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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Colorado from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. BOULDER, 10: Laudisio,, 2785 Iris Ave., Boulder 80304. (One of our favorite Italian restaurants of all time. Rates up there with the best in NY. Tiramisu is worth the trip alone. This restaurant is Boulder’s best kept secret!) – Mili Ponesse
  2. COLORADO SPRINGS, 6: Grazi, in the Colorado Springs Marriott Hotel, 5580 Tech Center Dr., Colorado Springs 80919-2339, phone (719) 260-1800, fax (719) 260-1492. (This is not your traditional Tiramisu. It was more like a pie. Very tasty, but not light and airy, and definitely not classic. It is not made on the premises, but is purchased by the restaurant from a local supplier.) — Miyamot
  3. COLORADO SPRINGS, 5: MacKenzie’s Chop House Downtown, 128 S. Tejone, Colorado Springs 80903, phone (719) 635-3536, fax (719) 635-1225. (It was more like a layer cake, with the ladyfingers as the cake, and a very firm Tiramisu filling, almost like frosting. Barely a hint of espresso, and no liquor flavor at all. However, their entrees were absolutely mouth-watering [I had the juiciest pork chops I’ve had in years] and huge.) — Miyamoto
  4. DENVER, 10: Basil’s. (I’ve yet to find one as wonderful. The restaurant was small. Everything we tried from the menu looked and tasted great. We also had a tour of the kitchen.) — J. Phillips
  5. DENVER, 10: Cucina Calore, 3041 E. 3rd Ave., Denver 80206. (You know that scene in “When Happy Met Sally” where the lady at the next table says, “I’ll have what she’s having”? It’s like that, but real. Their Tiramisu with a shot of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur to drink — divine doesn’t even begin the describe it. [An addendum to the person who recommended 927 Main, aka Ken and Sue’s {see rating right below this one}, in Durango: I can’t comment on their Tiramisu, but they are a wonderul restaurant and the creme brulee is magnificent.]) — Shereen
  6. DENVER, 10: Tiramisu Restarante Italiano, 2191 Arapahoe St., Denver 80205. (With a name like Tiramisu, I had to try it. Perfect … the best I’ve ever had. Went back twice.) – Steven Steiger
  7. DENVER, 8: Buca Di Beppo, Market St. (This was the first Tiramasu I ever had. All others shall be compared to it. The desert was served chilled in a heavy crockery bowl. There were four thin layers of brandy or rum-soaked cake along with four creamy layers. It was topped with powdered cocoa and chocolate cookie crumbs. Buca Di Beppo serves overly generous portions, family-style, traditional Italian food. The zany ambiance includes walls covered with framed vintage photos of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and unknown Italian types. Red wines come to the table in carafes and are served in 12-ounce tumblers “just like at Grandma’s house.” Anyone celebrating a birthday will be serenaded by a collection of diners gathered at the spur of the moment. An elaborate candlelabra is substitued for a mundane birthday candle.) — Jeanine Kinberg
  8. DENVER, 10: Josephina’s, Larimer Square. (The Tiramisu at Josephina’s was the first Tiramisu I ever had. In fact, prior to Josephina’s I had never heard of it. It was the best dessert I have ever had, and I am not a big chocolate lover but I do love it. Of course the experience was heightened due to the fact that I was with a very special guy!) — Elaine M.
  9. DURANGO, 10: 937 Main, 927 Main St., Durango 81301. (The pastry chef has created for the fall a pumpkin Tiramisu that is to die for. I spoke with him and got the recipe. It is mascarpone, cream cheese, zabalione, roasted pumpkin, vanilla and spices. The whole mix is lightened up perfectly with slight amounts of whipped cream, and whipped egg whites that were folded in. The ladyfingers were soaked with a simple syrup/Frangelico mix. The hazelnut liqueur, and the spiced pumpkin mousse, blended so well in your mouth, and then melted away, leaving you wanting more. The whole piece was served with a huge piece of pumpkin seed brittle jammed in the top. A gorgeous plate of thin golden pulled sugar, with roasted pumpkin seeds scattered throughout. Am I raving too much? It’s some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Leaps and bounds above the standard Tiramisu.) — Jay Andrews
  10. ENGLEWOOD/CENTENNIAL, 8: Maggiano’s Little Italy, 7401 S. Clinton St., Englewood, CO 80112-3655, phone (303) 858-1405. (Yummy, yummy in my tummy!) – Jeff Dasler
  11. LAFAYETTE, 10: Nikko, Lafayette 80516. (Words cannot describe the delightful experience this food snob had at the wonderful little restaurant on Public Rd. [the main street] in a small town north of Denver. This place was as out of place as a tux at a barn dance in Texas in the middle of July … but oh my … the food was music to our mouths, the service quaint but very respectable and the Tiramisu … I could die wanting more. “10” all around.) — Michael Gilbert
  12. PAGOSA, 10: Castagnas’s, 486 Lewis St., Pagosa 81147. — Joseph Van Luchene
  13. PALMER LAKE, 7: The Villa at Palmer Lake, 75 West Highway 105, P.O. Box 758, Palmer Lake 80133, phone (719) 481-2222, fax (719) 488-0103. (Very tasty, but the whipped mascarpone blend was somewhat grainy and a little runny. When I asked the waitress for the ingredients, she mentioned Kahlua and rum, but no eggs. The liquor taste was virtually non-existent.) — Miyamoto
  14. TELLURIDE, 10: Campagna, 435 W. Pacific Ave., Telluride 81435. (The Tiramisu at Campagna is really an 11, but your form doesn’t have that option!) — Cyndi Jung
  15. TELLURIDE, 10: Eagles Bar and Grille, 100 Colorado. (The dish was empty far too soon! Just the right amount but never enough!) — Judy Mitz

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