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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Canada from our great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.


  1. BANFF, 7: Castello Ristorante, The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff T1L 1J4. (This summer, my husband and I visited Banff, Canada, and stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel. We had dinner at their Italian restaurant and I reluctantly ordered Tiramisu. I have never cared for the syrupy version here in Kentucky. This was the most outstanding dessert I have ever tasted. It was very light on the liquor and just a true culinary delight. I would love their recipe and I am searching for one that might be similar. I will try some from this site and see if I get close.) – Stephanie Roney
  2. CALGARY, 10: Suzanne’s Place. (An “enlightenment” experience … something all Buddhists would want.) — Kent Patel
  3. CALGARY, 9: Olive Garden, 333 36th St., NE — “Govier”
  4. CALGARY, 8: Bona Roma, Macloud Trail South. (Delightful! Light and airy, great texture — melted in your mouth. The waiter said he would stake his reputation as a server that it was the best Tiramisu in Calgary. We were not disappointed.) — Timmy & Neil Zaza
  5. EDMONTON, 10: La Spiga, 10133 125th St., Edmonton T5N 3M7. (La Spiga is the restaurant that produces the best Tiramisu in the city. Just a note to those who don’t already know – Sicilian Pasta Kitchens were born under La Spiga’s wings, therefore have the same Tiramisu recipe.) – L.
  6. EDMONTON, 10: Sicilian Pasta Restaurant, 23rd Ave., a few blocks west of 111 St. (Of all the places where I have had Tiramisu [if it is on the menu, I order it], the Sicilian Pasta Restaurant has created a masterpiece! It is divine! When we are in the city and I don’t have time to stop in for a meal, we order it to go. Other restaurants serve a “generic” from the box; it never looks like the picture form of the dessert, and they only do Tiramisu a major injustice.) — Laurie Clubb
  7. ST. ALBERT, 9: Andiamo, Mission Avenue. (A little piece of heaven! Ask them to set aside a piece when you first order. Some days it goes fast!) — Tim Sayers


  1. BURNABY, 10: Anducci’s, Cameron St. (The first time I’d ever been exposed to Tiramisu. I was going to share dessert with my boyfriend. Let’s just say I wasn’t so good at sharing that evening, in fact, I almost ordered another one. I was blown away, it was so incredibly good.) — J. Lee
  2. BURNABY, 10: Anton’s, E. Hastings. (I don’t know if Anton’s Tiramisu is the best Tiramisu ever, but it is the best one I’ve ever had [and I’ve tried quite a few Tiramisus]. I definitely recommend trying it if you’re ever in the neighborhood.) — HK
  3. RICHMOND, 8: The Boathouse. (So far ,.. this has been the best Tiramisu I’ve tasted in Vancouver, BC. The best is still at Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue, Washington.) – Queenshopper
  4. VANCOUVER, 10: Bean’s Bros., West 41st (Kerrisdale). (The Tiramisu from Bean’s Bros. is absolutely heavenly! I’ve tried Tiramisu at many places, but this is the tops. They use a lot of mascarpone cheese which is great. It definitely beats Bread Garden any day.) — Lisa
  5. 1: Bean’s Bros., W. 41st (Kerrisdale). (My friends and I have been trying out the different Tiramisus that have been rated 10 in our area, and we went to Bean’s Brothers because someone gave them a 10. Boy, were we disappointed. Instead of mascarpone cheese, it was cream cheese. We couldn’t even finish half the dessert, it was so disgusting. Even Bread Garden makes a better Tiramisu! Maybe they have changed the recipe since the person posted the rating. I don’t know.) — HK
  6. VANCOUVER, 10: The Blue Moon Cafe, West 4th @ Burrad. (Actually, I’m not sure if this restaurant still exists, as I have not been in the city for a while, but this one dessert experience has stuck with me through the last 3 years. I have been looking for a comparable dessert experience since then, to no avail. It may or may not have been my first exposure to Tiramisu. It was just wonderful, and since then, I always try the Tiramisu if I see it on a menu, but I wonder if that experience has ruined me for the dessert forever. I hope not! I’ll keep the faith for a long time. Years from now, I’ll still be striving to recapture that sweet pleasure.) — Danny Fendley
  7. VANCOUVER, 10: Cin Cin. (I experienced this delectable dessert for the first time on my wedding day in 1993. My husband and I had an intimate dinner for our immediate family at this northern Italian restaurant. The most memorable moment of the meal was when this dessert hit my tastebuds! The two of us have since tasted Tiramisu all over British Columbia, and even in California and Oregon, but have never met a match! This is a must.) — Karin Wilson
  8. VANCOUVER, 9: Balthazar, 1215 Bidwell.– Natalie
  9. VANCOUVER, 7: Sweet Spot, West Broadway and Cambie. (Although it’s not the real Tiramisu, it is like a Tiramisu mousse cake, but it is absolutely better than those in the Bread Garden!) — Eli
  10. VICTORIA, 10: The Empress Hote. (I haven’t found one as light and sinful as this particular recipe. We were there about 3 years ago, so I hope they haven’t changed the recipe.) — Carol Whittom
  11. VICTORIA, 9: Il Greco, Tillicum Road, Victoria V8V 3M2. (Exceptional. Made from scratch daily. Doesn’t rate a 10 because the kitchen doesn’t always make it. Rich enough for two to share. This restaurant serves such big, scrumptious meals that there is no way to possibly order one dessert each. Amazing taste!) – Rob B.
  12. WEST VANCOUVER, 10: Amici, 1747 Marine Dr., West Vancouver V7V1J5 (It is one of the best Tiramisus I ever had. Heaven in your mouth!) – Ruben Bacci
  13. WEST VANCOUVER, 10: Beach Side Cafe, 1362 Marine Dr., West Vancouver V7T 1B5. (Even without dessert, this perfect eatery is worth your attention. But, nothing I might suggest here could prepare you for what you can’t imagine. Janet was voted “Restaurateur of the Year” for 1996 by her competition there.) — Abe
  14. WHISTLER, 8: Curumba. — Vanessa Griffiths
  15. WHITE ROCK, 8: Giraffe. (This restaurant is right next to the bay in White Rock. The Tiramisu is good and well-presented, not quite perfect, but very good. The Tiramisu is one of the selling points of this restaurant in its reviews.) — Lyza Gardner
  16. WHITE ROCK, 9: The Giraffe. (Melts in your mouth with an individual twist — the chef uses a touch of cinnamon. Added bonus is an intimate romantic atmosphers and 5-star dining with a seaside vista. Highly recommended! Very definitely worth a trip from downtown Vancouver!) — Kathy McCuaig


  1. WINNIPEG, 10: Mama Mia, Corydon Ave. (Authentic Tiramisu in all its glory can be enjoyed here. It is my favorite restaurant, bar none, for its familial atmosphere, unbelievable food, service and reasonable prices. Their Tiramisu is a delight!) — Richard Witherden
  2. WINNIPEG, 10: The Olive Garden, 51 Reindeers. — Dale Bjorklund
  4. FREDERICTON, 9: BrewBakers, King St. (Enjoyed two different Tiramisu recipes at BrewBakers. Both were excellent, but the chocolate crust version was amazing!) — Dianne
  6. HALIFAX, 9: Da Maritzio’s. (I was starved, I sat down to eat it, and I couldn’t speak to anyone, all I could do was make moaning sounds.) – Kerry Feargrieve


  1. Mississauga, 10: Grisanti, 715 Burnhamthorpe. – Farina
  2. MISSISAUGA, 9: Just Dessert, Sussex Centre, beside Square One (Hwy 10 & Burhamthrope). (Quite a big piece compared to the ones in other restaurants. Fluffy and smooth But a little too much cream and too little mascarpone cheese.) – Biscuit
  3. MISSISAUGA, 8: Grisanti’s Casual Italian Restaurant, 715 Burnhamthrope West, phone (905) 275-5006. (The first Tiramisu I had was at the Olive Garden, and at the time I thought it was good. But, having tasted Grisanti’s Tiramisu, simply put, it is to die for. Now that I’m in a Culinary Management program at George Brown, I’ll try to get the best Tiramisu recipe from my professors [or chefs].) — Sally Misako Kitamura
  4. NIAGARA, 5: Mick Angelo’s Eatery, 7600 Lundy’s Lane. (They used sponge cake instead of ladyfingers, and no liqueur. Although tasty, it was a bit heavy, rather looked like a commercial product..) — Miyamoto
  5. OTTAWA, 10: The Capital Club, in the Delta Hotel, 261 Queen St. (A very small, intimate 10-table exquisite restaurant that serves the absolute world’s best Tiramisu. It is the creation of a woman who makes all the desserts for the hotel and its restaurants. She has been making these delectable treats for over 20 years. The delicacy is served in a trible-like glass cup and is seond to none!) — Rob Maxwell
  6. OTTAWA, 8: Clair de Lune, 81-B Clarence in the Byward Market, a pedestrian mall in downtown Ottawa. (Absolutely sinful, although far too small a serving. Served in a goblet with a rolled wafer cookie jutting out. Lots of whipped cream, just the right amount of rum and coffee. definitely worth the $5.95.) — Audrey Brown
  7. TORONTO, 10: Centro, Yonge and Eglinton. (Best Tiramisu I ever tasted. I have yet to duplicate it myself, I’m getting close!) — Frank Chimenti
  8. TORONTO, 6: The David Duncan House, 125 Moatfield Drive @ Don Mills Road, Toronto M3B 3L6, phone (416) 391-3424. (Wonderful restaurant, very average Tiramisu. They basically used sponge cake and apparently very little mascarpone with an abundance of whipped cream. A tasty dessert to top off a wonderful dinner, but the Tiramisu is definitely not top-shelf.) – Miyamoto
  9. TORONTO, 10: Ferraro 502, 502 Eglinton West. (I’ve never had anything like it, and I’ve tasted them all over Italy.) — Jascha Baraness
  10. TORONTO, 10: Prego, Bloor and Avenue Rd. (I’ve been making tiramisu since 1980 and Prego rates as the most authentic Tiramisu. It’s the real thing and fantastic!) — Cecila
  11. TORONTO, 10: Pronto Ristorante, 692 Mt. Pleasant. — Pamela Pereira
  12. TORONTO, 9: La Vecchia, 2405-A Yonge St. (Massimo and Filippo make a great Tiramisu. I am not giving them the cheesy 10 everyone else is gettinb because I think you can ALWAYS do better. But I give a full 10 to their restaurant, a truly cozy, warm, friendly and relaxed Italian dwelling (which is also what a good Tiramisu-eating experience should be about. Bene coxi, ragazzi!. — Alberto M. DeLogu


  1. MONTREAL, 10: The Globe, St-Laurent St. (Formidable, le meilleur Tiramisu en ville!) – Patricia DaPozzo
  2. MONTREAL, 3, The Beaver Club, in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, 900 Rene Levesque Blvd., W., Montreal H3B 4A5, hotel phone (514) 861-3511, hotel fax (514) 954-2259. (A monumental disappointment, for the cuisine at The Beaver Club is exquisite. The Tiramisu however, was poorly proportioned with a few layers of soaked cake and only a modicum of mascarpone — actually two small layers — and of quite ordinary taste.) — Miyamoto


  1. CASTLEMAINE, 8: Golden Globe Restaurant, A Main St., Castlemain 3445 (The dish was a little different in presentation but still good for country Victoria.) – Anonymous

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