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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across California from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.

Los Angeles has its own page of reviews.

San Francisco has its own page of reviews.

  1. AGOURA HILLS, 4: Milano II West, Reyes Adobe Plaza, 30315 Canwood St., Agoura Hills, CA 91301, phone (818) 991-2170, (805) 373-1570. (Average at best, but in my opinion, not even that. Mascarpone was close to soft fudge. Taste was lacking.) — Miyamoto
  2. AUBURN, 10: Pasquale T’s Italian Restaurant & Catering, 2515 Grass Valley Hwy., Auburn 95603. (Light, fluffy and made by Blattler’s Bakery in Auburn!) – Kimberly
  3. BAKERSFIELD, 10: Sorella Ristorante Italiano, 7800 McNair Lane, Bakersfield 93313. (The Tiramisu is made on site and is the best I have ever had. There are just not enough adjectives in the English language to describe it! It is creamy and light. just like it should be.) – Terran
  4. BELL GARDENS, 8: Bicycle Club Casino, 7301 Eastern Blvd. (10 minutes S.E. of downtown Los Angeles. (For a big, modern California-style card casino, this place has quite a good bakery! And very reasonable…an entire [9 inch?] Tiramisu cake is $9.75.) — Marc Gilutin
  5. BEVERLY HILLS, 10: Da Vinci Ristorante, 9737 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills 90210, phone (310) 273-0960. (Absolutely incredible. I will never be able to order Tiramisu at another restaurant … it cannot possibly match this one! I am Italian, have experienced Tiramisu in all regions of Italy … and even in Italy … there is no comparison.) – Pierangela
  6. BEVERLY HILLS, 10: Trilussa, 9601 Brighton, Beverly Hills 90210, phone (310) 859-0067. (This Tiramisu is absolutely scrumptious! A very pleasurable experience. This is an Italian restaurant and bakery. They have several other locations, including Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Santa Monica and Honolulu. They also have one in Rome, Italy; that must be where they learned to make it so well!) — Stacey DeWyke 
  7. BREA, 10: Buca di Beppo, 1609 E. Imperial Hwy. (I am a lover of Tiramisu and always make an effort to order one at each Italian restaurant. There aren’t many listings for North Orange County, so here is one. Brea’s BDB serves a HUGE dish [enough for 2, maybe 3] of Tiramisu. BDB uses the traditional ingredients, all for a splendid taste. While you’re there, enjoy the unique ambiance.) — Naomi Perez, 4/00.BREA, 7: Buca di Beppo, 1609 E. Imperial Hwy. (After reading your restaurant rating list, I went here. However, the Tiramisu does not live up to perfection. Too sweet and fatty feeling, they used sponge cake instead of lady fingers. Besides chocolate powder, they also scattered crumbled chocolate with nuts on top as a topping. It was served in a 6″ bowl, enough for 3-5 servings, but at $8.95, it’s a treat for the price. — Johnny Lin
  8. BRENTWOOD, 10: The Cheesecake Factory. (This restaurant is famous for the zillion different kinds of cheesecake they offer, but the Tiramisu here is excellent! It’s very creamy, and they give you a HUGE piece on one of their signature platter-size plates. Enough for at least 3 Tiramisu lovers to enjoy!) — Lucy
  9. BURLINGAME, 5: Kuleto’s Trattoria, 1095 Rollins Road, Burlingame 94010, phone (415) 342-4922. (The ladyfingers were done well, but the liqueur was entirely too B, and the dessert left a somewhat heavy and “buttery” feel in the mouth, unlike the lightness expected. One measure of delight is whether or not you absolutely must finish the Tiramisu. I didn’t feel like it.) — Miyamoto
  10. BURLINGAME, 6: Il Forno. (A little heavy on the liquor, but otherwise good.) — Stan
  11. CAMPBELL, 10: Giuseppe’s Restaurant, 33 S. Central Ave., Campbell 95008. (The Tiramisu at Giuseppe’s brings you to higher levels than a 10 in my estimation! Having tasted Tiramisu in many of the San Francisco Bay area restaurants . . . Giuseppe’s reaches far above all.) — Marilouise Salsiccia
  12. CAMPBELL, 2: Whole Foods, Bascom and Hamilton Ave. (This wasn’t from a restaurant but from an all-natural/health-food store. I figured they’d have a good gourmet Tiramisu, because they usually have good baked goods and prepared foods. So I snagged this one out of the refrigerated-cakes case for about $3. It was the size of a restaurant dessert. Whole Foods used to sell pre-packaged Tiramisu in the cold-drinks case, and that was REALLY good. So I figured this store-made version would be comparable. It was atrocious. It was just a big pile of slightly coffee-flavored, whipped cream substance on top of soggy, grainy cake that wasn’t fluffy and was tough against the teeth. Some parts of the cake bottom were sopping in coffee and [what I assume was supposed to be] liquor, while other parts were just dry and nasty. I was able to put my mind on happy thoughts and finish half of this, so I couldn’t give it a 1. But it’s really close. This was just insulting, and it belongs in the trash. Avoid it. It almost ruined my memories of what Tiramisu is supposed to taste like. I had to run elsewhere to get a decent Tiramisu to rectify the situation.) – Emily
  13. CHATSWORTH, 10: Angelos Italian Ristorante, Mason & Devonshire, Chatsworth 91311. — Sheryle A. Valdivia
  14. COSTA MESA, 10: Pasta Connection, Harbor & 19th. (Extremely moist and delicious, but small portion.) — Rowena
  15. DANVILLE, 10: The Basil Leaf Cafe , 501 Hartz Ave., Danville, 94526. (The Tiramisu here is excellent! It is indescribably delicious … it melts in your mouth.) – Kelly LeGardeur
  16. DANVILLE, 9: Faz, 600 Hartz Ave. (This is the best Tiramisu I’ve tried, but, it lacked the liqueur “punch” that some Tiramisus have. The spongecake was wonderfully light, but not soggy. The coffee flavor seemed to be infused into the mascarpone portion of the dessert. Shaved chocolate was sprinkled on top, rather than cocoa, resulting in a more decadent experience. This was wonderful Tiramisu. I hope they continue to serve it for years!) — Ellen S.
  17. DANA POINT, 7: Portobello, 34085 Pacific Coast Hwy., Blue Lantern Plaza at PCH, Dana Point 92629, phone (949) 661-0202. (Pretty good flavor; the ladyfingers unfortunately were a bit soggy, and there was not even a hint of liquor present. The waitress said it was the best in Dana Point, but that remains to be seen) – Miyamoto 
  18. DANA POINT, 6: The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, 1 Ritz Carlton Dr., Dana Point 92629, phone (949) 240-2000, fax (949) 240-5044. (They used cake, which didn’t have much of a liqueur taste, and the mascarpone was very bland. This version was designed quite nicely, but the taste didn’t quite match the beauty of the presentation. The serving was small, which was okay, because I wasn’t going to finish it anyway.) – Miyamoto
  19. DEL MAR, 10: Il Fornaio, 1555 Camino Del Mar. — Megan Besmirched, 1/97.9: Il Fornaio, 1555 Camino Del Mar. (Great Tiramisu, great Italian food, great service and a great ocean view. Can’t ask for anything more from a restaurant. The Tiramisu is perfection — light, creamy and leaving you wanting more.) — Ria
  20. DEL MAR, 9: . (It is just the right consistency, light and melting in your mouth. Pure heaven…) — Magda Remillard
  21. FREMONT, 8: 3339 Walnut Ave. (Sensual.) — Wendy Valdez
  22. GARDEN GROVE, 4: Buca di Beppo, Garden Grove 92841. (The Tiramisu was much too bitter and apparently used a thick sponge cake instead of the expected light ladyfingers.) – James Chang
  23. GLENDALE, 10: Maurizio’s Italian Kitchen & Bar, 135 N. Maryland Ave., Glendale 91206. (I have been to Italy many times and this is the only Tiramisu that I’ve had in the states that qualifies as the real thing. The Tiramisu here is made in the traditional way. The ladyfingers are actually soaked in real espresso and not some cheap espresso liquor. It is out of this world. I challenge anyone to find it better.) – Gretchen Miller
  24. GOLD RIVER, 10: Il Forno Classico, 2121 Golden Centre Lane, #10. (I travel all over the world, especially Italy. I try Tiramisu everywhere I go, but only Kuleto’s in San Francisco is close to Il Forno’s in Gold River.) — Giancarlo Accinelli
  25. GRAND TERRACE, 9: La Pasta Italia, (deli and market), 12210 Michigan Ave., Suite #7, Grand Terrace 92313. (So fresh and creamy! Better than Olive Garden’s Tiramisu. They also sell mascarpone cheese [to make your own Tiramisu], fresh pasta and more wonderful desserts.) — Stacey DeWyke
  26. HUNTINGTON BEACH, 8: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, corner of Beach Blvd. and Edinger. (The Tiramisu was so good we took another one home to savor later. It’s a very cool restaurant with opera singers at the tables and phrase lessons in Italian in the restrooms. Great fun!) — Suiz
  27. HUNTINGTON BEACH, 1: Bacci’s. (The Tiramisu was soggy. The experience a total disappointment.) — Susan
  28. IRVINE, 8: Fornaio, just off the 405 Fwy at McArthur. — Tania Labounty
  29. KINGSBURG, 8: Gino’s Italian Eatery, 1448 Draper St., Kingsburg 93631, phone (559) 897-4058. (Very enjoyable set of flavors to finish off a meal. Worth a stop if the group is only interested in dessert.) – Arnold Kriegbaum
  30. LA JOLLA, 10: George’s at the Cove. (Heaven! Having Tiramisu at George’s is an incredible experience. The plate is drizzled with a dark chocolate sauce and a light chocolate sauce. The Tiramisu is softer than a mousse and has very little cake. The alcohol in it is just right, not too B like most imposters. It is definitely delicious!) — Jenny
  31. LA JOLLA, 10: La Terraza, 8008 Girard Ave., La Jolla 92047. (This was definitely the best tiramisu experience I’ve had. First and foremost the cake was exquisite. But one must also consider the stunning view [1/2 block up from the cove] and the chef who makes you feel as if you ate in her own home.) – Bianca Bielak
  32. LA JOLLA, 10: Roma Beach Caffe, 5737 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla 92037. (My wife and I have had Tiramisu all over the US and in Italy. The Tiramisu at the Roma Beach Caffe is a level above anything we have ever tasted before. It is made by the chef Sylvia, and she does something magic! This has become our favorite Italian restaurant. All the food is outstanding, and the service and ambiance will take you back to Rome.) — Stan Lieberman
  33. LA PALMA, 10: A’roma, 30 Center Pointe Dr., La Palma 90623, right off 91 Fwy at Valley View and Orangethorpe. (Wonderful! Gives the perfect definition of heaven. I go by there just for the take-out!) — Stacey DeWyke
  34. LAGUNA BEACH, 7: Sorrento Grille, 370 Glenneyre, phone (949) 494-8686, fax (949) 494-8222. (Not a bad Tiramisu, but … liqueur flavor almost non-existent, mascarpone was too bland, and the ladyfingers were soaked and mushy. However, I did have a marvelous porterhouse steak that fairly melted in my mouth!) – Miyamoto
  35. LONG BEACH, 10: L’Opera Ristorante, 101 Pine Ave., Long Beach 90601. (One bite and you’re in espresso heaven in Italia. The pastry chef won the “Pastry Chef of the Year” award in 1997.) — Robin Lee. The City of LOS ANGELES Now Has Its Own Page
  36. LOS GATOS, 10: Ginger’s Pastries, 15700 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos 95030. (They have a really good Tiramisu. You can feel the freshness. I asked the baker, who said he made everything; I was so surprised because he made his own lady fingers. He can make different sizes too, like sheet, round or wedding cakes. It is the best I ever had, it made me feel like when I was in Italy last year.) — Anna Clara Onorato
  37. LOS GATOS, 10: Delizioso, 133 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos 95030, phone 408-395-7737. (I would rate it a 10 . . . 9 technically because, hey, no one is perfect. But I haven’t had better Tiramisu yet. I plan on stopping in there in a few weeks. I’ll let you know if I change my opinion on the cake.) — Jeff and Anita Orr of Happy Valley, Ore.
  38. LOS GATOS, 9: Los Gatos Brewing Company, 120 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos 95030. (I didn’t believe it when they said they had the best. Now it do. It’s superb and enough for two to share! Try it!) — Al “J” Younger
  39. LOS GATOS, 9: Valeriano’s, 160 W. Main St., Los Gatos 95030. — Richard C. Endicott
  40. LOS GATOS, 6: Lunardi’s Market, King’s Court Shopping Center, 720 Blossom Hill Rd. at Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos 95032, phone (408) 358-1731. (What a great market! Top quality everything at quite reasonable prices. A great shopping experience. Too bad the same can’t be said for the Tiramisu that’s available in the bakery section. It was too sweet, and too flat without enough mascarpone mixture. And the mascarpone itself was quite dense, not fluffy.) – Miyamoto
  41. MADERA, 10: Vintage House, 12th Ave. (It was our second visit to this wonderful restaurant and had guests visiting us from Canada [in-laws]. It was my mother-in-law’s first taste of Tiramisu. She fell in love at first bite. As soon as we got home, we located this site and printed off some of the recipes. She could not stop talking about how wonderful the Tiramisu was. She says it is the best thing on earth. It is a very decadent Tiramisu.) — Val Zacharchuk
  42. MANHATTAN BEACH, 10: Lido Bakery, 3001 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach 90266 (It is the best Tiramisu I have tried. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert so it has to be really good for me to like it. I used to think the Tiramisu from Cheesecake Factory was the best, but now I think it is just different but it is still good. So if you have a chance, check it out. The only thing is that it is made to order only they usually don’t have it on their display.) – Heydi Perez
  43. MARINA DEL REY, 7: Il Faro, in Fisherman’s Village, 13723 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey 90292, phone (310) 821-1740. (Very nice. The restaurant itself reminds you of having dinner at someone’s home, very simple decor, great atmosphere. The Tiramisu was very tasty, with three layers of ladyfingers, which actually was its undoing. If there had been only two layers, and if the height of the dessert remained the same (that is, if they had increased the amount of mascarpone mixture), they certainly would have come close to perfection. As is were, I didn’t think there was enough mascarpone. But it was quite nice, indeed.) — Miyamoto
  44. MARINA DEL REY, 5: Cafe Del Rey, 4451 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey 90292, phone (310) 823-6395. (Not so good. They used white and chocolate genoise cakes; the texture was unpleasant. The mascarpone was much too airy and didn’t leave your mouth feeling “full.” Sort of like the way skim milk feels in your mouth after you have a glass of whole milk. Plus, it was much too sweet.) — Miyamoto
  45. MODESTO, 10: Johnny Carino’s, 3410 Dale Rd., Modesto 95356, Phone: (209) 578-9432. (Johnny Carino’s has perfected Tiramisu. No where else have I had as wonderful an experience with any kind of food as I’ve had with their Tiramisu. It’s creamy, light, flavorful, it melts in your mouth as you close you eyes and dream of heaven. I can’t wait to finish my meal (which is always wonderful) so I can have Tiramisu. Definitely worth trying.) – Denise Clouse
  46. MONARCH BEACH, 7: Brio, 24050 Camino Del Avion, Monarch Beach 92629, phone (949) 443-1476, fax (949) 443-0367. (Pretty scrumptuous. My big thing with their Tiramisu is that there was too little of the mascarpone layers, so most of the taste was in the ladyfingers. My minestrone soup was not hot enough for me, but otherwise, the meal was excellent.) — Miyamoto
  47. MONTEREY, 10: Whaling Station, 763 Wave St., Monterey 93940. (Terrific restaurant [John Pisto chef/owner], great service, and the best Tiramisu!.) — Mark and Joanne Miller
  48. MONTEREY, 9: Abalonetti Seafood Trattoria, 57 Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey 93940, phone (408) 373-1851. (Perhaps it was the bouillabaisse that set me up for the Tiramisu. Perhaps it was the Monterey Bay at sunset. And just maybe it was the incredible almond-meringue drop cookie on top. The Tiramisu was light and subtle with coffee and chocolate hints throughout. I like more liquor, but that’s me. Well worth the trip.) — Dennis Hamilton
  49. MONTEREY, 6: The Fish Hopper, 700 Cannery Row, Monterey 93940, phone (831) 372-8543, fax (831) 372-2026. (This is a cake. Tastes pretty good, but very little like true Tiramisu.) – Miyamoto
  50. NEVADA CITY, 10: Citronee Bistro & Wine Bar, 320 Broad St., Nevada City 95959. (As my son, who has worked with Chef Robert Perez says, his Tiramisu is so good it makes all others taste like birthday cake! I agree. Also, he’s been written up in the NY Times, LA Times, etc.) — Kathie Jones
  51. NEWPORT BEACH, 10: Tiramisu, 2325 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach 92660. (Exceptional! Personally Tiramisu the restaurant, its food and desserts, are second to none. This restaurant invites you to try different variation of Tiramisu. Cannot be missed!) — Natalia Bonetti
  52. OAKLAND, 10: Lo Coco’s, Piedmont Ave., Oakland 94611. (Be sure to order early – it goes fast: people actually call to reserve a piece in a restaurant that doesn’t ever reserve tables!) – Josh Speer
  53. ORANGE, 6: Mascarpone, 1446-1448 E. Katella Ave., Orange 92867. (You’d think this place would have extra-special Tiramisu. Since the #1 ingredient in Tiramisu is mascarpone cheese! However, it was very different than any I’ve ever had before. It was a sweet fluffy biscuit smothered with mascarpone cheese.) — Stacey DeWyke
  54. ORINDA, 10: Lanzone Alexander, on San Francisco’s East Bay, 65 Moraga Way (Brookwood St.), phone 510-253-1322. (The food is not so good and the service is rotten. But, the Tiramisu is amazing!) — Mike Yamada
  55. PACIFIC GROVE, 10: Joe Rombi’s, 208 17th St. (Without a doubt, the best Tiramisu on the planet! Joe’s wife Laurie discovered it in Italy and makes the desserts herself. It is served in a glass and the ladyfingers are soaked in Grand Marnier. The custard melts in your mouth and is a “must try” if you are in the Monterey area. Food was great, and the service was intentionally personable and inviting.) –Mike and Brenda Underwood
  56. PALO ALTO, 9: Bucca de Beppo, Emerson St. (Very good and BIG, but with a little too much alcohol taste.) –Lay Wah Ooi
  57. PASADENA, 10: Bucca di Beppo, Green St. (I had always avoided Tiramisu because it really didn’t look inviting and it was just too trendy a dessert. But, at BDB’s, I decided to try it. My mouth wanted to shout for joy! I had never consumed anything that made my mouth smile involuntarily while trying to stay open, while I shoveled it in as fast as possible. It was difficult because a few other people were trying to get some.) — Rebecca Ochoa
  58. PASADENA, 10: Old Town Bakery, 166 Colorado Blvd. (This was a couple years ago, but all of the desserts here are awesome. Amy Pressman, the former owner, is an amazing baker. Her Tiramisu is truly outstanding. Please see if you can get her recipe.) — Cindy
  59. PASADENA, 8: Mi Piace, in Old Town Pasadena, on Colorado & Raymond. (The Tiramisu here, and at the Burbank location as well, is always sold out! It’s scrumptiously light, and yet incredibly satisfying. The creaminess o the cheese, moistness of the ladyfingers and bite of the espresso really makes this dessert a delight for the senses. I’m giving this an 8 instead of a 10 because on occasion, the ladyfingers can be too moist, almost soggy here.) — Kathy
  60. PASADENA, 1: Pasadena Baking Co., in Old Town Pasadena. (This was the worst I’ve ever tasted! Although the desserts in this deceivingly “cute” shop look delicious, I recommend that everyone who walks by keep walking! The Tiramisu, coffee, and other desserts were blah. What a disappointment.) — Kathy
  61. PASADENA, 1: Trader Joe’s. (Trader Joe’s Tiramisu has to be the worst I have ever tried. I was not able to eat it. As one of their clerks told me, it should not have the name of Tiramisu on the box. It does not even resemble Tiramisu. They really need to try harder.) — Sidney Miller
  62. PERRIS, 9: Villa Roma, 505 S. “D” St., Perris 92570. (A lovely experience on the palate. Made with ladyfingers, not sponge cake. Marsala wine makes it extra special. This restaurant is a small hold in the wall, but the food is good. High marks for the great desserts. Very reasonably priced.) — Cathy
  63. PISMO BEACH, 10: Pasta Bella, Pismo Beach 93449. (The most heavenly Tiramisu I have ever tasted made by simply delicious bakery.) – Tim Begovic
  64. PLEASANTON, 8: Bruno Restaurant — Jena
  65. RANCHO CUCAMONGA, 10: Romano Macaroni Grill, 10742 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga 91730-3884. (This Tiramisu is divine! It’s served on a chilled dish with dusted chocolate and an extra-large piece of Tiramisu for two people. But why share?) — Stacey DeWyke
  66. REDDING, 9: Olive Garden. (Out of this world!) — Nona Zunk
  67. REDLANDS, 4: Trader Joe’s, 560 Orange Ave., Redlands 92373. (This espresso Tiramisu torte looked very yummy. It was very smooth when you put it in your mouth. However, it was very disappointing when it had NO taste!) — Stacey DeWyke
  68. REDONDO BEACH, 10: The Cheesecake Factory. (See the comments in the Brentwood Cheesecake Factory review above. This restaurant is by a boat dock so there’s a nice view.) — Lucy
  69. ROSEVILLE, 10: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 2010 Douglas Blvd. (First-time experience. It was great!) — Keith
  70. SACRAMENTO, 10: Florentine Restaurant, 2989 Arden Way. (My wife and I eat at Florentine’s whenever we have a special occasion or if we’re in the mood for a fabulous Italian meal. We sometimes go there just for the Tiramisu, which is in a class of its own. If you haven’t tried Tiramisu at Florentine’s yu haven’t had the best. I’m so glad we don’t ahve to drive out of town to enjoy this delight.) — Rod and Rosanne Kiyota
  71. SACRAMENTO, 10: Michaelangelo’s, downtown “I” St., 15th and 19th. (My friend and I went for dinner and ended up staying for dessert. The Tiramisu was heaven on earth. Cool and creamy, decadent yet not overpowering. Everything about it was sheer perfection from texture to taste.) — Alex (from Tiramisu website guestbook)
  72. SACRAMENTO, 9: Biba’s. (I thought it was that good, and the friends I was visiting in California thought so as well! I know Biba has several cookbooks out. But if the recipe i in them, is it exactly like one would get if they were to go to her restaurant?) – Toni
  73. SACRAMENTO, 4: Johnny Carino’s, 3860 Truxel Rd., Sacramento 95834. (It certainly was creamy and cakey, but not exactly great. It lacked the intense espresso and liquor flavors I’ve grown to expect from good Tiramisu. It didn’t taste very authentic.) – Kim
  74. ST. HELENA, 10: Cafe Terra. — Dwight Frierson
  75. ST. HELENA, 9: V. Sattui wINERY1111 White Lane, St. Helena 94574, in Napa Valley wine country, phone (707) 963-7774. (I have never experienced “T” with ladyfingers, only the pudding or sponge cake kind. It was love at first bite, to say the least. It is the perfect dessert. Dare I say the “perfect food”?) — Jen, 6/00.ST. HELENA, 7: V. Sattui Winery, 1111 White Lane, St. Helena 94574, in Napa Valley wine country, phone (707) 963-7774. (Good taste, especially the ladyfingers. However, the mascarpone flavor was a little too light, and it didn’t have a noticeable liquor flavor in the espresso.) – Beverly Upchurch
  76. SAN BERNARDINO, 9: Olive Garden, 460 Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino 92401. (A light, very wonderful texture. Reasonably priced too. Even better than their cheesecake. Imagine that! They have a good variety of food, they have great Tiramisu, and the best thing is that they’re everywhere.) — Stacey DeWyke
  77. SAN CLEMENTE, 9: Sonny’s, 429 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente 92672. (Sonny’s is crowded and a fun and unpretentious Italian restaurant serving above-average food. Their Tiramisu is exceptional–light, airy, sinfully delicious. But it’s the raspberry drizzel that sets this one apart from most of the others.) — Peter La Barbera, 11/97.10: Sonny’s Pizza , 429 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente 92672. (I find most Tiramisu very bad. They either use cheap coffee instead of espresso, or some really cheap substitute coffee flavored liquor. Sonny’s Tiramisu is absolute Heaven! Very beautiful to look at, and so velvety smooth to enjoy. The lady fingers were light and fluffy, and soaked perfectly in espresso and Italian Liqueur. There was the Italian liqueur in the layers of mascarpone cream too. It has lovely soaked lady fingers around the outside. The top was beautifully decorated with a stenciled design of cocoa. The serving was large but not too large to finish. We took 2 more slices to go for later. Thank you Sonny’s.) – Agnes Neal
  78. SAN DIEGO, 10: Panevino, Fifth & “G,” 92101. (Absolutely must try this one.) — Laura Walker
  79. SAN DIEGO, 9: Asti Ristorante, 728 5th Ave., San Diego 92101. (It’s very good, but I wish they would use less cocoa. I also liked the little raspberry sauce that came with it. Their food was very good too!.) — Lay Wah Ooi, 1/98.8: Asti Ristorante, Gaslamp Quarter, 728 Fifth Ave., San Diego 92101, phone (619) 232-8844. (This one actually grew on me as I ate it. I originally was thinking that it was too dense, and not tasty enough. I guess that was because I was eating it too fast. I slowed down, savoring it as it melted in my mouth and the flavors all appeared. I’d go back for another.) – Miyamoto
  80. SAN DIEGO, 8: Alfiere Mediterranean Bistro, Sheraton Harbor Island West, 1590 Harbor Island Dr., San Diego, CA 92101, Phone (619) 692-2278, fax (619) 692-2737. (Very nice, delicious and smooth. A definite liquor nibble on the tongue that leaves one wanting more). — Miyamoto
  81. SAN DIEGO, 8: Fio’s, 801 Fifth St. at “F” St., phone 619-234-3467. (Italian, specializing in pastas. Excellent Tiramisu.) — J. Barrett Francis
  82. SAN DIEGO, 7: The Grill, Wyndham Hotel at Emerald Plaza, 400 W. Broadway., San Diego 92101, phone (619) 239-4500. (A big piece, nice presentation. Unfortunately, very, very sweet. Lots of extras such as cream sauce, chocolate sauce, and berries, which might impress others, but not me) – Miyamoto
  83. SAN DIEGO, 7: Trattoria La Strada, 702 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101, Phone (619) 239-3400, fax (619) 239-0110, website (Very creamy, in fact, so creamy that it is served in a bowl. Wish it had a little more in the way of ladyfingers, and a little more liquor “bite.” Lovely subtle taste, a good honest Tiramisu. I’d go back for this one. — Miyamoto
  84. SAN DIEGO, 1: Bandar , in the Gaslamp Quarter, 825 4th Ave., San Diego 92101 Phone (619) 238-0101. (Ugh! It was bad. Not even a good non-tiramisu dessert! Even the chocolate that came with it could not be eaten. Very sad.) – Steven Steiger The City of SAN FRANCISCO Now Has Its Own Page
  85. SAN JOSE, 10: California Pizza Kitchen, Valley Fair Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose 95128. (The best Tiramisu I have ever had. Melted in mouth, cool, delicious!) – Djenane Santos
  86. SAN JOSE, 10: Maggiano Restaurant, 3055 Olin Ave., San Jose 95128. (It is the best Tiramisu in town. I tried to replicate this recipe but haven’t got it down. It is the best that I taste so far.) – Nichanh Petersen
  87. SAN JOSE, 10: Vito’s New York Trattoria, 90 Skyport Dr., San Jose 95110. (The reason why I think that my Tiramisu is something spectacular is that I see it in peoples’ eyes after they take the first bite. That alone to me is worth more than what I personally would think of it.) – Benedetto Di Giallorenzo
  88. 10: Vito’s New York Trattoria, 90 Skyport Dr., San Jose 95110. (This is the best Tiramisu I have ever had, and I have gone to 2 countries and 10 different states trying various Italian restaurants for their Tiramisu.) – Jerry Beckman
  89. 10: Vito’s New York Trattoria, 90 Skyport Dr., San Jose 95110. (By far, the best Tiramisu I have ever tried. We make trips to Vito’s specifically for the Tiramisu.) – Matt Cowen
  90. 10: Vito’s New York Trattoria, 90 Skyport Dr., San Jose 95110. (I have tried every Tiramisu I have found in the Bay Area and other places around the country and have not had its equal anywhere.) – Ray Yep
  91. 10: Vito’s New York Trattoria, 90 Skyport Dr., San Jose 95110. (I’ve tried the Tiramisu in a lot of places all around USA and Argentina – there’s where I’m came from – and I think that this is one of the best Tiramisu I’ve ever tried. It’s a pleasure when you put it in your mouth; it makes you feel the real sensation of perfection in a dessert.) – Miguel Salazar, 6/03.
  92. 10: Vito’s New York Trattoria, 90 Skyport Dr., San Jose 95110. (Excellent … melted in our months.) – Don Wallace
  93. SAN JOSE, 7: Olive Garden, 940 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose 95123, phone (408) 225-1420, fax (408) 225-8220. (This would have been much, much better if there hadn’t been cinnamon powder sprinkled on top. I think it conflicted with the normal cocoa-coffee flavors that are typical of good Tiramisu. Otherwise, this was still very, very tasty and left us wanting more. Almost enough to order another portion for the two of us. Almost.) – Emily
  94. 6: Olive Garden, 940 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose 95123, phone (408) 225-1420, fax (408) 225-8220. (After reading all the 10 and 9 ratings from people all over the United States, I was looking forward to having my first Olive Garden Tiramisu ever. I’m sorry, but I was sorely disappointed. They were skimpy on the mascarpone, it was entirely too sweet for my palate. It kind of reminded me of the ones I’ve had at Romano’s Macaroni Grill – definitely overrated.) – Miyamoto
  95. SAN JOSE, 5: Il Fornaio, Hotel St. Claire. (Very inconsistent. Sometimes they serve up a better-than-average Tiramisu, but once in a while they really mess up. Last time I ate there, it seems as though they forgot the espresso and liquor.) — Gabrielle and Metin Uz
  96. SAN JOSE, 4: Original Joe’s, 301 S. First St., San Jose 95113. (We were told by the waiter that this Tiramisu was the best and came fresh from a bakery every morning. I should have taken that as a warning. There was way too much cake, and it tasted like there wasn’t any coffee or liquor used at all. I was really disappointed. For cake, it wasn’t bad. But for Tiramisu, a huge letdown. I was expecting better from an old, popular Italian joint.) — Emily
  97. SAN LUIS OBISPO, 10: Buona Tavola, 1037 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo 93401. (I have tried Tiramisu at many places and this restaurant makes it taste like heaven on earth. I have never tasted anything like it anywhere.) – Pestie
  98. SAN PABLO, 10: La Strada. (It is quite delicious, melts in your mouth!) — Anonymous
  99. SANTA BARBARA, 10: Emillio’s. (I have tried the Tiramisu in all of Santa Barbara’s restaurants. Emillio’s is the best. They have upscale, northern Italian/California-type cuisine.) — Michael Holland
  100. SANTA MONICA, 10: La Vecchia Cucina, 2654 Main St., Santa Monica 90405. (La Vecchia is one of the great neighborhood restaurants in the country. The menu honors the cuisine of northern Italy – no way better than by the extraordinary Tiramisu.) – John Gabree
  101. SANTA MONICA, 9: Cafe Bizou, 2450 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica 90404, phone (210) 582-8203, fax (310) 582-8972 [also at 14016 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks 91423, phone (818)788-3536, fax (818) 986-5550; and 91 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena 91103, phone (626) 792-0023, fax (626) 792-8386]. (Excellent, really very close to perfection, so very, very tasty. The mascarpone layers were a little thin, but they were so rich that you don’t notice unless you’re paying attention. They decorate with berries, which I tend to ignore in rating. With a little more liqueur flavor, this Tiramisu would reach the lofty 10 level!) — Miyamoto
  102. SANTA MONICA, 7: Capoccione, Santa Monica Boulevard. (After a great meal with great service, the waitress Bly suggested the Tiramisu. The Tiramisu was a generous portion of rich and creamy scrumptiousness.) — Helen Diem Sunga
  103. SANTA MONICA, 7: Remi, Third St., Santa Monica 90403. (I went back, and the quality of their creation had dropped to a 7. It’s sad, but true.) — Don Daniel
  104. SAUSALITO, 10: Angelino’s, 321 Bridgeway, Sausalito 94965. (Very simply the best Tiramisu I have ever had. My girlfriend’s affinity for Tiramisu has taken me to many restaurants throughout California, and hands down, the balance between consistency and taste makes this the best. The ladyfingers are not too saturated, the cream is balanced, the espresso complements the Tiramisu, yet does not overwhelm it. Many people say Tiramisu is the best at various places. I suggest you try this and find out for yourself. I drive across the GG Bridge and pay a five dollar toll, just to have this for dessert. This restaurant is also excellent, so it is worth the trip for the evening.) – Gabriel Mikulich
  105. SHERMAN OAKS, 10: Il Tiramisu,Ventura Blvd. (I haven’t been to California in 3 years, but this place is the only reason I would go back. The Tiramisu special is served in the center of a large plate, and drizzled in strawberry and chcolate sauce. The presentation itself makes your tastebuds go into an ecstatically frenzied seizure. A “must” for any Tiramisu Connoisseur.) — RUSALOCHKA
  106. SHERMAN OAKS, 10: The Terrace,Ventura Blvd. — RUSALOCHKA
  107. SIMI VALLEY, 10: Ciao, 1627 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley 93065. (It combines the flavors beautifully, and melts in your mouth! It’s not real cold and doesn’t have that refrigerator taste.) — Roz Schwartz, 6/98SIMI VALLEY, 5: Ciao, 1627 Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley 93065. (They recently changed owners. There is too much whipped cream on top. It appears they use sponge cake vs. lady fingers. It is a bit crumbly. Most of the liqueur is at the bottom, only. The flavor is just so-so. For an average dessert, it was okay, but for Tiramisu, it was a major disappointment!) – Anonymou
  108. SMITH RIVER, 10: Massimo, 12370 Highway 101, Smith River 95567. (The Tiramisu was a fabulous treat! I had never tried it before, but now have it everytime I see it on a menu. The Tiramisu at Massimo’s melts in your mouth. It is so light, yet rich and delicious! I recommend it to anyone.) — Anne Garcia
  109. SUNNYVALE, 10: il Postale, 127 W. Washington St. (The Tiramisu is as good as my mother’s, maybe even better — but don’t tell her that. It is consistently light and moist, full of flavor.) — Sal DiIorio
  110. SUNNYVALE, 2: Wild Oats Bakery, Mary Ave. (Wild Oats is really a grocery store with healthy alternative food. It also has a bakery that offers many different desserts and breads. The breads are great, so I figured they’d have good Tiramisu too. It looked wonderful, however, the first problem was in getting one’s fork through it. It was also “chewy.” Good Tiramisu should actively dissolve in one’s mouth. This tiramisu appeared to have used some kind of low-fat cheese substitute and/or chocolate substitute. it was very dry. I literally had to quit eating after half of it. I’ll stick with the lemon bars next time.) — Gretchen Helms
  111. TAHOE CITY, 10: Tahoe House Restaurant and Backerei, Hwy. 89, phone (877) FOR TAHOE. (Barbara Vigt is a second-generation chef. Cakes are made from scratch with ingregients imported from Switzerland. She made Tiramisu for my wedding cake. It was truly a honeymoon in taste! Everyone wants to go back for the Tiramisu. The restanrant is fabulous and the dessert cart heaven on earth.) — Betty Plooy
  112. THOUSAND OAKS, 9: Piatti, 101 S. Westlake Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA, phone (805) 371-5600, fax (805) 374-2260. (Excellent flavor, consistency. I’d rate it a 9.6 but since a 10 is a 10, I won’t “round it up.” Still, one of the best I’ve had.) – Miyamoto
  113. TORRANCE, 10: Café Luna, 1870 W. Carson St., Torrance 90501. (After many years of residing in different corners of the earth, I am left wanting more of this homemade Tiramisù. This smooth and creamy mascarpone blend lightly dusted with cocoa was impeccable. After having a perfect dinner, this delightful and well-presented Tiramisù made my stay in Torrance a memorable one. Since I can’t do without this immaculate Tiramisù, I receive shipment once a month from Café Luna.) – Lizette Castellanos
  114. TUSTIN, 9: Peppino’s, Lake Forest. (Large portion, but not too sweet!) — Tom
  115. UNIVERSAL CITY, 7: Cave Puccino Deli, Universal City Walk, Universal City 91608. (If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place for you! Tiramisu and lots of beautiful desserts. My sisters and I devoured a little bit of everything. Everything was good! A+ on their pizza!.) — Stacey DeWyke
  116. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, 8: Rosti Tuscan Food Alfresco, 160 Promenade Way, Promenade at Westlake, Westlake Village 91362-3827, phone (805) 370-1939. (Very good flavor, nice and creamy light. Only problem I found was that the mascarpone was a bit on the skimpy side, being overwhelmed by the ladyfingers.) — Miyamoto
  117. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, 7: Bella Terraza, at Hyatt Westlake Plaza, 880 S. Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village 91361, phone (805) 557-1235, fax (805) 379-9392. (A very average Tiramisu, not as good as others I’ve had.) – JBS
  118. YOUNTVILLE, 9: Bistro Don Giovanni, Highway 29. – Laura Sund

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