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Send in your Tiramisu review

  1. BIRMINGHAM, 10: Bottega Cafe, Highland Ave. (I tried every Tiramisu I come across, and nothing has compared. This one is heavenly!) — M. Atwater
  2. BIRMINGHAM, 10: Grande Pizzeria Italian Restaurant, 1250 Upper Front St., Birmingham 13901, phone (607) 723-9011. (I only make it to the Binghamton area once every few years. When I do, I always buy as much of their Tiramisu as they will sell me. Serafina makes all of their Tiramisu for this fine family eatery (in its third decade). Hopefully she will tell her daughter the recipe before she goes!! This is by far the best, most authentic Tiramisu I’ve ever had. Light, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture, rich espresso flavor with a very light hint of Marsala. A light dusting of cocoa and chocolate shavings – it’s nearly worth the flight from San Francisco to get it. I’ve tried many around here and have not found any that come close. Really.) – Pete Connel
  3. BIRMINGHAM, 10: Surin West. (Tiramisu became my favorite dessert once I had it at Surin West. I have had it at chain restraints and thought it was good – but not the best thing in the world. Then, I had pure heaven when they brought this extraordinary treat to me. Also, it looks like what “real” Tiramisu should. Not just a square little cake, but a goblet running over with creamy goodness. It had a strong liquor flavor, which I like!) – Susan Massey
  4. FAIRHOPE, 9: Gambino’sScenic Highway 98. (Gambino’s is a comfortable restaurant located on Mobile Bay. Not only do they serve wonderful Italian cuisine, but the dessert is almost the best I ever had!) — Katherine
  5. FAIRHOPE, 8: Old Bay Steamer, 312 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope 36532 (I work for Old Bay. It is a great basic recipe that is simple and classic. Keeps well and melts on your taste buds.) – Jay Lambert
  6. HUNTSVILLE, 10: Tortillini’s,Highway 231 (We enjoyed a New Year’s Eve dinner here and topped off the evening with our very first Tiramisu. Needless to say, we were hooked! We can’t honestly rate the dessesrt since we had nothing with which to compare it. But, we can’t imagine how it could be any better!) — Gloria Kilner
  7. HUNTSVILLE, 7: Luciano’s, Airport Road. (This Tiramisu was OK. I’d eat it again. It is definitely better than Carrabba’s. Olive Garden on University Drive has better Tiramisu though.) – Arthur
  8. HUNTSVILLE, 3: Carrabba’s, Park Place Mall. (I don’t know what words to use to describe the taste. It is not the Tiramisu from this particular Carrabba’s restaurant. I had Tiramisu from a Carrabba’s in Orlando, FL and it tasted just as bad. Truly disappointing. In Carrabba’s defense, I would still eat (calamari is awesome and steaks are good) at the restaurant. However, I would stop by Olive Garden on the way home and pick up their Tiramisu to go.) – Arthur
  9. MONGOMERY, 3: Peking Palace. (Deceptive pricing.) – Jay Swedenburg

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