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Send in your Tiramisu review

Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Louisana from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. HARAHAN, 9: Verona Cafe, Hickory Ave., Harahan 70123. (Not only do they have the best Tiramisu in the New Orleans area, but they have a marinara sauce that’s best in the world.) — Terri
  2. MONROE, 9: Genusa Restaurant, 815 Park Ave., Monroe 71201. — Nanci
  3. NEW ORLEANS, 10: Olive Garden. (I have tasted and tried to make Tiramisu from several recipes but none are as good as the one at the Olive Garden. I would love to get their recipes. If anyone has it please email it to me. It’s great!)– M.A. Gros
  4. NEW ORLEANS, 9: Semolina’s. (I was shocked when I saw that you called it “Heaven,” because I have always described it as “coffee clouds!” I’ve only eaten Tiramisu once, but my mouth will never forget!) — Heather St. Marie, 8/98.
  5. NEW ORLEANS, 9: Semolina’s. (Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Heather St. Marie. The pasta is wonderful!) –Pat Doucet
  6. NEW ORLEANS, 9: Tortorici’s, 411 Royal at St. Louis in the French Quarter, New Orleans 70130, phone (504) 522-4295. (A very tasty offering! About what you’d expect an excellent Tiramisu experience to be. Minor deductions for a texture that was a wee bit too creamy and soft, and an overdusting of cocoa powder.) – Miyamoto
  7. NEW ORLEANS, 8: Brocato’s, 214 N. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans 70119 (We always go back to this wonderful family bakery in mid-city for this favorite treat of ours [try it with their equally heavenly ice cream]. Alas, Katrina flooded the shop. There are signs of work but no definite word as yet on when or if they will reopen. As they say in France, “dommage!”) – N. DePano
  8. NEW ORLEANS, 6: Bacco, 310 Chartres St., New Orleans 70130, phone (504) 522-2426, fax (504) 521-8323. (Served in a coffee cup, which actually doesn’t mean much either way. The ladyfingers however, then had a tendency to become super-soaked and mushy. And that portion of the Tiramisu therefore became watery and neutral in taste. The mascarpone itself was quite heavy and creamy, yet still tasty. A nice experience, but not in the top tier of Tiramisus.) — Miyamoto
  9. NEW ORLEANS, 6: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, (banquet service) 921 Canal St., New Orleans 70112, phone (504) 524-1331, fax (504) 524-7233. (Prepared and served in a big bowl. It wasn’t too bad taste-wise — nicely creamy with a subtle coffee taste. No ladyfingers, however; it was an okay end to a 200-person banquet meal.) – Miyamoto

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