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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Georgia from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. ACWORTH, 3: Macaroni Grill (chain). (Portions were large, but the texture was gooey and heavy, like eating a custard. It was heavy it can best be described as soggy. The amount of liquor and cinnamon used were excessive. Of course, if you prefer quantity over quality, this is the place, where your chunk of Tiramisu is brought to you in a large bowl.) — Gary Shull
  2. ATLANTA, 10: Bones, Piedmont Rd., Atlanta 30305. (1999: The first time I ever tasted it and made the great discovery!) — Dean
  3. ATLANTA, 10: Café Milano, 375 Northridge Rd., Atlanta, GA 30350 (I have had Tiramisu prepared many ways in many resturants in many cities but this was by far the best I have ever had!! Very light, just a subtle hint of the liquor. As you bring the fork to your lips you automatically close your eyes as you savor the flavor as it simply melts away on your tongue. As Tiramisu should be, “heaven in your mouth”! Excellent food, wonderful service. I applaud the whole staff!! I will return on my next visit to Atlanta!) – Suzanne
  4. ATLANTA, 10: La Grotta, 2637 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta 30305. (La Grotta is one of the most superb Italian restaurants I’ve visited and their Tiramisu is outstanding. If I dared lick the plate, I would have. Just the right amount of sweetness and liquor. To die for.) – Susan
  5. ATLANTA, 10: Macaroni Grill (chain). — Jennifer Sorensen
  6. ATLANTA, 10: Pricci, 500 Pharr Road Northeast, Atlanta 30305-3427, phone: (404) 237-2941. (Pricci is an Italian restaurant in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA with a delectable, heavenly, better-than-sex Tiramisu that is always a delight for the senses! Theirs is consistently good, and even better than some other places that were rated highly on the Heavenly Tiramisu website. (Romano’s Macaroni Grill has a bit more unmelted [grainy] sugar in their recipe.) – Susan Leonhardt
  7. ATLANTA, 10: Nino’s, 1931 Chesire Bridge Road Northeast, Atlanta 30324. (This is the gold standard. Not even in Italy did I find better. The Noviello brothers do it right.) – Wayne Reed
  8. ATLANTA, 9: Maggiano’s. (Tiramisu is the absolute favorite dessert of mine and my fiancé’s. We are trying to figure out how to make a multi-layered tiramisu for our wedding cake. Any suggestions?) — Erica Morgan
  9. ATLANTA, 9: Avanzare, downtown. (Mmm, mmm good.) — winannjantzuchris
  10. ATLANTA, 9: California Pizza Kitchen (chain), Lenox Mall. — Beavis
  11. ATLANTA, 9: The Palms, In the Swisshotel. (The portions are HUGE. My dessert looked like a slab of confectioner’s lasagna. The texture was light but creamy and it wasn’t overly cloying. All portions at The Palms are good and ridiculously large, but save room for this dessert. It is the part that was truly outstanding. Be forewarned, this resturant ain’t cheap. Plan on $75-100 per person, minimum.) — Walter Phillip McCurdy
  12. ATLANTA, 6: Azio, 229 Peachtree St., Peachtree Center, Atlanta 30303, Phone (404) 222-0808. (This was a large serving with lots of chocolate grinds on top. The mascarpone part was pretty heavy (kind of like buttery icing, which I don’t care for – I think it should be light and heavenly. It did not produce the fullness in the mouth that I’ve experienced in my “10-rated” samplings. Not enough liqueur either, but I guess that’s a matter of taste. It’s a good, average Tiramisu. Someone else might rate it higher, but I think it’s a 6 {good average dessert}.) – Miyamoto
  13. ATLANTA, 6: Savannah Fish Company, Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, 210 Peachtree Blvd. (International Blvd.), phone 404-589-7456. (A little better than average, but a little too heavy.) — Miyamoto
  14. BUCKHEAD, 10: Maggiano’s. (The best Tiramisu I have ever tasted. What else is there to say?) — Diane Blaszyk
  15. BUCKHEAD, 4: The Cheesecake Factory (chain), Peachtree Road. (Too runny, not an Italian in the kitchen, smothered with whipped cream [ewwwww], not enough rum.) — winannjan
  16. BUCKHEAD, 2: Cafe Intermezzo, Peachtree Road. (Tiramisu wasn’t meant to be scooped from a box or served as a custard. Pretty nasty.) — winannjan
  17. COLUMBUS, 10: Ben’s Chop House, Sidney Simons Blvd., Columbus 31907. (This was my first taste of Tiramisu, but it won’t be my last. This is a nice steak house. I was told that the lead chef’s mother makes all the deserts, which is a shame because I wanted to kiss her after tasting this delicious treat.) – James Wood
  18. CONVERS, 10: Michelangelo, 951 Railroad St. (My grandparents are Italian, so I have eaten many different versions of Tiramisu, but my favorite is Michelangelo’s. It is wonderful with just the right amount of liquor, cream and of course the chocolate.) – Anita Martinez
  19. DOUGLASVILLE, 10: Carollo’s Italian Restaurant, 6615 Church St., Douglasville 30134. (This is without a doubt the best Tiramisu ever. Carollo’s usually sells out of this dessert every night.) – Randy Hallman
  20. DULUTH, 7: Costco, Venture Dr. (Don’t have to get dressed up for this. Comfort of having it in your own home without having to make it. Buy in bulk!) — winannjan
  21. DULUTH, 7: Olive Garden, Gwinnet Place Mall area. (Surprisingly good considering this is a chain restaurant.) — Dean
  22. DULUTH, 9: Publix Supermarket Bakery, found all over Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina as well. (I have to say this is one of the best I have tried. Delicious, and you don’t have to go out to eat to enjoy. Just pick one up when you go grocery shopping and have it with your favorite meal. You get a good-sized piece for a reasonable price. Enjoy!) — Christa
  23. HELEN, 10: Han’s Restaurant and Lounge, 8735 N Main St., Helen 30545, phone: (706) 878-2312. (What a delightful experience. We had eaten Tiramisu Cake many times but, I must say, this was far and away the best Tiramisu cheesecake of any we have ever tried. I am searching the Internet trying to find the recipe. Kudos to Han’s in Helen, Georgia.) – Marcia Bragg Bogan
  24. KENNESAW, 9: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 780 Cobb Place Blvd., Kennesaw 30144. (Greg is wrong on two counts about Romano’s Marcaroni Grill: The location is Kennesaw, not Acworth [I wish we had a location in Acworth!], and I have to disagree with his rating, I thought their Tiramisu was delightful! Maybe they’ve changed the recipe since ’97! Try it again, Greg!) — Carol
  25. MACON, 10: Natalia’s. (Out of this world!) — Marti Couey
  26. MACON, 7: Olive Garden, Bloomfield Rd., Macon 31210. (The Tiramisu was not the best I’ve ever tasted, but it wasn’t terrible either. If I hadn’t had the Tiramisu at Angelina’s first, I probably would’ve given this one a higher rating.) – Christina Grammer
  27. MARIETTA, 10: Frankie’s, Roswell Road, Marietta 30062. (The perfect blend. The way it was supposed to be done!) – Brian Tracy
  28. MARIETTA, 7: Spaghetti Warehouse, Delk Rd., Marietta 30064 (This was the first time I had Tiramisu. I thought it was wonderful. I’ve had it since at Maggiano’s and Macaroni Grill. I have to say Maggiano’s is the best.) — Carol Sue Kidd
  29. MORROW, 10: Carrabba’s Italian Grill, 1887 Mt. Zion Rd. (This was by far the best Tiramisu that I have had! I have been to Italy several times and I have never found a better dessert than the one at Carrabba’s The presentation is beautiful, the portion is large and the price is great! Go to Carrabba’s even if you only eat dessert [the food is great too, very authentic]. I think they have several location sin Atlanta. Really not your typical chain food, much better!) — Stacie
  30. PERRY, 9: Angelina’s Garden Café, 1500 Sam Nunn Blvd., Perry 31069-2033, phone: (478) 987-9494. (The portion was small but the Tiramisu was excellent.) – Christina
  31. ST. MARY’S, 10: LaCucina Pizzeria Italian Grill & Bar, 140 Lakes Blvd., Suite H, St. Mary’s 31558. (This restaurant is run by two Italian brothers, and I am happy to say that in our small community, people seem to appreciate the good food and the business seems to be flourishing. It probagbly help that it is directly off I-95, but the food keeps people coming back. One thing in particular keeps me returning — the Tiramisu. Bliss on a fork. Their Tiramisu is wonderful in comparison to any other I have had the pleasure to try yet. Nice-sized portion, wonderful mixture of texture and flavor. Only drawback — they run out relatively early, but the flip side of that is you know it is fresh.) — Jenifer
  32. STOCKBRIDGE, 3: Pasta Max, Stockbridge 30281. (The meal was very good but the Tiramisu was a terrible imposter of the real thing. No lady fingers, some type of cake was used. Stiff cream that tasted like whip cream, no hint of marscapone could be detected. Chocolate sauce drizzled over the top instead of coco powder. I would have expected more from a CIA grad chef owner.) — Mike
  33. WARNER ROBINS, 9: Johnny Carino’s, 2707 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins 31093. (Johnny Carino’s is new in Warner Robins and their food is excellent, though a bit on the expensive side. The Tiramisu comes in a large portion for only $4.99. It’s really, really good, but I thought it was a tiny bit bland. My 4-yr-old likes it with a little chocolate syrup drizzled on the plate. Very good Tiramisu!) –Christina Grammer

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