recipe, please let me know! I have found no equal.) — A. Hashimoto
  7. BOSTON, 10: Villa Francesca, 150 Richmond St.. (The presentation was superb. Two large ladyfingers standing up on each side, and smaller ladyfingers covered in a beautiful blend of mascarpone and cream. The flavor literally made my taste buds “stand up and salute.” This is the smoothest and creamiest mascarpone blend I’ve ever experienced — very dense filling, no air, no whipped cream. The inside ladyfingers have a wonderful espresso taste with a hint of brandy, not oversoaked, but perfect. Lightly dusted with cocoa, and garnished with fresh raspberries. I would like to see another tiramisu come close to this one … and I try them all!) — Scott
  8. BOSTON, 10: Vittoria Cafe, Little Italy. — Felice Peiscilla
  9. BOSTON, 9: Boston Marriott Copley Place, 110 Huntington, Boston 02116. (Very, very nice. Prepared in cake form, but the layers hold their texture without being too dense. They used a genoise cake instead of ladyfingers, but the outside circumference of the cake was lined with ladyfingers, so I guess that counts!) – Miyamoto
  10. BOSTON, 9: Cafe Pompei, North End. (The best Tiramisu I have had in the U.S. I would give it a 10, but I know there has to be some old Italian grandma who can put it to shame.) — Kostas Nikolai
  11. BOSTON, 7: Boston Palm at Copley Place, 200 Dartmouth St., Boston 02116, phone (617) 867-9292. (Tasty, but rather bland in flavor, not enough mascarpone; I think they used quite a bit of whipped cream in the cheese mixture, which isn’t a bad thing, but I thought it was too light.) – Miyamoto
  12. BOSTON, 7: Ristorante Toscano, 41 Charles St., Boston 02116, phone (617) 723-4090. (Not quite enough mascarpone, and a little too much chocolate flavor, but still, a good presentation.) – Miyamoto
  13. BOSTON, 7: Shaw’s Supermarkets, Huntington Ave. & Ring Rd., Boston, MA 02116, phone (617) 262-4688. (You find this in a display case, individually packaged – the label says, “Montilio’s Bakery Company, Where Baking is an Art.” A little too much cake and whipped cream, and not quite enough mascarpone, but considering it’s prepackaged and obviously mass produced, it’s pretty good [sure tastes better than many other Tiramisus that I’ve tasted].) – Miyamoto
  14. BOSTON, 1: Double Rainbow Cafe, Copley Place, Boston, MA 02116, phone (617) 262-5559. (Ranks right up there with the worst I’ve ever had. It didn’t taste good at all, in fact it tasted awful. And, it was … [oh, yuck] chewy!) – Miyamoto
  15. BROOKLINE, 9: Vinnie Testa, Tappan St. (One of the great Tiramisu values, as well as great pasta. You can get a HUGE serving of Tiramisu for only $5, and a piece big enough for 3 or 4 for only $10. All servings at this restaurant are proportional — incredible price, great taste, wonderful atmosphere.) — Alex Sindt
  16. BROOKLINE, 10: Vinnie Testa, Beacon St. (Vinny’s has 5 locations in Greater Boston and has the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had. The only criticism is that the pieces are too big!) — Gretchen Swanz
  17. CONCORD, 9: Pappa Razzi, 768 Elm St., Concord 01742. (Subtle and not overwhelming. Great texture and well combined. I would love their recipe. Perhaps it is a 10, but there are so many others I must try before offering such an accolade!) — Anonymous
  18. DARTMOUTH, 10: Olive Garden, State Rd. (My husband and I have become Tiramisu junkies! We eat out regularly and mostly at Italian restaurants where we are spending a small fortune on Tiramisu alone.) – Yania Mendez
  19. EAST ORLEANS, 9: The Nauset Beach Club, Main St, and Beach Rd. (Topped with a smooth, rich, light caramel and a dusting of shaved chocolate, as close to heavenly as I’ve had. A generous serving. Food overall is excellent, atmosphere is casual and friendly.) — J. Bowman
  20. FRANKLIN, 10: Goodfellas, East Central St., Franklin 02038. (All the desserts are made on the premises by Joan, the owner, culinary chef and baker. This is the best melt-in-your-mouth Tiramisu I have ever had, and the recipe is totally different from the “traditional” recipe.” She makes a black-bottom Tiramisu that is to die for. If you decide to go there, be sure to ask for Bob, the waiter. It will be a great experience all around!) — Denise T
  21. HAVERHILL, 8: Poet’s Inn, Whittier Vocational Technical High School, Haverhill 01830. (The culinary arts students at Whittier Vo-Tech, under the direction of a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, make a tall, light and flavorful Tiramisu that easily surpasses most offerings from local bakeries and restanrants. Call ahead to make sure they are serving it.) –Mike
  22. HUDSON, 10: Scoletti’s, Broad St. (Pure perfection. Melt in your mouth.) — Rose Adams
  23. HYANNIS, 9: The Rosehouse Cafe, Corner of South and Sea Sts. (Really, really great. The little bit of hot fudge swirled on top was a nice touch, without being too heavy.) — KJMA
  24. LOWELL, 2: Bel Gusto’s D’Italia, 50 Warren St., Lowell 01852. (It’s bitter, you can hardly see any ladyfingers at all, and it’s not light. And they also impose a 17% tip even if you’re taking out!) — Lay Wah Ooi
  25. LOWELL, 2: Cobblestones, 91 Dutton St., Lowell 01852. (Tasted like onions. Probably they used the same knife they cut onions with to cut the Tiramisu. It ws just a piece of terrible cake, not Tiramisu.) — Lay Wah Ooi
  26. NEWTON, 9: Cheesecake Factory, Atrium Mall on Chestnut Hill, Newton 02120. — Ken Yee
  27. PITTSFIELD, 8: Jimmy’s Italian Restaurant. (Very good Tiramisu at a very popular restaurant in the Pittsfield area. Jimmy’s is always packed but worth the wait. Tiramisu has a bit too much whipped cream served on the side but you can ask for it without the whipped cream garnish. Otherwise delicious!) — Pam B.
  28. WEST BOYLSTON, 10: Gerardo’s Italian Bakery, West Boylston St., West Boylston 01606. – Lori
  29. WRENTHAM, 9: Luciano’s, Route 1. (The Tiramisu was in cake form, not in a large sheetpan cut into squares. Thew slice that I got was huge. It was very decorative. Aside from the Olive Garden in Attleboro, this is the the closest place to get this wonderful dessert. The food there is excellent also.) — Kristie

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