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Send in your Tiramisu review

  1. BRIDGEPORT, 10: Ralph & Rich’s, Wall St. (Absolutely the best Tiramisu ever. Melts in your mouth and is no comparison to ANY found in the area!) — Marcia LaBombard
  2. LEDYARD, 9: Valentino’s, Route 117, Ledyard 06339. (Small town, but one of the best we’ve tasted, including great Italian restaurants of New York.) — B. Gilbert
  3. MERIDEN, 10: Anthony’s Silvertown Restaurant, South Broad St. (Rte. 5) Meriden 06450. (Formerly “Spiga,” formerly “Testa’s,” this is the best Tiramisu I have ever eaten. The alcohol content changes. Since Chef Leo’s departure, it is less than “potent,” but still very good! Chef Leo made the Tiramisu so powerful, one slice would make a breathalizer go off-scale! Sadly, this restaurant’s hours change frequently, and the Tiramisu is intermittently available. I was told by the waitress that a customer used ot come in and ask if they had Tiramisu. If they said “no,” he’d leave. That is how good their Tiramisu is!) — Scott Dygert
  4. NEW HAVEN, 10: Tre Scalini, Wooster St., re-rated from a 9 to a 10! (I compare Tiramisu to “orgasms.”) — Kelly Lynn Hankey
  5. NORWICH, 10: The Liberty Tree Coffeehouse Eatery, 1 Market St. — Bnice
  6. SOUTH WINDSOR, 10: Bellini, 501 Eveergreen Way, South Windsor 06074. (I have tried Tiramisu in restaurants in various parts of the US while I traveled for business. I have learned to ask how it is made, i.e. is it a sliced dessert or is it a scooped dessert. That seems to have finally solved the problem of desserts called Tiramisu that are not even close.) – Maureen T.
  7. STRATFORD, 10: Tristan Restaurant, 1479 Barnum Ave. (Without a doubt a perfectly crafted classic version that is a must-try in order to even understand. Definitely the best in the state!) — Kyle Shea
  8. UNCASVILLE, 2: Pompeii and Caesar, Mohegan Sun Casino. (This Tiramisu was more like yellow cake with a mocha icing. It wasn’t worth the calories. Easily the worst Tiramisu I ever had.) — Bill K.

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