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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Florida from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. AVENTURA, 7: The Biz Bistro, Aventura Mall, 19575 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura 33180, phone (305) 931-8448, fax (305) 931-8108. (Located in a large Miami Beach area mall, this Tiramisu has good honest taste, but is not real spectacular. Nicely served with a scoop of espresso ice cream. Lady fingers a little too airy for me.) – Miyamoto
  2. BELLEVIEW, 8: Pasta Faire, 10401 S.E. Hwy. 441, Belleview 34420. (Always a good experience – this restaurant serves Tiramisu that is among the 2 or 3 best I have ever tasted.) – John Boots
  3. BRADENTON, 9: Cristellie’s, 5718 Cortez Rd. West. (This is a small, intimate local italian restaurant with a devoted following. Their Tiramisu was very good and served in individual dishes. However, not a 10, but do not let that turn you away from this very nice restaurant. You won’t be disappointed by spending an evening here.) – “Nanci”
  4. BAL HARBOR, 10: The French Bakery, 1023 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor 33154. (I have been searching for a cute cafe with great desserts for years now, and when I went to The French Bakery in Bay Harbor, I knew I found it. Their Tiramisu – it is absolutely amazing. It’s not your American style thick, instead light and delicious. My taste buds worship this place.) – Andrew Archer
  5. BAL HARBOR, 8: Carpaccio, Bal Harbor Shops, 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbor 33154, phone (305) 867-7777. (Just a smidgen more sweetness – not much, just a smidgen – would have lofted this Miami Beach area Tiramisu into a 9 rating. Served attractively on top of a chocolate “squiggle” design and “accessorized” with a sweet half-strawberry, this Tiramisu was very, very good. The atmosphere is nice too. Carpaccio is located at the entrance to Bal Harbor Shops, a very chi-chi shopping complex. Its outdoor dining area is conducive to dessert and coffee, even if it does look out into the parking lot.) – Miyamoto
  6. BRANDON, 8: Macaroni Grill (chain). – “Nanci”
  7. DAYTONA BEACH, 10: Carrabba’s Italian Grill, 2200 W. International Speedway, Daytona Beach 32114. (Delectable, very well-presented on the plate.) – Chris Owens
  8. FORT LAUDERDALE, 10: Cheesecake Factory, Sawgrass Mills, Ft. Lauderdale 33314. (The best I’ve had yet. They also include fresh whipped cream with an enormous serving of Tiramisu, a meal in itself!) – Kevin O’Connor
  9. FORT LAUDERDALE, 8: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Ft. Lauderdale 33314. (Not the best in town, but pretty good. Portions are a little small for my taste, but a good finish to a very good meal.) –Kevin O’Connor
  10. FORT MYERS, 8: Romano’s Macaroni Grill. (Usually the Tiramisu is wonderful, but the last time I was there, it tasted kind of … well … stale. Not the best experience. However, out of the numerous times I have ordered it at that restaurant, it was the only time I was disappointed.) – James F. Clark
  11. GAINESVILLE, 10: Olive Garden, Archer Road. – “BGofD”
  12. GAINESVILLE, 5:Rigatelli’s, Oak’s Mall, Gainesville 32605. (Our experience is uneven. My Tiramisu was heaven, my husband’s runny and flavorless.) – Jen Hassler
  13. JACKSONVILLE, 10: European Street Cafe, 2753 Park St., Jacksonville 32205. (THE BEST. A faithful customer of theirs for 20 years. I have had this dessert at all of the Jacksonville restaurants that have this on their menu and not one of them makes it homemade, on location, the TRUE way except European Street Cafe!!) – Kim
  14. JACKSONVILLE, 10: Sebastian’s Italian Restaurant, 10601 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville 32257. (This is actually the first time I had tried this dessert, but it was truly heavenly. It was whipped to perfection and just melted on your tongue. Nothing I’ve had since has matched up.) – August Hewlett
  15. JACKSONVILLE BEACH, 10: Milano’s, 325 9th Ave. North, Jacksonville Beach 32250. (Very good food and great Tiramisu. It was light and creamy, rich and yummy.) – Steven Steiger
  16. MIAMI, 10:Prezzo, 8888 S.W. 136 St., Miami 33176. (I could have died an extremely happy person after the first bite. I have only had the Tiramisu from Prezzo Restaurant in the Falls twice in my life, but the taste lives on forever.) – Nikkie Lewis
  17. MIAMI, 9: Lombardi’s Ristoranti, at Bayside Marketplace, 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 33132, phone (305) 381-9580, also in Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando and Phoenix. (A wonderful experience. Outdoor seating that abuts an open-air bar. A Cuban guitarist’s lively music kept the diners enthralled. It was a little strange – Cuban-style “flamenco” at an Italian restaurant – but still, a marvelous combination crowned by a huge piece of Tiramisu that was light, fulfilling, non-cloying. It would be a 10, except the ladyfingers were more or less soaked with espresso. Can’t deduct too much for that, however, because it was described as such in the menu.) – Miyamoto
  18. MIAMI, 8: East Side Mario’s, 19501 Biscayne Blvd. (Aventura Mall), Miami 33180. (Found Tiramisu to be light and nicely delicious. Shared mine with a friend, but left wanting one just for myself!) – Anonymous
  19. MIAMI, 7: The Capital Grille, 444 Brickell Ave., Miami 33131, Phone (305) 374-4500, also in Providence (RI), Boston, Chestnut Hill (MA), Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago and Houston. (The waiter confessed that they serve a commercial dessert not prepared at the restaurant. None-the-less, this Tiramisu needed a little more sweetness, as it left a somewhat empty feeling in the mouth – no fullness that one expects from Tiramisu. Just a little more sugar probably would boost it at least 1 point.) – Miyamoto
  20. MIAMI BEACH, 10: Escopazzo, 1311 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 33139. (Forget everything you tried before. Perfect taste, temperature, portion size, perfect, perfect – perfect! This is REAL Tiramisu.) – Mike Mauss
  21. MIAMI BEACH, 10: The French Bakery, Washington Blvd., Miami Beach 33139. (After many years of traveling this earth – and in a personal quest to find the best Tiramisu on this planet – nothing has come close in comparison to The French Bakery on Miami Beach, Florida. If only it all tasted THAT good!) – Segal
  22. MIAMI BEACH, 4: The Pub Steakhouse, at the Newport Beachside Crowne Plaza Resort, 16701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach 33160, phone (305) 949-1300, fax (305) 947-5873. (Not good at all. It looked suspiciously like the one I ate at The Capital Grille near on Brickell near Bayside. However, it tasted worse; it was somewhat … well, sour? No richness at all, heavy and not smooth.) – Miyamoto
  23. OCALA, 1: The Copper Pot, 2019 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala 34470. (The square lump of custard covered pastry that was brought to me in no way resembled Tiramisu. There was so much sauce, custard, cheese throughout the lump of stuff that if there had ever been any coffee or alcohol the flavors were long gone. Totally inedible and disgusting.) – John Boots
  24. ORLANDO, 10: Mama Leoni’s, Disney MGM. (On a recent trip to Disney, we tried all the Tiramisus we cound find, and this was the best. The one in EPCOT’s Italy was good too [second best, which is saying a lot ’cause we ate a lot of Tiramisu]. One last note – it wasn’t on the menu, but as the waiter said, “What kind of Italian people would we be without Tiramisu?”) – Kash
  25. ORLANDO, 10: Tony’s Italian Restaurant, Town Square in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. (What can I say but Oh my GOD!!! I was numb all over with the best taste that I had ever tasted in my life! Although Tony’s also has some impeccable dinner entrees there the Tiramisu was just to die for, it is a must have if you go to Walt Disney World. It was a absolutely priceless moment.) – Cheri
  26. ORLANDO, 9: Tony’s Italian Restaurant, Town Square in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. – Pacman25
  27. PALM BAY, 10: Cairoma Grill, 1851 Palm Bay Rd., NE, Palm Bay 32905. (Wow, this restaurant is heaven. What an experience. The menu is split evenly between Mediterranean delights and Italian specialties. The chef and his son originally from Egypt and then lived in Italy for many years. His detail to perfection shows in all his dishes but the Tiramisu is pure heaven. Don’t forget to leave room for this dessert. Or skip your dinner all together and order 2. It’s worth the calories!!) – Jessica Brace
  28. PALM BAY, 10: Carrabba’s, Palm Bay Rd., Palm Bay 32905. (My first and absolute best Tiramisu was at Carraba’s. No other has come close since, but they’re all wonderful in their own way!) – Gloria Douglas
  29. PANAMA CITY, 10: St. Andrew’s Coffee House , 1006 Beck Avenue, Panama City 32405, phone (850) 769-3767. (Truly the best Tiramisu I have EVER had! EVER!) – B. Carson
  30. PENSACOLA, 10: Apple Market, 1021 Scenic Hwy., Pensacola 32503, phone (850) 433-4381. (It passes the fork test [the fork goes through smoothly does not stop at the ladyfingers]. Very creamy and smooth. Great seafood also and great service.) – Craig Carroll
  31. PENSACOLA, 9: The Dock, 4 Casino Beach, Pensacola 32561. (Craig’s note: This is the first time a restaurant has sent in a rating of its own Tiramisu. Wonder why they didn’t give themselves a 10?) –The Dock
  32. PENSACOLA, 9: Franco’s Italian Restaurant , 523 E Gregory St,, Pensacola 32501, phone (850) 433-9200. (It passes the fork test [the fork goes through smoothly does not stop at the ladyfingers]. Very creamy and smooth. Great seafood also and great service.) – Craig Carroll
  33. SARASOTA, 9: Cafe Baci. (We recently dined here with some out-of-town guests. The meal was wonderful, but little did we know that the best was yet to come. The tiramisu was absolutely wonderful!) – Kathy Parent
  34. SARASOTA, 2: Cafe of the Arts, 5230 N. Tamiami Trail. (This is a lovely French restaurant and bakery. Very popular for its garden setting and delicious food. But what they serve for Tiramisu is not! It’s really cake with a slight mocha taste. Leave it to the French to ruin a great dessert!) – “Nanci,”
  35. ST. PETERSBURG, 8: Kaystone, 320 Fourth St. North, St. Petersburg 33702. (The place is famous for its 2-pound pork chop. Dessert was excellent!) –George Pagnotta
  36. ST. PETERSBURG, 8: Renaissance Vinoy Resort, 501 Fifth Ave., N.E., St. Petersburg 33701, phone 813-498-1000, stately hotel, once a haven for rich and famous, lavish restoration maintains its historic grandeur. Five restaurants at the resort. – “Nanci,”
  37. TALLAHASSEE, 7: Kool Beanz. – Renee Kimmelman
  38. TAMPA, 10: Antonio’s Pasta Grill, 11401 56th St. N, Tampa 33617. (This was melt in your mouth incredible. This restaurant replaced the Italian Oven on 56th St. I get this every time I go and have to bring some back for my friends too.) –Karen Harper
  39. TAMPA, 10: Bern’s Steakhouse and Dessert Bar, S. Howard Ave. (Absolutely delicious. No other has lived up to this.) – Jennifer
  40. TAMPA, 10: Italian Oven, corner of Fowler Ave. and 56th St. in Temple Terrace area. – Rebecca Davis
  41. 10: Italian Oven, corner of Fowler Ave. and 56th St. in Temple Terrace area. (I took the recommendation [note: Rebecca Davis’ above]. It was really a 10. If one day you are near Italian Oven, you have to stop by, and you will see) – Jocelyn Pichardo
  42. TAMPA, 10: Maggianos, West Shore Mall, Tampa 33609. (The best I’VE ever had … delicious and worth trying!) – Vicky
  43. TAMPA, 9: Olive Garden, Busch Blvd., across from Busch Gardens in Temple Terrace area. – Rebecca Davis
  44. TAMPA, 8: Armani’s, at the Hyatt Regency Westshore, 6200 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa 33607, phone (813) 281-9165. (Armani’s is a romantic, elegant, superb dining experience overlooking Tampa Bay. Their Tiramisu, not always available, is a European delight. Have it when they celebrate the Feast of San Gennaro with opera singers belting out “O Sole Mio” in the background. A wonderful sensory adventure.) – Caroline Goodrich
  45. TAMPA, 5: Spaghetti Factory, in Ybor City. – “BGofD,”
  46. WEST PALM BEACH, 10: Carrabbas, Palm Beach Lake Blvd. (After enjoying tiramisu in an authentic restaurant on Manhattan’s East Side, I thought I would never experience the near-ecstasy of this dessert again. Yet, here it is in Palm Beach, Florida, and tasting even better. It is served on a huge plate, surrounded in a sea of scattered chocolate ripples, ready for dragging and the most amazing gastronomical experience you ever experienced.) – Marc Martin

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