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  1. CHANDLER, 10: Naples Ristorante, 888 W. Warner Rd., Chandler 85225. – Charles Daggs
  2. CHANDLER, 8: Tomaso’s, 7131 W. Ray Rd., Chandler 85226. (Tomaso’s has 3 Phoenix locations. The Tiramisu has two thick layers of cheese. Between them is a layer of ladyfingers. The bottom is a thin layer of espresso soaked cake. It is topped with a thin layer of cocoa. Very nice and perfectly consistent across several visits.) – John Coffee
  3. GILBERT, 9: Macaroni Grill, Sta[;ey Rd. (This dessert was suggested by a friend. Excellent dessert. I get it every time I go there (once a month). And sometimes, I’ll call in a take-out order of it. I tried it at The Olive Garden, flavor wasn’t as good and it was partially frozen.) – Dockmond Tse
  4. KINGMAN, 10: Mattina’s, 318 E. Oak St., Kingman 86401. (Best Tiramisu I ever tasted …nice serving for two. Chilled spoons, etc.) – K. Franklin
  5. 10: Mattina’s, 318 E. Oak St., Kingman 86401. (The Tiramisu is incredible!!!) – Curtis
  6. MESA, 7: Brunello Restaurant, 1954 S. Dobson Rd., Mesa 85202-5660. (Pretty good – lots of cheese, ladyfingers soaked just barely enough, but not too dry. It was dusted with a lot fo connamon instead of chocolate.) – John Coffee
  7. PHOENIX, 9: Cafe Boa, 5063 E. Elliot Rd., Phoenix 85044. (I enjoyed a wonderful Tiramisu at this restaurant and thought that this site would be appropriate to mention it. It was creamy, not too soggy [like many], beautifully presented, very yummy! I suggest that anyone tasting this dessert should try it at this place.) – Melissa Hart
  8. PHOENIX, 9: Caffe Boa, 5063 E. Elliot Rd., Phoenix 85044. (I have been delinquent in reporting that the Tiramasu here has returned to its old, excellent standards. The portions are huge, and the presentation with strawberries and raspberries has never been better. [4/00: Updated rating 4. “I submitted a review of the Tiramisu at Cafe Boa a few months ago. A return to the restaurant last night revealed a new Tiramisu recipe: dry ladyfingers and virtually no cheese. It was very disappointing. Hopefully after our complaints, they will change back to the old recipe. But be warned, ask about the Tiramisu before ordering.”] [1/00: Original rating 9. “This is the first Tiramisu I ever had, and it is very good. It is rich and creamy with a beautiful presentation.”]) – John Coffee
  9. PHOENIX, 9: Lombardi’s, 455 N. 3rd St., Phoenix 85004. (We have enjoyed the Tiramisu at Lombardi’s every time we have had it. The portions are huge and are very delicious with 2 thick layers of creamy mascarpone cheese.) – John Coffee
  10. PHOENIX, 2: Compass, atop Hyatt Regency Phoenix 85004. (Don’t be tempted by the Tiramisu torte thinking you will get something like Tiramisu. You won’t. This was just awful.) – John Coffee
  11. SCOTTSDALE, 10: The Terrace, at the Phoenician Resort, 6000 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale 85251, phone (602) 941-8200, fax (602) 947-4311. (The only other Tiramisu I’ve really enjoyed until now was at Maggiano’s Family Style Restaurant at Oakbrook Mall in Illinois. This version at The Terrace was light and oh, so full of flavor in every delectable bite from beginning to end. There was the right combination of chocolate, espresso, etc., in every spoonful and the ingredients were pretty authentic as well.) – Dino & Hope, 7/97.
  12. SCOTTSDALE, 10: The Italian Grotto. (Only eat Tiramisu here if you have someone to drive you home safely because you will be drunken with this experience, it is so heavenly!) – Toni Paulson, 9/01.
  13. SCOTTSDALE, 10: Uncle Sal’s Italian Ristorante, 3370 Hayden Rd., Scottsdale 85251. (Heavenly, love at first bite!!) – Gary Aldric
  14. SCOTTSDALE, 9: Veneto Trattoria, 6137 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale 85250. (Some of the best, served with melted dark chcolate and espresso sauce.) – Nicole Lenter
  15. SCOTTSDALE, 8: Il Fornaio, Finova Corporate Center, 4800 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 1700, Scottsdale 85251, phone (480) 423-8500, fax (480) 423-0700, (Very good, nice and creamy, wonderful mascarpone texture. They used ladyfingers [yay!] with just the right amount of espresso. Embellished with a small dollop of real whipped cream on the side, and a little sliver of strawberry, which I passed up because I like the classic Tiramisu myself. Could use a smidgen more liqueur to produce a “bite.”) – Miyamoto
  16. SCOTTSDALE, 8: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, 7245 E. Gold Dust at Scottsdale Rd., phone (602) 596-6676. (Very tasty, not bad for a chain restaurant. It was a bit dense, and not “cloud-like” light. They could have used a little more espresso and liqueur on the ladyfingers, but all-in-all, an enjoyable experience.) – Miyamoto
  17. SCOTTSDALE, 7: Ristorante Sandolo, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort at Gainey Ranch, 7500 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. (I must admit that my Tiramisu experience here is tinged with the romance of getting engaged on the same night, but the dessert itself is quite heavenly on its own. My fiancé had called the kitchen in advance to request a special platter to be made – served on a large platter, drizzled in chocolate sauce, sprinkled with white chocolate shavings. This was the ONE and only time that I was not able to finish my serving of Tiramisu. We’ve been back twice since then, and the normal dessert portion is not quite as impressive, but it is quite tasty. The texture is well-balanced between the “cake” and cream, with a good flavor. A side benefit of this restaurant is also the singing waiters and complimentary tickets for a gondola ride throughout the canals surrounding the hotel. Very romantic!) – Leanne
  18. SCOTTSDALE, 6: Buca di Beppo, 3828 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale 85251, phone (480) 949-6622. (Not much different from any other Buca di Beppo I’ve been to. Adequate, but nothing special, which is too bad ‘cause it would have been the perfect end to a great Italian meal served “family style.”) – Miyamoto
  19. SCOTTSDALE, 4: La Madeleine-Arizona, French Bakery & Café, Fashion Square, Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale 85250. (This is a mass-prepared, served-in-a-plastic-cup dessert with a very, very sweet taste that lingered even after two cups of espresso. They used a chocolate cake that was soaked and dripping with espresso. Chunks of broken chocolate intensified the sweetness.) – Miyamoto
  20. SEDONA, 10: Enchantment Resort, 525 Boynton Canyon Rd., Sedona 86336. (This Tiramisu was memorable! More memorable than my first time … yes, and more memorable than the first time I had my first bite of Tiramisu) – Ixia
  21. SEDONA, 10: Joey, Highway 179 at Los Abrigados Resort, Sedona 86339 – Gary Leiser
  22. SEDONA, 10: Pietros, 2445-C West Hwy 89-A, Sedona 86336. (I was away for the weekend for the first time with a wonderful guy that I love who is Italian. We went to dinner and had a great dinner and then he ordered dessert. I had never tasted Tiramisu before so the experience was heavenly. After we so selfishly relished the moment and taste he admitted that it was one of the best he had ever tasted. I had to agree that it was one of the best things I had ever tried. “Heavenly” is the only way to describe it.) – Krista
  23. SEDONA, 10: Robert’s Creekside Cafe & Grill, 251 Highway 179, Sedona 86336. (The very best Tiramisu I have ever had the pleasure to experience! Authentic, melt in your mouth, light, exquisite! Highly recommended!) – Julia Kreck
  24. SEDONA, 10: Shugrue’s Hillside Grill, 671 Highway 179, Sedona 86336. (Another exquisite Tiramisu experience in Sedona. I highly recommend it!) – Julia Kreck
  25. TEMPE, 10: Caffe Boa, 398 S. Mill Ave., Tempe 85281 (I have seen other reviews of Tiramisu for Caffe Boa, the reason the comments say it wasn’t as good at the Elliot Road location is quite simple. The original owners and the holders of the family recipe are at Mill Avenue location only. As soon as they sold the Elliot Road place, the quality shot right down. “Total Nirvana” would be the best words for this Tiramisu at Caffe Boa on Mill Ave. This I know.) – Jon Saunder
  26. TEMPE, 9: Honey Moon Sweets Bakery, 606 W. Southern Ave. Tempe 85282. (Made in cake form, wrapped in ladyfinger cookies. Generous layers of authentic mascarpone cream and well soaked ladyfingers inside. Topped with fresh whipped cream and giant Belgian chocolate shavings on top. If you buy it for a special occasion, they’ll top it with fresh berries and a marzipan plaque with a greeting written on it.) – Tim O’Connor
  27. TEMPE, 5 Uptown Brewery Restaurant, (also in Scottsdale). (Apparently used pound cake instead of ladyfingers, barely soaked in espresso. Hershey’s chocolate sauce on top.) – John Coffee, 2/00.
  28. TEMPE, 4: Stratum. (Too-dry ladyfingers layered with a too-thin mascarpone mixture with too little flavor,all being entirely too light, all in a supposedly upscale restaurant in a very pleasant setting with an otherwise intriguing menu, but to the Tiramisu, just say “no.”) – Cecil R. Reynolds
  29. TUCSON, 10 The Black Rose Caffé, 1800 N. Stone, Tucson, 85705. (Years ago, I had my very first taste of heavenly Tiramisu in a tiny Italian restaurant in Palmdale, CA. I was the restaurant reviewer for a business-lifestyle magazine at the time. I praised the Tiramisu highly. For years afterward, I tried ordering Tiramisu in other restaurants but finally gave up because I could never duplicate that first experience. Most Tiramisu I tried was soggy. Ick! Recently, my friends Mariah and Demetrius opened the Black Rose Caffé in Tucson. Getting back to her Italian roots, Mariah was experimenting with various pastries and desserts and one night offered me a taste of her most recent creation: her very own incarnation of Tiramisu. It was to-die-for! Not only was the flavor superior to others I had tried, but the consistency was perfect! It was dreamy, creamy, angel soft but no sog! To call it heavenly would be too trite – miraculous is a better descriptor – you simply have to experience it. And to do that, the Black Rose has created TiramiSundays where Mariah’s incarnation of the coveted dessert manifests itself, making magick on your tongue.) – Julian Greene
  30. 10 The Black Rose Caffé, 1800 N. Stone, Tucson, 85705. (The Black Rose Caffé is a new restaurant in Tucson, AZ. Every Sunday they make a new Tiramisu – one to die for. Try it with their delicious house coffee or one of their fabulous espresso drinks.) – Dustin Moran
  31. TUCSON, 10: Vivace’s, 4811 E. Grant Rd., Tucson 85712. (After the first taste, I was hooked! No other dessert even comes close. Have now learned hot to make it because of your website!) – Larry Newman

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