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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Maryland from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ANNAPOLIS, 8: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Jennifer Rd, Annapolis 21401. (Great Tiramisu! Melts in your mouth!) — Alice Toffolo
  2. BALTIMORE, 10: Donna’s, Baltimore Museum of Art, Mr. Vernon. (When you’re at Donna’s, seated in the sculpture garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Tiramisu is just the icing on the cake!) — Anu
  3. 5: Donna’s, Baltimore Museum of Art, Mt. Vernon. (Like a big bowl of whipped cream. On this one, Donna’s is all trendy “style” and no substance. Definitely not worth it. Of course, I’d had Tiramisu at Primi Piati [see DC] a few days before; that’s the best I’ve ever tasted. When in Baltimore, skip Donna’s; go to Vaccaro’s in Little Italy.) — Jill
  4. BALTIMORE, 10: Vaccaro’s, Corner of Albemarle and Stiles in Little Italy. (My initial reaction on being served this monster was “Whoa … that’s BIG!” And a good thing too – this is probably the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had, period, although I’m not exactly a globe-trotter. Wonderful stuff from beginning to end and my second-favorite culinary indulgence in Baltimore. My favorite? Crab cakes at Faidley’s in Lexington Market. Vaccaro’s has a couple of stores outside Little Italy – Harborplace, Owings Mills Town Center, Union Station in Washington, to name just a few, but NOTHING beats their Little Italy location.) – Absaraka
  5. 9: Vaccaro’s, Fawn St, Little Italy. (This is my favorite Tiramisu in all of Baltimore. They make an amaretto version too. What makes it great? Amazing homemade whipped topping, and you can actually taste real liqueur in the bottom. This isn’t thawed out Costco Tiramisu! I’d give it a 10 but there’s always room for improvement. When in little Italy, get dinner elsewhere but always hit up Vaccaro’s for dessert.) – Kelly
  6. BEL AIR, 10: Double T Diner , 543 Marketplace Dr., Bel Air 21014, phone (410) 836-5591. (The BEST I have ever tasted!) – Dave
  7. BETHESDA, 10: West End Grill, 7904 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda 20814. (This was the BEST Tiramisu I ever had!) — Margo Neil
  8. BETHESDA, 7: La Madeleine, Old Georgetown Rd. (There are other Maryland and Virginia locations. Take-out, comes in a plastic cup, but from a very good French bakery selling lots of yummy desserts and breads.) — John Higbee
  9. CHEVY CHASE, 9: Ristorante Terrazza, 2 Wisconsin Circle, Chevy Chase 20815. (This restaurant is highly underrated, and the Tiramisu is absolutely fabulous. It’s not too heavy, not too light, and just the right level of sweetness. I highly recommend it.) – Karen Spitzer
  10. COLUMBIA, 9: Ricciuti’s Brich Oven Pizza. (Great Tiramisu, made on the premises and recipe was from the owner’s friend from Sabaudia, Italy. It is creamy and not as sweet as some I’ve tasted. The chocolate/coffee flavors are blended perfectly.) — Regina Ricciuti Ballinger
  11. CRYSTAL CITY, 4: Portofino, 23rd St. (We ordered some Tiramisu to go after our meal [which ws very nice], but the dessert was very disappointing — very soggy and not much taste.) — Jim Alder
  12. ELLICOTT CITY, 9: Tersiquel’s, Main Street, Ellicott City 21043. (I’m not an expert, but my ex-girlfriend claims this is the best in the area and worth traveling for.) – Jamie Reichlin
  13. FREDERICK, 10: Pargo, 5597 Spectrum Dr., Frederick 21701. — Pnebel
  14. GLEN BURNIE, 9: Trattoria Alberto. (I love Tiramisu! I just spent 10 days in Italy on a culinary trip and had wonderful Tiramisu. Trattoria Alberto in Glen Burnie, Maryland has fabulous Tiramisu. Well worth the trip and the price.) — Susan Delker
  15. OWINGS MILLS, 10: Donna’s, in Bibelot music store, 40 Village Square, Village of Cross Keys. (Oh gosh, I remember like it was yesterday. I used to frequent a music store called Bibelot. Inside the store was a little cafe called Donna’s, which is a branch of the original Donna’s located in Baltimore City. At any rate, a friend and I decided to have dinner at Donna’s. He recommended the Tiramisu. I had never tried it, but I had always heard great things about it. Oh my. I had never tasted anything so rich and lovely in my entire life, I haven’t sampled any other Tiramisu since then, but I know that I’ll always compare it to my “first.”) – Jojo
  16. SILVER SPRING, 8: Sergio’s, Colesville Road in the Town Center Hotel. — Silvia T. Bell
  17. SILVER SPRING, 10: Vaccaro, phone (301) 587-8700. (This is not a restaurant, but an Italian pastry kitchen/shop that sells to restaurants and the public. This is not a bakery. Their Tiramisu is without a doubt the best I have ever tasted, including what I had in Italy. They also sell small and large Cannoli shells, and the filling, which is also the best.) — Regina
  18. 4: Vaccarro, phone (301) 587-8700. (Ick! This Tiramisu was obviously mass produced. It was greasy, and left a horrible slimy feeling on the tongue long after the dessert was gone. Taste was ok, but noted a strong after-taste (kind of chemically). I would not recommend this to friends, but if you’re in a real pinch, it is doable.) – Maria Frost
  19. TIMONIUM, 6: Donna, York & Timonium Roads. — Josh Morgan

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