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Tiramisu reviews for restaurants across Australia from the great Heavenly Tiramisu site visitors.


CANBERRA, 10: The Oak Room, Hyatt Hotel, Commonwealth Ave. (Great. Sent the tastebuds wild!) — Lud Krastins


BERKELEY, 7: Berkeley Sports & Social Club, NSW 2527. (The Tiramisu was all that I had expected, but I am afraid not as good as home made. The crust was a little too dry. But all in all, it was okay. I don’t know what your ratings are based on, but I know a good one.) — Colin Winterbottom

FAIRY MEADOW, 10: Carluccio’s Kitchen , just north of Wollongong, Shop 1, 23-25 Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519, phone 61+2 42 834300. (The Tiramisu was $AUD8.20. The portion was large to say the least. At least 1 inch thick and about 5 inches by 4 inches. what a taste. I would rate it as only 2nd best to my partners Tiramisu, but I am biased as you would agree. However, Out of all the desserts(Tiramisu) I have tasted around this area, this would have to rate a 10. Definitely exceptional. You will have to try this one someday.) — Colin Winterbottom

PORT KEMBLA, 8: Tonitto’s Cakes, Wentworth St. (Outside of the homemade ones I get, these were very good. If you like cream on top, then these are for you. If you don’t, then sorry. After being in heaven, I think a good strong 8 should be okay.) — Colin Winterbottom


PORT DOUGLAS, 10: La Marina Ristorante Italiani Port Douglas, 4 Wharf St., Marina Mirage — Marisa


MELBOURNE, 10: Cafe Greco, Chapel St. South Yarra, Melbourne 3141. (I stayed in Melbourne for 4 years and Cafe Greco is the only place where I would eat the Tiramisu. Tried the same dessert in other restaurants [also in other cities in Australia], I still went back to the Greco’s Tiramisu.) – Eggy

MELBOURNE, 10: Provincial Hotel, Corner of Brunswick & Johnston St. (Fitzroy). (Rated the best Tiramisu in Melbourne by the experts. This Tiramisu is better than sex. If you’re ever in Australia, make the effort. You won’t be disappointed.) — Vin Merrett

MELBOURNE, 9: Albert by the Lake, Autie Drive Alberta Park, Melbourne 3205. (Absolutely the best Tiramisu I have ever had. (Only gave it a 9 as I need to allow some room just in case I find something better). I’m a musician, therefore attend a lot of wedding receptions and eat a helluva lot of Tiramisu. This is seriously the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest one I have ever had with the cheese/chocolate/coffee flavors in perfect proportion. Even stole the dessert off one of the other band members to have some more. Highly recommended.) – Chris Collins

MELBOURNE, 8: Café Latte, Malvern Rd, Prahan. — Dean Clure

ST. KILDA, 8: Cafe De Statsio. (Simply lovely. One may not be attracted by its appearance, but when you’ve dug your spoon under that rich layer of cheese, the irresistible flavor just comes rolling out. Especially loved the cake part of it, soaked with rich coffee flavor.) – Winnie

Victoria, BRIGHT, 10: Cafe Bacco, Anderson St. — O. Davicadd


PERTH, 9: Terrazza Applecross, 767 Canning Hwy. Applecross, Perth 6153. (I was dining at this restaurant and a friend urged me to try this dessert with a funny name, well, I was hooked. It was the greatest moment of my eating life, it was smooth, tasty, beautiful aroma of coffee, nice and light, words cannot describe it, accept I was in heaven.) – Bradley

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