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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Indiana from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BLOOMINGTON, 10: Casablanca. (We had the most heavenly Tiramisu at a wonderful Moroccan restaurant, so we decided that we HAD to find the recipe. This website really helped us find the recipe for ambrosia!) – Olivia
  2. BLOOMINGTON, 10: Puccini’s La Dolce Vita, 420 E. 4th St., Bloomington 47408. (If you’re in Bloomington and want to eat Italian, skip Grisanti’s – it’s run-of-the-mill Americanized Italian, not bad but nothing special. Puccini’s is hands-down the best Italian food I’ve ever had, the atmosphere is wonderful, and I CRAVE their Tiramisu! I cannot visit B-town without stopping in for some.) – Jenny Terry
  3. BLOOMINGTON, 9: Grisanti’s Casual Italian Retaurant, College Mall Rd., Bloomington 47401. (This is awesome Tiramisu! Almost a 10, in my opinion.) — Adrienne Welker
  4. BROADRIPPLE, INDIANAPOLIS, 9: Three Sisters. (The Tiramisu here is fantastic, I know people who have ordered an pan of it for special events, I’ve had several tiramisus and this is the best yet..) — Lacie
  5. ELKHART, 10: Olive Garden, 3003 Brittany Court, Elkhart 46514, phone (574) 266-1994. (I loved it.) – Shelly Hare
  6. ELKHART, 8: daVinci’s, 2720 Cassopolis St., Elkhart 46514. (I think it comes from someplace else, prepackaged, but I don’t care. It’s divine, simply divine. They do Tiramisu cake slices rather than a dish. After a good dinner, or even after some pizza at lunch, or for that matter, with no other food at all, Tiramisu is … beyond words … and theirs is the best I’ve had in my somewhat limited experience with it.) – JC
  7. MERRILLVILLE, 8: The Olive Garden, Merriville 46410. (I find myself going to the take-out part of the restaurant and taking it home. It’s pretty good!) — Lisa Pekala
  8. SHERRIVILLE, 8: Antoinette’s. (This is one of the best Italian restaurants I have eaten in. It has a fantastic menu for anyone’s taste, and the Tiramisu is a delight to eat. Will visit there every trip to the area.) — “Hottel”

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