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Send in your Tiramisu review

Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Kentucky from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BEREA, 9: Coffee Conspiracy , Chestnut Street, Berea 40403 (Melts perfectly in the mouth … served with an impressive piece of chocolate and sliced almonds. Not overly sweet, and the espresso will wake you up quickly.) – Bob
  2. BOWLING GREEN, 9: The Brickyard Cafe, 1026 Chestnut St., Bowling Green 42101. (This is my husband’s and my favorite restaurant. We dine there every weekend and bring home our dessert of tiramisu to enjoy at leisure with a good cup of coffee and a movie.) – Patricia Williams
  3. BOWLING GREEN, 9: Mandolin, 712 Chestnut St., Bowling Green 42101. (This is a home-made Tiramisu – NOT out of a box! It is a layered dessert served in a large martini glass, so although not a traditional square dessert, it still is marvelous.) – Kimberly Seabolt
  4. BOWLING GREEN, 8: Olive Garden, Scottsdale Rd. (This version was very good even though it contained no spirits of any kind. Order a glass of their house blush Riserva wine [sweet and very, very smooth] with it and enjoy!) – Sharon Travis
  5. FLORENCE, 8: Olive Garden, Florence Mall Rd. (Very good. Nicely firm, cool and creamy. I agree with Sharon that this tiramisu does not contain liqueur.) – Iris
  6. LEXINGTON, 9: Bella Notte, Nicholsville Rd., Lexington 40509. – “jispea0″
  7. 7: Bella Notte, Nicholsville Rd., Lexington 40509. – Rowan and Chrissie
  8. LEXINGTON, 8: Joseph Beth Cafe. (Delightfully swimming in amaretto … mmmmm!) – Rowan and Chrissie
  9. LEXINGTON, 6: Portabella’s Italian Oven. – Rowan and Chrissie
  10. LEXINGTON, 6: Ristorante Italiano, 4456 Nicholasville Rd., Lexington 40515. (Not bad but had more of a custardy taste than a cream taste. The menu states it’s the best in Lexington. But I disagree.) – Kelly
  11. LOUISVILLE, 9: Buca Di Beppo, Hurstbourne Parkway. – Anonymous, 11/00.
  12. LOUISVILLE, 9: Buca Di Beppo, Hurstbourne Parkway. (Bucca’s family style is high quality and quantity.) – Lou Perry
  13. RICHMOND, 7: Bellagio’s Italian Kitchen, 1103 Kim Kent Dr., Richmond 40475. (On a bed of chocolate mousse, w/ fresh raspberries.) – Megan

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