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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Illinois from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

Chicago has it’s own review page.

  1. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, 8: Regina, Arlington 60005. (This is one of the more unusual Tiramisu experiences we have had. It is truly a wonderful thing inside your mouth (reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ ‘How are things inside your mouth?’) It’s rich and good and even though you’re really, really full, you still want more!) — Ralph Schultz
  2. FRANKFORT, 8: Enrico’s, Rt. 45, Frankfort 60423. (Absolutely wonderful!) — Deanna Sexton
  3. GELENA, 10: Vinnie Venuchi’s. (Love the restaurant, but the Tiramisu is exceptional.) – Anonymous
  4. JOLIET, 1: David’s Pasta, Joliet 60435. (I try Tiramisu every opportunity that I get and this was the absolute worst! The soupy mixture came out and tasted horrible. I could not even eat half of it and I was embarrassed for the restaurant that they actually called it Tiramisu [it’s too bad because the meal was good].) — Ryan J. Van Der Karr
  5. LINCOLN PARK, 10: Mia Francesca’s. (I am sure upon passing the pearly gates, St. Peter will be there saying, “Welcome to heaven, here is your Tiramisu!”) – James Finch
  6. LANSING, 10: Cafe Borgia, Lansing 60438. (Don’t say you’ve had the best until you give this a try!) – Sheree
  7. MOLINE, 1: Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, River Drive. (OK … I’ve eaten quite a bit of Tiramisu in my life. It is my favorite dessert. I would definitely not call myself an expert, but I am an aficionado of the dessert. I’ve had terrible Tiramisu in my life (eg Carrabba’s in Huntsville, AL), but his one takes the cake – so to speak. I could not eat even half of it. It wasn’t as soft and moist as others that I’ve tasted. Even if it wasn’t semi-frozen, I don’t think it would have helped the taste. I just don’t know how to describe it. The taste was clearly disappointing. To be sure, the meal and service were absolutely wonderful. I tried their calamari and steak. I would definitely go back for an appetizer and meal. The restaurant is so nice that I expected more from the Tiramisu. Stay away from the Tiramisu unless you want to verify my rating.) – Arthur
  8. MOUNT CARMEL, 10: Tuscany Steak and Pasta House, 930 W. 9th St., Mt. Carmel 62863. (Tuscany’s is a wonderful experience in itself and then you add their wonderful Tiramisu and you have the BEST!) – Brenda
  9. NILES, 10: Magiano’s, Old Orchard Shopping Center. (I’ve had Tiramisu only 4 times and two of those were in Italy. This fourth experience was at Magiano’s, though, and it was the best dessert I’ve ever had. The filling was exquisite and the ladyfingers were soaked with he perfect amount of espresso. Magiano’s Tiramisu was better than I expected!) — Danai Kasambira
  10. NORTHBROOK, 10: Francesco’s Hole In The Wall, 254 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook 60062. (Truly wonderful Italian food served in cozy surroundings left almost no room for dessert … but fortunately, there was no way to pass on tryhing the tiramisu. A firm, creamy, dreamy enemble of flavor … a surprisingly soothing finale to a somewhat tumultuous week!) — Christina
  11. OAKBROOK, 10: Maggiano’s Little Italy, Oakbrook Shopping Center. (I can’t describe in words just how good this dessert was. I was having a business dinner with a group of Koreans that night. They knew no English, I knew no Korean. All we could do was eat together. Ahhh, the language of great food. The Tiramisu was easily the best I’ve ever tried.) — Tim Berkey
  12. OAKBROOK, 9: Maggiano’s Little Italy, Oakbrook Shopping Center. — Joy Kopperinski
  13. PALATINE, 8: Weber Grill Restaurant. — “jessj”
  14. PERU, 9: Red Door Inn, 1701 Water St., Peru 61354. (All I have to say is that it is unfortunate that I’ve lived 23 years on this planet and have only known about the existence of Tiramisu for the past few months. I don’t have a lot of comparison but I do know what I like. The Tiramisu at the Red Door was excellent. It was smooth and had an almost perfect blend of the ingredients. I didn’t taste any alcohol, but I do like it when the alcohol is not “in your face.” The presentation was fantastic. It was presented on the center of a commemorative “Millennium” plate (surrounded by small streams of chocolate and caramel) with three dark chocolate butterfly wings suspended in whipped cream at 12 and 8 o’clock on the plate. All in all, an excellent Tiramisu. It might be a 10, but I’m hoping against hope that there’s a better Tiramisu out there somewhere. If I never find it though, this one will definitely suffice!) – Don Zelenak Jr.
  15. QUINCY, 10: Ristorante Italiano, 137 N. Third St., Quincy 62301. (Fabulous dessert – fabulous service!) – Shirley Sides
  16. QUINCY, 10:Tiramisu, Third & Hampshire Sts., Quincy 61301. — Russell Warning
  17. ROCKFORD, 10: John’s Pizzeria and Restaurante, 11th St. (John’s Tiramisu is absolutely delicious! It’s homemade by his wife, Maria. They came to America directly from Italy, so you know this one is authentic.) — Molly
  18. ST. CHARLES, 9: Erik & Me. (The only reason I give this Tiramisu a “9” rating is because had the best in Italy, but this came close.) — Lisa Pekala
  19. ST. CHARLES, 8: Trophy Room @ Baker Hotel, 100 E. Main St. (Rt. 4), St. Charles 60174. (Plenty of cinnamon and great texture. The restaurant itself offers a beautiful view of the Fox River and excellent food and service.) — Bill Troth
  20. SCHAUMBERG, 10: Maggiano’s Little Italy, 100 E. Main St. (Rt. 4), St. Charles 60174. (I try Tiramisu every opportunity I get, and this was one of the absolute best I have had. Just the right balance of everything (including a great presentation and a large piece)! An absolute must if you are anywhere near a Maggiano’s!) — Ryan J. Van Der Karr
  21. SKOKIE, 10: Cheesecake Factory, Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie 60076. (Cheesecake Factory uses a combination of cake [pound cake?] soak in liquor at the bottom. Then, they use ladyfingers soaked in espresso as the third layer in between custard layers. It is incredible. Bring a date. You will need them after this. It’s THAT good.) — Lauriean
  22. 9: The Cheesecake Factory, Old Orchard Mall. (Although their specialty is cheesecake, I refused to even try the Tiramisu cheesecake. The serving was huge and delicious.) – Jill Williams
  23. SOUTH BARRINGTON, 10: Mill Rose Brewing Company, Barrington Rd. — Marilyn Parra
  24. WHEELING, 10: Buona Sera Ristorante , 102 South Milwaukee Ave., Wheeling 60090. (I’ve never experienced such a light Tiramisù before. The flavors were abundant – coffee, liqueurs, chocolate. When trying out a restaurant’s Tiramisù for the first time, I steel myself against disappointment as I take that first bite. Upon sampling Buona Sera’s offering, my reserve melted as my taste buds woke to the flavors and my tongue experienced the light creamy texture. Surely this is food for gods!) – Barbara Redcay.

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