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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Hawaii from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. AIEA, 8: Bravo, Pearlridge Center, Aiea 96701, phone (808) 487-5544 for take-out orders. (Well, this one matches California Pizza Kitchen as one of the best I’ve had in Hawaii. It was light and very refreshing after a lunch of eggplant parmigiana and chicken canneloni. Very, very good. They serve it with dark chocolate and caramel squiggles, but that part was a little too B, so I just skipped it.) — Miyamoto
  2. AIEA, 6: Dee Lite Bakery, Pearlridge Center “Downtown,” Aiea 96701, phone (808) 487-1541. (It’s not so bad for a bakery. The taste was there, but I thought the mascarpone was a little too thick.) — Miyamoto
  3. HONOLULU, 10: Trattoria, (in Waikiki) 2168 Kalia Rd., Honolulu 96816, phone (808) 923-8415. (The best Tiramisu I have ever tasted. Appeared to use a heavy cake rather than ladyfingers. I would love to have their recipe) – Willie Dunlop
  4. HONOLULU, 9: Assaggio Ristorante Italiano, Ala Moana Center, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 1259, Honolulu 96814-4613, phone (808) 942-3446. (Their Tiramisu was the best I’ve ever had in Hawaii, and it gets pretty close to that lofty 10. It was lovely and of the classic style, the only extra being a maraschino cherry on a squirt of whipped cream. Extremely delightful, although just a smidgen below the ultimate “mouth-fullness” factor. Still, it was the perfect end to the perfect meal.) – Miyamoto
  5. HONOLULU, 8: Café Laufer, 3565 Waialae Ave., Honolulu 96816, phone (808) 735-7717, fax (808) 735-2645. (Very light and as dreamy as a cloud in the mouth. It’s actually done “cake-style,” and has a cake base, which detracts somewhat but not a lot, and there is no liquor taste or bite. Still, very nice!) – Miyamoto
  6. HONOLULU, 8: California Pizza Kitchen, Kahala Mall. (The best that I’ve had in Hawaii so far. It’s light and not real sweet. About the only criticism I have is that it needs a little more liqueur in it.) — Miyamoto
  7. HONOLULU, 8: Paesano, Manoa Marketplace, 2752 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu 96822, phone (808) 988-5923. (They improved considerably since I reviewed them in 1997. Because of the “average” rating [5] that I gave them back then, I haven’t ordered their Tiramisu until today, when I decided to give it another try. I’m so glad I did. The single-layer mascarpone is now two layers, the flavor has been vastly improved, and they now use ladyfingers instead of genoise cake. Congratulations!) — Miyamoto
  8. HONOLULU, 8: Verbano Italiano Ristorante, 3571 Waialae Ave., Honolulu 96816, phone (808) 735-1777. (A huge improvement over the one I had at their King Street location 8 years ago. A very subtle deliciousness. They used cake that was a little too soaked for me, otherwise it would have been at least a 9 and maybe a smidgen higher.) – Miyamoto
  9. HONOLULU, 7: Cafe Honolulu Pizzaria, Ala Moana Center, Honolulu 96714, phone (808) 951-0188. (They serve a Tiramisu cake. Normally, I don’t care for Tiramisu cakes, but this was not so bad. They serve it frozen, so you experience it melting in your mouth. The flavor is very good, and all-in-all, it’s a worthwhile experience. I would have given it an 8, but after all, it is a cake.) — Miyamoto
  10. HONOLULU, 7: Cafe Sistina, 1314 S. King St., phone (808) 596-0061. (Very nice, but a little too creamy for me, it could have been a little lighter. Good flavor. It probably should be a 7.7 or so, but that still doesn’t make it an 8.) — Miyamoto
  11. HONOLULU, 7: Che Pasta Cafe, Bishop Square Mall, 1001 Bishop St., Honolulu 96813, phone (808) 524-0004. (Not prepared on premises, served semi-frozen. Thawed portions were light and airy, very tasty. The portion was small, however. Light genoise cake used instead of ladyfingers.) — Miyamoto
  12. HONOLULU, 7: Duc’s Bistro, 1188 Maunakea St, Honolulu 96813, phone (808) 531-6325. (A nice dessert. Just a tiny bit heavy on the liquor, but I kind of like that. They used genoise cake, however, and it was pretty soaked and drippy, and I don’t particularly like that. Very nice presentation on a light lemon sauce. By the way, it was the perfect light and refreshing end to a wonderful New York steak with peppercorn gravy lunch.) — Miyamoto
  13. HONOLULU, 7: Honolulu Coffee Company, Bishop Square, Pacific Tower ground floor, 1001 Bishop St., Honolulu 96813, phone (808) 521-4400. (Very flavorful, served in a cup made of chocolate. Not traditional but quite the delightful way to end a lunch of one of their delicious sandwiches.) – Miyamoto
  14. HONOLULU, 7: Kahala Mandarin, in the buffet, Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hawaii Hotel, 5000 Kahala Ave., Honolulu 96816, phone (808) 739-8888, fax (808) 739-8800. (The coffee Tiramisu was a winner, with layers on the bottom like regular Tiramisu. The top seemed like a coffee mousse, with a brown/light brown [probably espresso powder and espresso with mousse] topping reminiscent of Napoleon zebra stripes. My friends all dug in, nodding “Ono!” in approval. It was light, refreshing, and quite delish. They also had chocolate and vanilla Tiramisus. The chocolate Tiramisu had a chocolate cake-like breading in place of ladyfingers. Instead of mascarpone, there’s a gummy, heavy, pudding-like substance between layers. The top layer might be mascarpone, and is dusted with espresso power. I give it a 4. Although it was good during the first few bites, I was sick of it by the last two bites. The vanilla Tiramisu looks like the real thing because of the vanilla cake. However, the pudding between the layers is even heavier and gummier than the chocolate. I could only eat 2 bites. I tried to push it off my my [unwitting] friends, who only ate one small bite each and made faces. I give it a 2 [one point for effort, one point for presentation]. But you might as well go eat something else.) — Melissa Chang
  15. HONOLULU, 7: Longhi’s Ala Moana, Ala Moana Shopping Center, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96814. Phone (808) 947-9899, fax (808) 944-3733. (Pretty tasty and quite satisfying. However, they used cake instead of ladyfingers, that was rather distracting as the cake lingered in the mouth long after the mascarpone was gone.) – Miyamoto
  16. HONOLULU, 7: Matteo’s Italian Restaurant, Marine Surf Hotel, 364 Seaside Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815, phone (808) 922-5551, fax (808) 924-1454. (Original review, 6/01, rated 5: Lots of faults, including not using ladyfingers, not enough espresso flavor, no liqueur flavor, no “mouth-fullness” experience, little flecks of chocolate in the mascarpone.  review: It’s improved, but still a little too sweet and not enough of the mascarpone layer.) – Miyamoto
  17. HONOLULU, 7: The Pineapple Room, Macy’s 3rd floor, Ala Moana Center, Honolulu 96814, phone (808) 945-6573. (One of the desserts at the 2004 Mother’s Day buffet luncheon, Alan Wong’s Tiramisu was a bit of a disappointment. They used a cake base that was much too moist for me (sloshy), and the mascarpone flavor was much too subtle and barely discernable.) – Miyamoto
  18. HONOLULU, 7: Strawberry Connection, 1931 Kahai St., Honolulu 96819, phone (808) 842-0278, fax (808) 842-4812. (Very nice. Delicious, smooth, although the mascarpone layer was not airy. It’s a commercial product that they import from the mainland US. You’ll have to hunt for this place, it’s in a warehouse in an industrial area. They stock gourmet products for retail sale, and have a bakery and deli as well.) — Miyamoto
  19. HONOLULU, 6: Buca di Beppo, 1030 Auahi St., Bay 1, Honolulu 96814, phone (808) 591-0800. (For a restaurant with great food, the desserts leave much to be desired. The bread pudding, while impressively large, is much too sweet. The same can be said about the Tiramisu – it’s an overly sweet bowlful of “nothing special.”) – Miyamoto
  20. HONOLULU, 6: Ciao Mein, Hawaii Regency Hotel, Waikiki, (Not spectacular, a little heavy for my taste.) — Miyamoto
  21. 7: Ciao Mein, Hawaii Regency Hotel, Waikiki. (Ciao Mein’s is good too.) – “Go2WaikelE”
  22. HONOLULU, 6: On Jin’s Cafe, 401Kamakee St., Honolulu 96814, phone (808) 589-1666. (They used cake instead of ladyfingers, and the mascarpone mixture tasted more like whipped cream than the cheese. It was a very light dessert with a nice coffee flavor, but no hint at all of liqueur.) — Miyamoto
  23. HONOLULU, 6: Angelo Pietro’s, 1585 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu 96814, phone (808) 941-0555. (Original rating 4/98: 4. “Their dessert certainly didn’t measure up to the quality and taste of their menu. That’s a shame.” Updated: It’s improved some, however, they use too much chocolate syrup, there is no liqueur flavor, there is no resultant “fullness” in the mouth, and I was sufficiently impressed to finish the dessert.) – Miyamoto
  24. HONOLULU, 6: The Prince Hotel, (banquet service), Ala Moana Blvd, near Ala Wai Canal. (Good presentation, started off great, but too sweet. They used angel food cake.) — Melissa Chang
  25. HONOLULU, 6: Verbano on King Ristorante, 1451 S. King St., Honolulu 96814. (Obviously a commercially made product, it was served sli-i-ightly frozen and a little too dense for me. See rating for their Kaimuki district restaurant above.) — Miyamoto
  26. HONOLULU, 5: Auntie Pasto’s, 1099 S. Beretania St., Honolulu 96814. (Thick and heavy like pudding or light cheesecake, middle has a delicate crunch, with a chocolate crusty bottom. Ladyfingers are lightly toasted. Good taste, but very heavy. If you can finish it by yourself after dinner, I’ll buy the dinner.) — Melissa Chang
  27. HONOLULU, 5: Hau Tree Terrace, New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel, Waikiki. (This was a Tiramisu cake. Why do they do this? Cake just doesn’t have the texture of lady fingers. It was definitely second-tier.) — Miyamoto
  28. HONOLULU, 5: Palomino, at Harbour Court, Bethel and Nimitz in downtown across from Aloha Tower, phone (808) 528-2400. (Um, not really. They used a chocolate cake that — although soaked with a tasty rum-liquour mixture — was still quite textured, but the whipped mascarpone was not terribly rich [they used a zabaglione]. Tasted okay, but not what you’d really expect from a Tiramisu. And, they misspelled “mascarpone” as “marscapone” on the menu. They also had a berry Tiramisu that was no great shakes either.) — Miyamoto
  29. Palomino,5:  at Harbour Court, Bethel and Nimitz in downtown across from Aloha Tower, phone (808) 528-2400. (It wasn’t great, but different since I had the one with the berries.) — Melissa Chang
  30. Palomino,4:  at Harbour Court, Bethel and Nimitz in downtown across from Aloha Tower, phone (808) 528-2400. (The Tiramisu at Palomino’s was made from chocolate cake, no ladyfingers and no recognizable coffee flavor in the dessert. The cheese was good, but that was all. Can’t believe they used chocolate cake! One piece of dessert that was served to our table had no liquor at all and the other had so much that it was too powerful. Needs a lot of work!) — Mary Ellen White
  31. HONOLULU, 5: The Panini Grille, Ala Moana Center food court, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu 96814, phone (808) 949-7788. (Very sweet, nothing subtle about this rendition. They used light cake instead of lady fingers. Pretty average.) — Miyamoto
  32. HONOLULU, 5: The Plaza Club, Pioneer Plaza Building, downtown Honolulu. (They made a Tiramisu cake that just didn’t cut it. Too bad, their food is usually very good.) — Miyamoto
  33. HONOLULU, 5: Captain’s Table, Hawaiian Waikiki Beach Hotel, 2570 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu 96815, phone (808) 922-2511. (It was Tiramisu cake, with very little taste. An average, undistinguished dessert served as part of their special Mother’s Day buffet. A shame.) — Miyamoto
  34. HONOLULU, 4: Cascada, 440 Olohana., Honolulu 96815, phone (808) 945-0270. (The presentation is lovely, with layers of cake [?] and mascarpone cheese and a wonderful sauce on side. Unfortunately, the cake is so heavily drenched in alcohol it overwhelms the whole dessert and is hard to finish. Thank goodness the sauce kind of cuts the bite of the alcohol.) — Melissa Chang
  35. HONOLULU, 4: Castagola’s, 1920 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu 96815. (This cake-like Tiramisu was so dry I had to ask for an extra glass of water to get it down. Either it was left out overnight [I hope not!] or they forgot the all-important espresso soak. In any case, I would definitely not recommend it.) — Marcy Wilhelm
  36. HONOLULU, 4: House Without a Key, Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki. (Well, my friend and I tried the Tiramisu there. For the prices they charge at this ultra-luxury hotel to the stars, you’d think they would make the real stuff by hand. Well, it comes in this “pudding glass.” It’s coffee mousse, dammit. Okay, so they have these pieces of cakey stuff in the middle to try and make it official. While the thing itself as a dessert was nice and light, I’m sorry, we had to give it a 4 rating for being bogus. Save yourself. For the same price or a little more, you can have a whole pan of the real stuff from Costco, and you don’t have to dress up to eat it!) — MCGT
  37. HONOLULU, 4: Philip Paolo, Restaurant Row, 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu 96815. (I had their Tiramisu during a Mother’s Day buffet. It was mass produced, prepared “cake” style. It had a faint taste resemblance to Tiramisu but was generations away from the real thing. Maybe it’s better when ordered off the menu; I don’t know and I’m not tempted to try.) – Miyamoto
  38. HONOLULU, 4: Ryan’s, Ward Centre, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd. (If they had called it “Devil’s Food Cake Dipped in Espresso and Covered with Tiramisu-Flavored Custard,” then the dessert would have been appropriately named. But they didn’t. They called it Tiramisu, and that is a crime. It was heavy, sweet, and not lightly refreshing at all — nowhere near what Tiramisu should be.) — Miyamoto
  39. HONOLULU, 4: Safeway Supermarket Bake Shop, Manoa Marketplace, 2855 E. Manoa Rd., Honolulu 96822, phone (808) 988-2058. (This was called a “Tiramisu Mousse Cake.” Very light and tasty, but not the classic Tiramisu.) — Miyamoto
  40. HONOLULU, 4: Salerno, McCully Shopping Center. (They didn’t have all the right ingredients so they substituted — or so the waiter confessed — but enjoy anyway, he said. I didn’t.) — Miyamoto
  41. HONOLULU, 4: Sam Choy’s Diamond Head Restaurant, 449 Kapahulu Ave., Unit 201, Honolulu 96815, phone (808) 732-8645. (Surprisingly poor, since Sam Choy’s food is usually very good. It was served in a glass coffee cup, looked like an ice cream parfait. Very dense, not very flavorful and in fact a skosh on the sour side, like they used sour cream instead of mascarpone.) — Miyamoto
  42. HONOLULU, 4: Scoozie’s, Ward Center. (I tried this on recommendation of an acquaintance, who raved about it. Obviously, he didn’t have the real thing at any time in his life. It was dry and cakey, too sweet and heavy on the cream. It’s called “Tita, I Miss You” on the menu, an attempt to be cute. “Tita” means “sister” in Hawaiian.) — Miyamoto
  43. HONOLULU, 3: Cafe Sbarro, corner of King and Alakea Sts., Fist Hawaiian Bank Building, downtown Honolulu. (This is a Tiramisu cake. Heavy like cheesecake, not very tasty.) — Miyamoto
  44. HONOLULU, 3: Caffelatte, 339 Saratoga Road, 2nd Level, Waikiki, phone (808) 924-1414. (A hu-u-uge disappointment. Fodor’s had called the Tiramisu “the best in town.” Well, I’m sorry, but to me, it was merely ladyfingers soaked in overly alcoholic espresso, sprinked with an overabundance of cocoa powder, with a Tiramisu zabaglione on the side. Had been looking forward to trying it ever since downloading the restaurant review from Fodor’s website.) — Miyamoto
  45. HONOLULU, 3: The Gazebo Bake Shop & Deli, in Liberty House Department Store, 4th floor, Ala Moana Center, phone (808) 945-5247. (Fair taste, but more like Tiramisu chiffon, with a chocolate cake bottom, very disappointing.) — Miyamoto
  46. HONOLULU, 3: Oahu Country Club (in Nuuanu Valley), 150 Country Club Rd., Honolulu 96817, phone (808) 595-6331, you need to be a member, or a member’s guest, to eat here. (Tasty, but not Tiramisu, it was more like a heavy, soppy layered cake, served as 3 small diamond shapes on a huge plate and a chocolate flower decor with fresh berries. The mascarpone mixture was more like thick frosting.) — Miyamoto
  47. HONOLULU, 3: Ocean Terrace Restaurant, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, 2255 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu 96815, phone (808) 922-4422. (It’s part of their lunch buffet. Pretty dense, pretty flattened, more cake-like than Tiramisu-like.) – Miyamoto
  48. HONOLULU, 3: The Prince Hotel, (banquet service), Ala Moana Blvd, near Ala Wai Canal. (I didn’t care for this at all, no taste, and, the angel food cake substitute for ladyfingers just doesn’t cut it.) — Miyamoto
  49. HONOLULU, 3: Starbucks, Honolulu International Airport. (They call it “Tiramisu Dessert.” Well, it’s definitely not Tiramisu, more like moist cake dusted liberally with powdered cocoa. Doesn’t taste bad, and has a slight hint of Tiramisu flavoring, but it sure isn’t Tiramisu. I would guess it’s available at other Starbucks locations, although I’ve only seen it at the airport.) — Miyamoto
  50. HONOLULU, 2: St. Germaine Bakery, in Shirokiya Department Store, 2nd floor, Ala Moana Center, phone (808) 955-1711. (They serve these pre-made in plastic cups. Entirely yucky, like pudding.) — Miyamoto
  51. HONOLULU, 2: Hawaiian Regent Hotel (banquet), 2552 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu 96815 in Waikiki, phone (808) 922-6611. (Sorry, guys, that dessert sucks, which is too bad, because the Regent makes some really great desserts. And while their Tiramisu looks pretty, it doesn’t cut any mustard. It was sawdust.) — Melissa Chang
  52. KAILUA, 8: Baci Bistro, 20 Aulike, Kailua 96732, phone (808) 262-7555. (It was lovely, lots of cocoa powder, and a milder espresso experience. Very fresh, like it was just made for us.) — Barbara Ankersmit”
  53. KAILUA-KONA, 10: Kokoke Lani Bed & Breakfast Inn, Kailua-Kona 96745. (Melt-in-your-mouth, heavenly afternoon treat to find in such a wonderful and unexpected way at a bed and breakfast inn! As if their breakfasts weren’t the best we’ve ever tasted, this was intoxicating! Kokoke Lani translates “Near Heaven” in Hawaiian, and the Tiramisu certainly does as well. Visit them at — “J. Killer”
  54. KIHEI, 6: Chuck’s Steak House, Kihei Town Center, 1881 S. Kihei Rd., Kihei, HI 96753, phone (808) 879-4489. (Nice average Tiramisu, a little short on the mascarpone, and they used cake. Still, nice taste and creaminess, though a little heavy.) — Miyamoto
  55. MILILANI, 10: Ricardo’s Italian Restaurant, 98-199 Kamehameha Hwy, Unit B-6. (My family and I like Ricado’s Tiramisu the most of all the different restaurants we’ve tried. It’s smooth and delicious, just a great texture. My daughter says “it’s the bomb!” My wife says “broke da mouth, ‘as so good!’ Can’t find none better.) — “Go2Waikele”
  56. VOLCANO, 8: Surt. (This delightful small restaurant has a Mango Tiramisu that is elegant, tropical, yet maintains that Tiramisu “feeling.” They also serve a traditional recipe, but haven’t tried it yet.) — “Diana Tizard
  57. WAIKELE, 9: Border’s Books & Music, Waikele Center, phone (808) 676-6699. (As I have not tasted Tiramisu anyplace else, I have nothing to compare with. But what I tasted at Border’s was indeed indescribably delicious, to the point that I purchased a book on Italian desserts, hoping to duplicate the heavenly morsel at home on demand. Alas, what I made didn’t come close to the Border’s rendition. On further inquiry I was told by the folks behind the counter than their Tiramisu is ordered from some baking establishment on the mainland. By the way, I gave it a 9 because tears didn’t come to my eyes.) — “Kimo”
  58. Border’s Books & Music, 5: Waikele Center, phone (808) 676-6699. (Very heavy with a light cheesecake consistency. Also, it had a very B espresso flavor; the ladyfingers were soaking in it, which made the dessert rather … “mooshy.”) — Miyamoto

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