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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants in Chicago from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

  1. 10: Buca’s. — Anonymous
  2. 10: Carlucci, 2215 N. Halsted St., Chicago 60614-3624, phone (312) 281-1220. (My first experience, and the one against which I judge all others. A friend who considers herself a Tiramisu gourmet — confirmed by her spouse — compared it to her own creation and dubbed it her equal. All I remember is that when I came to, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Hence the descriptor of this website, “Heaven In Your Mouth”!) — Miyamoto
  3. 10: The Cheesecake Factory, 875 N. Michigan, Chicago 60611, lower level of the John Hancock Bldg. — Rene
  4. 10: The Cheesecake Factory, 875 N. Michigan, Chicago 60611, lower level of the John Hancock Bldg. (I’m a resident of Nashville who visits Chicago often — always hoping to visit The Cheesecake Factory for Tiramisu. It is the ultimate dessert experience in the United States.) — Mark Absher
  5. 9: The Cheesecake Factory, 875 N. Michigan, Chicago 60611, lower level of the John Hancock Bldg. (I have not tasted that many Tiramisus but the one from this restaurant has turned me into a convert. Now I find myself surfing the net looking for the perfect Tiramisu recipe at midnight when I have 12 million other things to do!) — Yvonne Lee
  6. 10: LaDonna, 5146 N. Clark St., Chicago 60659. (The Tiramisu was excellent. Another excellent dish they have is the carbonara; I’ve never tasted carbonara so good. I will recommend it to everyone. Glad they moved into my neighborhood.) — “REPAUL”
  7. 10: Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, 516 N. Clark St., Chicago 90210. (To. Die. For. A rapturous delight – quite literally sent our group of women into the throes of ecstasy, from which it took us several days to recover. [We also highly recommend their Chocolate Zucotto Cake for a similar experience.] *swoon*.) – The BICS
  8. 10: Rose Angelis, 1314 Wrightwood. (I have never had one like this before. Thick layer of chocolate on the bottom, topped by creamy layer on top. Served in a delicious cream sauce! Once you have tried this Tiramisu, all others pale in comparison. I wish I had the recipe. I would make it every night!) — Lisa Balon
  9. 10: Sorriso, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago 60654, phone (312) 644-0283. (“Sorriso” means “to smile.” And wow, did I smile. Is it a coincidence that my only two 10’s are from Chicago? Their heavenly dessert was large and fluffy, like slipping a cloud into your mouth and having your tongue float away like gossamer. Just the right hint of liqueur and espresso. Truly a glorious experience in a simple Italian restaurant on the banks of the Chicago River. Great-tasting food too, in a perfectly romantic setting on a foggy night.) – Miyamoto
  10. 10: Trattoria Dinotto, 163 W. North Ave., Chicago 60610. — J.C. Canales
  11. 10: Tucci Bennuch, 900 N Michigan Ave., Chicago 60611. (Don’t live in Chicago anymore but when I do visit, I definitely go there. My first Tiramisu was in the Tucci Bennuch at the Mall of America, Minnesota.) – Raquel Eng
  12. 10: Tufano’s, 1073 W. Vernon Park Pl. (Tufano’s is neighborhood, cafeteria-style Italian dining at its finest. And when you’re done with your main entree, be sure to try the Tiramisu. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth variety dessert, you can’t go wrong, unless you’re on a diet.) — William GeMeiner
  13. 9: Jameson’s Tavern & Grill, 118 S. Clinton St., Chicago 60661. (I also would like to recommend a close second, Armando, located in the Merchandise Mart, mouth-watering good.) — Andre Robinson
  14. 9: Nick & Tony’s, Wacker Dr. & La Salle St. (Though not traditional [chocolate sponge cake is used insted of ladyfingers] the delicate flavoring, ice-cold service, and light touch on the mascarpone filling is superb. After a beautifully cooked val chop with rosotto and vegetable saute’, this dessert was heavenly. I dream of going to Nick & Tony’s just for Tiramisu!) — Angie V.
  15. 9: Volare’s, St. Clair and E. Grand Ave. (This restaurant has a very warm and homey atmosphere. The Tiramisu was wonderful. It was served in a bowl instead of a square. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.) — Darren Hulskotter
  16. CHICAGO, 7: Frank & Son, Milwaukee Street (This was quite an achievement, given that I was eating this after 1 in the morning.) – Chris Virtue
  17. 7: Hyatt Regency Chicago at Riverwalk (banquet service), 151 E. Wacker Dr., Chicago 60654, phone (312) 565-1234. (As this was a banquet service, no one could possibly expect anywhere close to perfection. That being said, the Tiramisu was nicely creamy and very tasty. No liqueur flavor, but that’s to be expected. It had an unusual color – deep yellow, almost “saffrony.” They used a cake instead of ladyfingers, and embellished the dessert with a half-strawberry and blueberries) – Miyamoto
  18. 6: Andiamo, in the O’Hare Hilton Hotel at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago 60666, phone (773) 686-8000, fax (773) 601-2313. (Flavorful, but basically a ladyfinger cake heavily soaked with espresso, and not a lot of mascarpone mixture to satisfy the palate. They embellish it with some icing “roses” and fresh strawberries, but unfortunately, those things don’t impress me.) — Craig Miyamoto

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