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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Italy from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. CORTINA, 10: A Mountain-Side Restaurant. (To get to this particular eatery, one would take the big gondola (holds 50 or so people) from the base of the Mt. from the village of Cortina, and at the unloading station there is a summit lodge where I found this Tiramisu. It was my first experience with Tiramisu but I have had numerous encounters with it since and nothing has equaled the batch I sampled. It was morning and we had stopped to get some ice for one of the injured in our party, and when I went to the counter to get some more ice,I saw this HUGE commercial sized pan of Tiramisu on the counter. I asked the server what it was, but still had no idea (after he told me in perfect Italian!) so my instincts took over and I ordered a piece. After making everyone at the table take a bite, I had my excuse to go back for a second piece. It just melted in your mouth.) — Marty Nitschelm
  2. FLORENCE, 10: Café Il David, Plaza della Signoria, near The Duomo. (First Tiramisu I had in my life. The owner of the restaurant insisted that i try, and didn’t even charge me. After that, I tried it in many other retaurants in Italy and other countries, and no one was better.) — Maria Lucia
  3. 10: Café Il David, Plaza della Signoria, near The Duomo. (The most wonderful Tiramisu experience my husband and I have ever had was at the cafe named David just outside of the Duomo in Florence. I have had many, many Tiramisu all over the world and it was perfect. I keep thinking each time we try another that it may beat that one but they just don’t measure up.) – Me-Me LeBlanc
  4. FLORENCE, 10: Il Latini, Via Palchetti, 6, in downtown Florence, mentioned in most guide books. (Although I order Tiramisu at every opportunity, none have ever come close to the amazing creation at Il Latini’s. It is the one to which every Tiramisu since then has had to measure up to, and none has come close yet. And best of all, they don’t skimp on the portions!) — Michelle Cunningham
  5. 7: Il Latini, Via Palchetti, 6, in downtown Florence, mentioned in most guide books. (You go to this place for the ambiance. It is a traditonal, local, authentic trattoria on a hard-to-find side street in Florence. No menu to read from. Expect to share your table with others, find 2 liters of red wine on the table waiting for you. This other guy and I finished the wine. Anyhow, the Tiramisu does not seem to have mascarpone in it.) — Melissa Chang
  6. ORVIETO, Umbria, 10: Montanucci. (Orvieto is in the “green heart of Italy,” and in the middle of Florence and Rome. Come and visit it! You will be delighted with the landscape, the people, the wine, and last but not least, the Tiramisu!.) — Guenter Blueml
  7. MOTTA, Sicily, 10: Bogustia. (Best I’ve ever seen, all hand-made and fresh every evening. Only the owner’s wife speaks a little English, and her father [?] is the chef. Almost worth a trip in itself.) — Jim Curtis
  8. POSTINO, 8: Chez Black, at The Foreshore. (Marnificent! What could be better than sitting in a Foreshore restaurant, in Postino on Italy’s Amalfi Coast? The restaurant at which Tiramisu was made to be eaten. The dessert wasn’t bad either. The Tiramisu was made in a “cake” style, as opposed to being in a bowl. It was rich with the taste of coffee, and by far the best I’ve had, beating the one I had in Florence.) — Gordon Grech
  9. REGELLO, 6: Hotel Villa Reggacci, in Regello, near Florence. (I first tried Tiramisu at a friend’s, then made it several times using recipes on this website. So I was really looking forward to my first genuince Italian Tiramisu. I was disappointed. This was a nice, creamy dessert, yes. But there the resemblance ended. Where was the delightful taste of marsala/brandy or espresso? Where was the “kakey” texture? and where was the chocolate? No, this was not what I expected. As a pleasant end to an otherwise lovely meal, okay, but to call it Tiramisu? But the rest of the experience in Italy [culinary and otherwise] was fully up to expectations!) — Gaynour Sletten
  10. ROME, 10: Ciao Bella, Via Veneto. (The first time we “did it” was in the Eternal City of Roma. My wife and I “lost our Tiramisu virginity” at the Ciao Bella Restaurante. Yes, you do remember “all” the details, doesn’t everyone remember their first time … tasting Tiramisu, that is? We have yet to match our summer’s night delight at the Ciao Bella. Without trepidation, we rate it a 10, only because the rating doesn’t go higher.) — One of the Tiramisu-Cursed
  11. ROME, 10: Il Cantone, Via Giovanni Battista Bodoni. — “Blan”
  12. ROME, 10: Scolga d’Frisco, Via Barberini. (Also a 10, especially light and very fresh excellent complement to the primarily seafood menu.) — Jim Curtis
  13. ROME, 10: Smeraldo’s, near the Star Metropole Hotel. (On our honeymoon, we experienced heaven. We were in Rome for 3 days and each day we had Tiramisu from Smeraldos, a small restaurant. I am too familiar with the soggy cake-like substance called Tiramisu in the states, until I tried the creamy, light, whipped cream heaven-in-a-dish version served by Smeraldo’s. Going to Rome just for a view of the Sistine Chapel and a teste of Smeraldo’s Tiramisu is worth the 9-hour plane ride.) — Debbie Galloway
  14. ROME, 10: Trattori Pizzeria, S. Giovani in Laterano, 88-Via Celimontana, Rome 00184. (We were at a little sidewalk pizzeria in Rome on our 30th wedding anniversary. The table beside us ordered it and we asked for one to share. Now I had never tasted it before since I don’t like sweetened coffee items, but … This was like stepping into heaven and staying for a short time until it ran out. My husband and I immediately ordered a second one and gave the waitress a 10 euro tip (that’s about $12.30 in dollars) for the Tiramisu only. We drew lines in it so the other would not take more than their share. She then told us that she had made it in 10 minutes. I asked for the recipe and she gave me the following: A mascarpone, 2 eggs, cootee (coffee – which she said was weak and mixed with a little milk), biscuits-pavesine, and sugar. I am still trying to match it, but the first try is off a bit (not as rich-maybe it’s the ingredients in America vs. Rome). Now remember this was our anniversary trip, but my husband said this was like a sexual experience. Yes, it was that good!!! It was even better because the waitress, when she gave us our bill, said the 2nd was on the house and then presented us with a present of Limoncello – that’s another story.) – Debbie Tyler
  15. ROME, 7: Aurora 10 Ristorante, Via Aurora, 10. (Tiramisu looks homemade, served out of a big 9×13 Corningware dish! Our waiter, Bruno, claims *he* prepared it himself. Is it authentic? Must be. I cannot look at this Tiramisu objectively because I’ll still hung up on the one at Chianti.) — Melissa Chang
  16. ROME, 5: Canova, Piazza del Popolo, 16-17. (This is a classy sit-down, stand-up, take-out sandwich place, with desserts sold at he counter on the side. The Tiramisu is shaped like a pie, with whipped cream all along the edge. Can you say, “Sara Lee”? Pretty, yes, but dried out from sitting in the fridge all day. And where’s the mascarpone? It’s a cheap, quick fix and only a substitute for the real thing.) –Melissa Chang
  17. VENICE, 10: Alfredo Alfredo. (May I say that this is the finest restaurant I have had the pleasure to dine in. Everything about it was just perfect. And what better to cap off a delicious meal than a delicious Tiramisu? My family of four had the idea to each order a different dessert, and then share so that we could each have a taste of four different desserts. The forks were quickly headed to my Tiramisu, which was the best dessert I have had to date.) — Libby Jones
  18. VENICE, 10: Café (name unknown), Calle Colombina & Rio Terra Della Maddalena. (We tried Tiramisu at two places in Venice and one in Rome and this one – our first – at a little cafe we stumbled upon, was by far the best. The taste, texture, and fragrance were classic!) – Dan & Marianne Ponce
  19. VENICE, 10: Oniga, Campo San Barbarosa, Venice. (While in Venice, we sampled the Tiramisu from several restaurants, but Oniga was far and away the best. Served in a large snifter, with a single layer of ladyfingers at the bottom then filled to the brim with heavenly mascarpone cream.) – Mike Steinke
  20. VENICE, 10: Tratoria Ala Madonna. (May 1999. I met a woman in Milan who told me to go to the Tratoria Ala Madonna in Venice. Bingo! The Tiramisu was go good, I had it after dinner the first night, then twice on the second night. It also happened to be the best restaurant that I could find in Venice.) — Michael Hadley
  21. VENICE, 7: Ristorante Fiaschetteria Toscana, Alizada S. Giovanni Crisostomo (Cannaregio 5719). (I think their Tiramisu comes in a round pan, looking like a Boston Cream Pie. Outer ring is white cake, innter ring is a soaked chocolate cake. Taste is good, but there is so much chocolate powder that my mouth got glued shut.) — Melissa Chang
  22. VENICE, 3: Trattoria Rivetta , 4625 Salizz S. Provolo. (This is a very touristy place, great for kids. But their Tiramisu is no good! It is made in individual serving bowls, using custard (or hospital pudding) instead of mascarpone cheese. It was nowhere near any kind of tiramisu. I give it a 3 for lameness.) — Melissa Chang

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